My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 8 March 2022: Episode 187-188


The Episode started with Durga running. Yashpal asked her to run faster but she became tired and said sorry, I stopped running for a long time,so it will take time. He said it’s fine, you have to run after a long time, don’t be sad, you have to practice, come and run with me and off they went. He said I am really tired and hugged her and they laughed. He said my daughter won, see and everyone clapped. He said you are a tigress, I trust you, you will work hard, you need good training. She recalled Rajveer and said I need Rana Sir but i don’t know where he is, how do i meet him, it’s been so many years. He said we will go to the old school and find out about him.

Bantu took a disguise and came to meet a girl. He saw the girl Payal and smiled. He said I am your ….. and she interrupted asking about her gifts. He gave her gifts and removed the beard and she saw Bantu. He said your dad got your proposal for me. She asked why did you come here. He said I fell in true love with you, since I saw your pic, I don’t get sleep, I got all the info about you, your likes and dislikes, these gifts are for you. She smiled and said but our relation broke. He said so what, we will join it and convince the family and her dad called her.

Durga said where did Rana Sir go, no one knows about him. He said maybe he went somewhere out of the city. She said I just know one thing, when he knows I decided to run, he will come back to train me and they left. Payal asked Bantu to go. He gave her roses and she went. Durga came to college and recalled the principal’s words. Aarti talked to someone and said Rana Sir should not get to his senses, we will fall in trouble.

Durga saw Aarti and came to her. Aarti became shocked seeing her and dropped the phone. She thinks did Durga hear me and acted. Durga said you would be happy thinking you got rid of me, we will meet soon. Sanjay came and said she thinks she will compete with you and win the race and Aarti laughed. He said dreams don’t cost money, I have shown her the exit, she will be gone and she taunted Durga. Durga said you also know I have won that race and she left. Aarti said I can’t stand her.

Someone came and asked who is the SP. He pushed Sanjay and asked are you that creep. Sanjay asked how dare you touch me. The man scolded and slapped Sanjay while Durga looked on. Aarti said how dare you. The man asked Sanjay to come with him and dragged him away. Some Goon looked for Rajveer. Rajveer hid and hits him and run away from there. Sanjay said leave me. The goon said I will tell who I am, that girl has also come and a girl came to them.

The man asked is this guy the one who
misbehaved with you yesterday. Sanjay said she is lying. The man beats him and asked the girl to tell him what Sanjay did. The girl said I was in my class, he came to my class and locked the door and Durga thinks. The girl said he has tried to molest me. Durga thinks why do I feel she is lying. Sanjay said she is lying, check the CCTV footage. The lady scolded him while Sam smiled and Sanjay was beaten up. Rajveer was free and walked on the road.

He asked for water. The man called him a beggar and asked him to get away. Rajveer said I am not a beggar. A lady teacher said we can sit and talk, don’t beat him, we will complain to the principal. The man said no, it’s about our girl’s respect while he continued to beat up Sanjay. Aarti looked on and the teacher stopped them. The man said we will teach him a lesson, how bad it feels when someone misbehaves and Sanjay became tensed.

Sanjay asked did you do this. Sam said yes. Sam and Sanjay had a fight. Sam hits Sanjay on his head while some Goons also run after Durga.


The Episode started with the man beating up Sanjay. Sam smiled and said SP got punished for his mistake. Durga recalled Sanjay being with her in class. She shouted stop. She moved the men away and got in front of Sanjay. She said SP did not do anything, this girl is lying and Sanjay became shocked. The man asked who are you. She said I am Durga. The man said this guy did wrong with you, why are you saving him. Durga said maybe he did, but I won’t let anything wrong happen with anyone. Sam and Aarti looked on. The man asked what proof do you have.

Amrita gave food to Umang and Umang asked for more food for Madhav. Amrita worried while Dadi looked on. Dadi said it’s enough Amrita, see Umang, he is eager to meet his dad, how much will you lie to him, truth will come out. Amrita said Madhav hasn’t contacted us till now, I don’t know if he is alive or not, I hide everything so that my courage doesn’t break, I have hope that Madhav will return for me and Umang.

Durga asked the girl to think well and say if SP did wrong with her, why did she get silent now. The man asked the girl to speak. The girl said SP was with me around 4pm. Durga asked are you sure, think well, there is still time. The man asked Durga not to trouble her and speak clearly. Durga said SP is innocent, this girl is lying, SP was with me at that time and became angry.

Durga said give me SP’s phone. She showed the video Sanjay made of her to tease her and they all got shocked. The men then left Sanjay. Durga said SP took this video at that time, around 4pm, you can check the time if you don’t believe, I know someone has sent you to do this, we are not fools, leave from here. The man scolded the girl for blaming an innocent guy and the lady apologized to Sanjay. The man angrily thanked Durga and said I will see you later and Sanjay looked at Durga and she left.

Aarti asked are you okay, Durga would have done this to take revenge. Sam said I was teaching a lesson to SP, what did you do. Durga said I know that pain when you are innocent and you are blamed, I won’t let this happen even with an enemy, SP is my friend. Aarti said don’t know what new plan she is making. Sanjay thinks I did wrong with Durga, even then she saved me. Sam said she spoiled my game. Sanjay said did Sam do this and went after him.

The goon became conscious and looked for Rajveer. He said maybe Rana has run away, Aarti will be very angry. Sanjay stopped Sam. Sam said it was your good fate that Durga saved you. Sanjay said you don’t mention her name and they started fight. Aarti looked on. Sam hits his head. The goon said I have to inform Aarti and called her and she became shocked.

Durga walked on the road. The man stopped her and said you will send me to jail. Aarti left while Sanjay and Sam’s fight continued. Durga then ran from the men. Sam said you did wrong with Durga. Sanjay said why do you care, you were using her to win elections. Sam said you are foolish to leave a friend like Durga. Sanjay said you shouldn’t talk between us and they fought again.

Aarti came to the goon and scolded the goon and left. The goon said I will find Rana and she worried. Rajveer asked where will I get wine. He saw a procession going. Durga run from the men and mixed with the crowd. Rajveer walked after her. Sam hurts Sanjay’s leg and the Principal came there. The guys took Sam and Sanjay from there and Principal left. The Constable said this man is stealing, I will see him. Durga stopped the constable and said those goons are troubling me. Constable said don’t worry, I will see them. The Constable slapped and beats the goons. Durga turned and collided with Rajveer.

Aarti said I did not get Rana. Neelkant became shocked and asked the men to find Rana alive or dead…Read more

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