My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 10 November 2021: Episode 24-25


My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 10 November 2021 Episode started with Durga saying we will return the money to Shweta. The man told Yashpal that you will get a second hand phone at a low price, your brother has a phone shop, tell him to get a good phone. Yashpal said yes, I wanted to ask the rates. The man asked about Amrita’s marriage arrangements. Yashpal said it’s going on well. He thinks about how to tell Brij, he is ready to do anything for me, but I don’t like to tell him.

Brij asked Sheela did you put salt into the tea?” Sheela argued and cried. She said I am thinking of what to do for Amrita, but everyone doubted me, you do my work. She told him. Shweta looked for the money. The girl said your dad will beat you. Shweta said no, he doesn’t know. The girl asked how did you get it. Shweta said I found it in the school. The girl asked why did you not tell the principal, tell me the truth, else I will tell the principal. Shweta said wait, Durga and her friends snatched my seat, I saw Yashpal’s money falling and kept it to take revenge from Durga. The girl was shocked.
Annapurna said I will make Subhadra’s favorite food. Yashpal asked her to make something of Baby’s choice also. Yashpal was shocked looking for the money in his pocket. He counted and said this money fell down. Durga looked on and smiled. She recalled hearing Shweta. Flash black showed Durga getting angry knowing the truth. She slapped Shweta and said you called me and my dad thief, you are real the thief, my dad did that for my education, you purposely did that, you should have taken revenge by courage, not by theft, my dad earns by difficulty and you won’t understand, your dad is government official and still stole. She told everyone that Shweta is bad and she left.

Durga said maybe Ganesh ji gave this to me. Yashpal said i don’t know, Amrita placed 100rs to the Lord idol. Durga asked him to get the glasses repaired. He said no, I will get a smartphone for you, with internet, you will study. Brij said no, it won’t be needed, because I got the smartphone already. Yashpal said what was the need. Brij said it’s not for you, it’s for my Amrita, she is going to get married, it doesn’t look good that she borrows phone from you and talk, she needs her own phone to talk to Rishi and know his likes and dislikes, now she can talk to him, it has internet, it will help Durga’s studies also, she will study and become a big officer. Yashpal hugged Brij and Sheela looked on.

Durga opened the box and smiled. Brij showed them the phones functionality. Sheela recalled Dulaari’s words. Yashpal told Dadi that it’s big that he got the phone back. He gave 1000rs to Annapurna and said I will arrange some more till marriage. She said you gave 200rs more and returned it. Durga looked on. Yashpal said Lord sent help anyway. He asked is the internet helping you with studies? Durga said I am understanding well. He checked and could not see as his glasses got damaged. She asked can’t you see. He said I can see. Amrita came and Durga asked where are you going. Dadi said don’t stop from behind. Yashpal said it’s fine, I am coming, get ready for school and left with Amrita.

Subhadra came there with Shrijata. Durga run and hugged them. Shilpa said Shri got many things and gave it to Durga. Subhadra showed her dress and said Amrita can wear this in rasam and everyone smiled. Baby also came and greeted Dadi. Baby said Amrita is starting a new life with new w hope, so Amrita will wear everything new. She got new clothes for Durga and Amrita. Subhadra became jealous. She asked about Yashpal and Amrita. Dadi said they went out, they will come soon.

The Doctor checked Amrita. He told Yashpal, I have treated Amrita from her childhood and told you that her illness is her fear, maybe she got tension about marriage, just take care of her, keep her away from tension and wrote down some medicines. Yashpal said it’s late, we will leave now. Amrita collided with Dulaari.

Yashpal thinks of Annapurna’s words. Dulaari said you are here, what happened. He said everything is fine. Dulaari said I were worried that Amrita fell ill. He said nothing like that. She asked did you come to see any neighbor, I came to congratulate my neighbor for having a grandchild. He said fine, we came to see our relative. She said it’s good, I saw my bahu, I am counting days to get Amrita home. Yashpal and Amrita left.

