Durga Wins The Race. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 8 February 2022: Episode 150-151



The Episode started with Durga running in the race. Yashpal and everyone looked on. A girl lead in the race and Rajveer became shocked. Dulaari and Rishi placed seven laddoos down and laughed talking about Amrita’s destruction. Madhav came there and angrily starred at them. Dulaari asked what happened. Madhav stopped her and said you lost the right to call me son.

She asked why are you saying so. He asked don’t you know, I got to know your cheap truth, how you two have played with Amrita’s life, I got to know Rishi’s Dedh shaadi truth. Rishi said it’s nothing like that, that illiterate Amrita fooled you. Madhav raised hand on Rishi and stopped. He said I am stopping because of our relation, else none can stand on the feet by talking against Amrita, you all cheated me, not Amrita.

Madhav said I called you mum, you know mum is regarded Lord, I did what you said, but you did wrong with me, I doubted on those innocent people, dad did right to keep me away from you till now, he knew you all will just cheat, nothing else. He asked them to keep laddoo boxes ready, after 7 days, I am going to marry Amrita and they became shocked. He said I will give her love and respect, when I met you after many years, I expected mother’s love, but you used me, I am ashamed to be your son, I will forget I had a mum.

Dulaari said if Amrita knows the truth, she will not keep relation with you. Madhav cried and said you should have atleast waited for me to leave, I was having last hope from you, I will manage everything, don’t come in front of me again and he left.

Durga thinks I can’t lose this race, I have to see dad’s happiness and she run faster. Rajveer asked her to run faster and she run faster leading in the race again. Sanjay and everyone clapped for her. Yashpal looked on sad. Everyone cheered for Durga. Yashpal recalled Durga’s words and cried and finally she won the race. Everyone clapped for her. Yashpal screamed and cried. Durga jumped happily. Rajveer and everyone became glad.

Rajveer said you have done it, running champion of the state. Everyone run to Durga and congratulated her. Durga thinks why did Yashpal not come to me. Madhav came home and saw Amrita. Dadi became emotional that Amrita will leave getting after marriage. Amrita hugged Dadi and said however far I go, I will always be close to you. Madhav said I have lied to everyone, I love Amrita, I will tell her the truth.

He called out Amrita and said I want to tell you the truth, I have hidden the truth from you, I wanted to marry you to take revenge for my mum and brother’s insult, I am Dulaari’s son and Rishi’s brother, they sent me here, they provoked me against you and your family. They all became shocked and Amrita slapped Madhav.

Amrita asked him to leave and that she hates him. He called her out and his woke up from his dream. Amrita asked what happened, I am here, were you dreaming, I have taken lahenga for myself, see this, how does it look. He said yes, it looks good. Dadi showed the jewelry they made for Amrita, she will not look less than a princess. Amrita asked him to see his marriage clothes, she has chosen it. Madhav said yes, and worriedly left. Amrita said I forgot to show him his shoes and she went after him.

Neelkant congratulated Durga and asked her to wait till she gets the prize. Sanjay said we are proud of you, you will become a national champion and Yashpal looked on. Durga looked for him but Yashpal left . Durga cried recalling Yashpal’s words. Rajveer saw Yashpal going. Rajveer thinks I can’t let Yashpal go without meeting Durga , while then Subhadra smiled.

Durga got the trophy and smiled. Yashpal scolded Durga. He walked on the road and was hit by a truck. Annapurna dropped sindoor and worried.


The Episode started with Rajveer running after Yashpal and stopping him. Durga went for the award ceremony. Rajveer said Durga is getting grace marks for studies. Yashpal said you spoilt her by making her enter sports.

Rajveer said she has become a champion but Yashpal beats Rajveer and said you did this to get fame for yourself. Rajveer asked him to listen. Durga received the prize. Everyone clapped and cheered for her. Rajveer said I respect you, listen to me. The man asked Durga how does she feel by getting this success. Durga said I just have to meet my dad.

Amrita went to Madhav and gave him the shoes. She said I know responsibility increases after marriage, but if I come and meet mum and Dadi sometimes, they will miss me a lot. You know I spent time with mum and understand her pain, Yashpal and Durga will also miss me, we will come twice a week to meet them, I am very happy with this marriage.

He thinks Amrita is pure, my thinking was wrong, I will lose her if I tell the truth, I can’t live without her. Rajveer asked Yashpal to calm his anger. Yashpal beats him and threw him on the bike. Rajveer said Durga wants to run. Yashpal asked him not to go close to Durga and Rajveer fainted. The man said someone call the police and ambulance.

Durga came there and saw Rajveer injured, she became shocked. Subhadra also came there and was shocked. The man said someone call the police, his head is bleeding, don’t let that man go, he was the one who did this. Durga saw Yashpal and asked him to listen to her once.

Yashpal cried and asked what shall I listen to, I trusted you, I thought you are going to write scholarship exam, I thought I will help you in study and worked day and night to buy this laptop for you. He placed the laptop on ground and kicked it. Durga cried. Subhadra looked on and smiled.

Yashpal said I thought you will be glad, but you cheated me, you got smart and started taking life’s decisions, it’s my mistake, not yours, I have sent you to other city to study, you are not my Durga now. He said education makes a life, sports fame fade out after some days, it doesn’t take you anywhere, see you started lying to me. She said I wrote a letter for you but…. He said stop it, and raised his hand… and Subhadra smiled.

Amrita helping Annapurna with her work. Annapurna showed the sindoor box to Dadi. Dadi said it’s great, put sindoor in it. Annapurna said the sindoor is filled in it already. He said you are not my daughter, don’t talk to me. Durga said listen to me once and she saw a truck coming.

Yashpal said I am not your dad, don’t talk to me. He walked on the road and came in front a of truck and Durga shouts. The sindoor fell down and Dadi said what did you do, it’s abshagun. Amrita said there is nothing like abshagun, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Yashpal fell down and was hit. Subhadra asked Yashpal to get up. The police came there and Arrested Yashpal. The man said this is that man who had beaten up Rana Sir a lot. An Ambulance came for Rajveer. Durga said no, my dad did not do anything, leave him.

Yashpal asked her to stop lying. He said yes, I have beaten Rajveer, he is a liar, take me to the police station, hang me and he cried. The Inspector asked the constable to take him. Yashpal went with the police and Durga cried. Yashpal was then locked up. Inspector beats him and asked why did you beat that teacher, he is critical, if anything happens to him, you are gone forever

Yashpal recalled Durga running in the race. Dulaari told Sheela that Madhav changed completely, he is planning to marry Amrita, we have seen dreams to take revenge from Amrita and Yashpal, it won’t be fulfilled now and sheela became shocked. Durga came to Yashpal. Yashpal saw her and said I should be beaten up, how can a peon dream that his daughter becomes a big officer and Subhadra came there.

Yashpal said fate has beaten me, you also beat me and the Inspector continued beating him. Durga said don’t beat him, he did not do anything. Inspector asked them to send her out, that teacher’s state is critical. Rajveer came there and said this is our personal matter, leave him. Inspector said he has beaten you, we will beat him and send him home. Durga said no, he is a good man.

Rajveer said he is like my elder brother, we will sort our misunderstandings, please leave him and the Inspector left him. Subhadra asked Durga to stay away from Yashpal and Durga cried.

Dadi scolded Durga. Durga run and cried. Amrita then explained to Yashpal about Durga.

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