My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 7 June 2022: Episode 315-316


The Episode started with Sudhir asking Durga to come with him and Durga screamed. Yashpal stopped Sudhir and scolded him. He said you had a daughter, you threw her in the junkyard. Sangeeta said you are lying. Yashpal said this is the truth. 21 years ago.

Yashpal was praying in the temple and asked why did you snatch our child and prayed for Annapurna. He heard a baby crying and went to see. He became shocked seeing a baby abandoned and he took the baby. He prayed to Durga Maa and thinks who left this baby here to die. Sudhir hid and looked on.

Yashpal turned and asked who is there, is this your baby and Sudhir run. Yashpal run after him and stopped Sudhir,he said this is your child, any dog would have dragged this child. Sudhir said she is a girl, a stain, I didn’t wish to get a girl, I will kill her, she has ruined my wife’s womb and Yashpal scolded him. Sudhir pushed him and run. Yashpal placed the baby down and run to stop Sudhir.

He said even girls have the right to live like boys, who are you to decide their life and death. Sudhir said she is my girl, why are you teaching me, girls have no right to live, I will get ashamed, go and do your work, I will kill this girl and Yashpal stopped Sudhir. He saved the baby and said you are a coward, your thinking is cheap, get lost, else I will break your head. Sudhir run and Yashpal hugged the baby.

The Mata chunri fell on her and Yashpal saw Durga Maa. He looked at the baby and said my wife got a child, you are Maa Durga’s blessing, you are my daughter from today. He hugged her and said you are my Durga and the baby smiled.

Yashpal said I took Durga to Annapurna, after knowing everything, she accepted Durga heartily, Sudhir came here for money, since he got to know Durga married in a rich household, he is blackmailing me. Sudhir said he is lying. Yashpal said you are lying. Durga stopped Sudhir and scolded him.

Sudhir apologized and Durga called him a murderer. She then praised Yashpal. She said I am proud that they are my parents, not you. She saw Sanjay and said some people used my fear to win, they forget that the Lord doesn’t let bad happen with good people, I have run for my dad’s prestige, I have won too. She looked at the medal and said this is for my dad’s trust on me.

She asked Sudhir not to think of making relations and leave. Sudhir and Sangeeta then left. Durga took Yashpal and Annapurna’s blessings and they all hugged her and Durga left. Gayatri asked the men why are they breaking the house.

She became shocked seeing Aarti and her dad. He scolded Gayatri for breaking Aarti’s dreams. Sanjay asked what’s happening. Aarti’s dad said you broke my daughter’s heart, I am settling scores. Sanjay asked him to calm down.

Aarti’s dad said I don’t trust you now, Durga is still here, you two think we are fools and just you are smart, my project stopped and now Durga has won the race, I can’t tolerate your failure. Gayatri asked him to let Aarti stay here. Sanjay asked for one chance. Aarti’s dad said it’s the last chance and Sanjay became angry at Durga.

Sanjay came to the room and saw decorations. Durga woke up early for practice and saw Gayatri. Amrita argued with Yashpal and said Durga can’t be right always.


The Episode started with Sanjay seeing the room decorated. Durga came and gave him a trophy for being a big loser. She said you can never break my courage, I have to make my dad proud. She got a cake and said it’s impossible to make me lose, thank you, if you didn’t force my dad to tell me the secret.

I would have not know their greatness and she cut the cake. She said I respect my mum and dad more, thanks, I will not make any fake confession, I will not let anyone else become national champion and she fed him the cake.

Yashpal and everyone dined. Dadi then praised Annapurna for supporting Yashpal’s big decision and raising Durga with love, for accepting someone’s child. She called her great. Sheela said everyone found me wrong and taunted Durga but Dadi scolded her.

Yashpal praised Dadi for accepting someone’s daughter. He asked Amrita to keep Durga’s trophy and medal. Amrita placed the trophy down and thinks dad just sees Durga in everything.

Durga waited for Gayatri. She got her letter and read…. you have won the race, rest for a day. Gayatri came and asked are you waiting for someone. Durga said yes, for my trainer. Gayatri said skip training now, Sanjay won’t let you win the national race.

Durga said my husband is a loser, who is fighting a wrong battle, but my battle is of truth, I have blessing of both my Gurus, Jassi and Yashpal, he didn’t teach me losing, I will take your blessing and have self training, I will run to my home and take blessing from my dad and she went home.

She said I have come here because of SP. He asked what did he do now. She said I know you will always protect me and Annapurna came. Durga said I am not annoyed with SP, I could know your greatness because of him, I want your blessings and they hugged and cried and they blessed Durga.

Durga asked about Amrita and Umang came to her. Durga made Yashpal and Annapurna leave their foot prints on the cloth. She took the cloth and hugged them. Durga and Umang went out and had fun. Sanjay talked to Aarti’s dad and was on the way. He said we have to use this to make Durga lose. Aarti’s dad asked him not to make any mistake this time. Sanjay saw Durga playing with kids and she also saw him. Sanjay.

She saw him driving recklessly towards an old woman.She then run and saved the woman but she got hit and fell down and Sanjay worried. The woman blessed Durga and Durga helped her. Sanjay said sorry but Durga held his collar and scolded him. He said I am accepting my mistake, don’t insult me. She said it’s about social responsibility. She then saw Umang gone.

Durga and Yashpal looked for Umang. Amrita scolded Durga. Sanjay came as the new chief of sports association and Durga became shocked.

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