Dulaari thinks Sheela was right, Yashpal will not tell anyone about Amrita’s health, now he is gone. Sarpanch came there and shouted Yashpal. Brij greeted him and asked what’s the matter. Dulaari and Sheela talked. Dulaari said it’s just the beginning, see what I do. Sheela said you are my best friend. Dulaari said if I did not had to make Rishi marry, I would have not left Yashpal, is Amrita’s illness dangerous. Sheela said no. Sarpanch said I stop people from making mistakes, where is Yashpal. Shilpa told Sheela that Sarpanch is angry and came to meet Yashpal. Sheela said we got the chance.

Sarpanch said Yashpal you did not tell panchayat about Amrita’s marriage fixing. Yashpal was a bit hurt. Durga read the race contest. Amrita sang a romantic song but Rishi ended the call. Durga asked why did he end call.


The Episode started with Brij asking Sarpanch to sit. Yashpal and Durga came. Yashpal greeted sarpanch and asked, what is the matter. Sarpanch said you did not tell us about Amrita’s marriage, do you want to stop your food and water supply in this village. Yashpal said no, I forgot to tell you because I was busy with Durga’s exam. Sarpanch scolded him. He said you know the meaning of village, it means big family, we would have same ancestors, Amrita is the daughter of the entire village, so the entire village will support you in this marriage. Everyone became glad and smiled. Yashpal and Brij greeted Sarpanch. Sarpanch said you won’t come to take your rights, so I came here to do my duty. Sheela thinks Yashpal has a good fate.

Sarpanch sat and drank water. He said according to Panchayat tradition, you will get 10000rs for marriage and villagers will help you as per their status. Amrita thanked him for solving Yashpal’s problem. Sarpanch said I know Yashpal for a long time, he did a lot to raise his siblings, he never said anything, you can take my help anytime. Durga asked can I ask something, I want glasses for Yashpal and
Sarpanch laughed. Yashpal said no, I don’t want anything, go and study and Durga left. Durga and her friends talked in school. Yashpal fixed a banner. He was unable to see well. Durga thinks what’s that poster. His hand was injured. Durga and everyone run to him. Yashpal said I am fine, I could not see without glasses. Durga said we will do this. Durga and her friends fixed the poster. She thinks Yashpal got injured because he did not have glasses. She read the race competition, first prize is glasses voucher. She thinks, the race is tomorrow. Her friends told her, you can easily do this. Durga said Yashpal will never let me participate, it’s Amrita’s rasam tomorrow, what to do without telling him, how will his glasses come. Bantu asked for water and sweets.

Subhadra talked to Yashpal. She said if internet phones helped in studies, all schools would have ended, send Durga with me to Bhiwani, no need to wait for result. Durga and her friends came home. Durga’s friends lie to Yashpal that Durga should doesn’t want to go go Amrita’s rasam,she wants to solve sample maths papers. Manohar said Durga can go to the rasam. Durga said I will not be late, I will solve the paper and come on time. Yashpal said she is right, studies is important, what will she do with the preparations and Durga smiled. Annapurna said how will Durga come alone. Subhadra said she will come, Durga is clever, not foolish. Yashpal said yes, so Durga come there.

Yashpal asked Subhadra to see, Durga is changing, she can work hard and make her fate, this time she will pass with good marks. Durga heard them. The coach told his students to work hard, result will come good, give your 100 percent. The kid said I did not understand anything, tell me the shortcut to success. The coach asked, where are your bodyguards. The Kid said they just come to pick and drop me. The coach joked.

He told the boy that you are not running tomorrow, you don’t have sportsman spirit, you sleep. The man asked do you think that girl will come. Coach said yes, I think she will come, I could not forget that run, my heart said I will get her here. Amrita called Rishi and talked to him. He talked sweet and asked her to sing a song. Durga suggested the song and Amrita sang. Durga asked why did you get hiccups. Rishi said no, I was.. and the call ended. Amrita said I think he ended the call. Durga said why did he disconnect the call. Amrita said his phone is off. Durga said I think there is someone else with him.

Durga and her friends acted to be studying in front of aunty. The boy said we are going to solve the sample papers. Aunty said you will pass one day, I will lock the door from outside and go. They think they got stucked. He said we will lock from inside. Aunty said no, you all are young, I am going in satsang, I will come very soon, study well. She locked the door and left. Durga thinks, how to go to race and Amrita’s rasam now.

Durga and her friends run through the window. Durga went for registration. The man said registration is closed. Durga run on the road. Yashpal and everyone were on their way.


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