My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 1 June 2022: Episode 307-308



The Episode started with Sanjay throwing away the sindoor box. He asked Durga to accept her mistake of framing his parents. He tore the divorce papers and threw it on her but she refused. He asked her to see her husband enjoying with another woman. He wrote other woman and said this is my third hit. The man blackmailed Yashpal. He said I will have the food if you got it by love and he left.

Annapurna cried and said that man shouldn’t come here again, Durga…. He asked her not to mention Durga’s name again and they saw Durga’s friend. Durga’s friend found them worried and left. Durga said I have just said the truth.

Sanjay said then you won’t get divorced. She packed her bags to leave and she got a call from her friend, who told her that Yashpal looked worried for her. She thanked him and said I will talk to him. Annapurna took some jewelry.

He said this won’t be enough to shut his mouth. He said I will arrange the money somehow and he got a call from Durga. He asked is everything fine. She said yes, how are you all. He said we are fine and Annapurna coughed.

She asked what happened to mum. He said she is fine, she went to the washroom, you can talk to her later, are you really fine. She said yes. He said I was worried for you.

She said everything is fine here, you are my courage, nothing will happen to me. He asked her to take care and ended the call. She thinks to manage her problems herself. Yashpal and Annapurna were worried. Sanjay taunted Durga for her drama and stopped her.

He called Aarti and said okay, perfect. Yashpal said no one should know about this, I told Brij to arrange money for me. She gave her bangles and asked him to stop that man and they cried.

Durga said I will not stay with you here. Sanjay said you made my work easy, I have a surprise for you and brought Aarti’s bags. Brij told Sheela that he has paid money to Yashpal.

Annapurna heard them and became dizzy. Sheela thinks what are they hiding. Gayatri did Aarti’s welcome and Durga scolded her. Sanjay said I wanted to get Aarti in our room, she will stay with me.

Durga and Aarti argued. Yashpal went somewhere and Sanjay followed him.


The Episode started with Sanjay saying Aarti will stay with me in my room. Aarti came in and asked Durga is she ready to lose in the race, as she has lost to her on personal front. Sanjay said I have told Durga that I will marry Aarti after divorce. Gayatri said thanks for getting my real bahu here, if Durga didn’t play this game, Aarti would have been here before. He got a call and said am coming.

Aarti kissed on his cheek and sent him and Durga became angry. Aarti stopped Durga and said you have no right on Sanjay and his room. Durga said I have the right till this marriage is intact, we didn’t get divorced yet, I will shatter your dreams and Aarti argued.

Durga thinks I promise you will leave the room yourself. Yashpal got money from the jeweler and left. Sanjay stopped a car and followed him. Yashpal came to meet the man and said I have arranged the money. He threw the money at him and scolded him badly.

The man stopped him to taunted. Yashpal slapped him and said don’t expect anything more from me, what will you do, I am not scared of you now. The man argued and asked for his share but Yashpal scolded him.

Durga called her friend and told him her plan. He asked her to think again. She said yes, just do this fast. The man pushed Yashpal and threatened him about the secret. Sanjay looked on and thinks what does this man know, why is he blackmailing Yashpal. The man asked Yashpal not to provoke his anger.

Yashpal requested Sudhir and asked him to forget the past. The man said I like this way, if you can get money, then you can get more for me. Yashpal said I have no money, how will I get it. The man insisted and asked him to think well and Yashpal left.

Gayatri saw police at the door and asked are you in your senses to come without informing. Inspector said we got a complaint against your family. She asked what did we do, I will send my lawyer, you may leave and asked her to call Sanjay. She became worried.

Annapurna asked Yashpal to give anything to Sudhir, but stop him. Sudhir called him and asked him to get money at night, else he will tell everything to Durga’s in-laws. She cried and asked him to stop him. Yashpal said I have no way.

He saw a fruit knife and took it. He said I will not let Sudhir do anything and he left. Gayatri asked who dared to file a complaint against my son. Durga said I did this, he cheated me by having an affair. Yashpal came to Sudhir’s place and thinks I will kill him to stop him.

Yashpal met Durga and asked her to call the press to accept her mistake and she became shocked.

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