My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 11 May 2022: Episode 276-277



The Episode started with Yashpal saying I trust Sanjay a lot. Sanjay said that trust will break today, it’s all because of Durga. He asked Neelkant about the arrangements. Neelkant and Gayatri said all the arrangements are done. Sanjay said good that Durga will get ruined, it’s bad that I will become the reason for this and they went out and attended to the guests. Durga and her family arrived.

Neelkant and Gayatri welcomed them. Gayatri complimented Durga and did Durga’s aarti. Durga thinks what’s going on in SP’s mind. Sanjay thinks you can’t imagine it. Gayatri hugged Durga and welcomed her. Sanjay thinks this task will be the biggest one.

Durga and Sanjay looked at each other. They then took the jaimala. Neelkant said Sanjay will make Durga wear varmala first. Brij and Shilpa asked Durga to make Sanjay wear the garlands first.

Durga thinks they are trying to show that everything is normal. Sanjay said you will get the answers and they made each other wear the garlands. They then sat in the mandap and the Marriage rituals began. Durga recalled Sanjay’s vows. Yashpal went and did Durga’s ghatbandhan and kanyadaan.

Durga and Sanjay took the wedding rounds. Sanjay recalled Gayatri’s words. Durga made Sanjay take vows, and he accepted all the vows, while recalling his revenge motives, he thinks of Neelkant’s words. He made her wear mangalsutra and filled sindoor in her maang and the marriage rituals was completed. Sanjay stopped Durga and they all looked on. Neelkant and Gayatri became glad.

Sanjay told media that he has to tell them the truth. He asked Durga to tell them the truth at least now.


The Episode started with Sanjay asking Durga to tell the truth to everyone and get the letter. He fell at her feet and started the drama. She asked which promise. He said don’t do this, I did this for my parents, pity us. Sheela got a shock and got up and Brij held her. Yashpal asked Sanjay what’s all this. Reporter asked Sanjay what promise is he talking about.

Sanjay said Durga wanted to marry me, she likes me a lot, I refused to marry her, what did Durga say, she went to my mom and dad, the video you have seen, she just took my marriage proposal, but my mom and dad wanted my happiness, they refused, she doesn’t like losing, she defamed my parents to take revenge, they got broken up, so I promised to marry Durga, she also promised me that she will tell the truth to everyone once this marriage happens.

He asked Durga to tell the truth out, tell them my parents are innocent. The media asked Durga to answer why did she lie. Yashpal thinks it means SP was acting and taking revenge, Durga was silently watching this. He scolded Sanjay and held his collar but she stopped Yashpal.

She said we won’t do cheap thing like SP’s family. Yashpal said Durga is framed. Sanjay said fine, I am a liar, if she is true, why did she marry me. He asked them to answer. The reporter asked did Durga do that sting operation to marry you.

Rajveer said I was worried for this. Sanjay asked Durga to tell them that his parents are innocent. He said do as I said, if you want the academy letter. Yashpal scolded the media. Sanjay asked Durga to tell them the truth.

Durga shouted enough, stop it, I will tell the truth. Yashpal asked her to say their sin, why she had to marry SP. Durga said I married SP by my wish, because I truly love SP, just this is the truth, there is no other truth and Sanjay looked at her. Yashpal asked her to say what happened that day.

She said this is the truth, I never lie and I had never lied. She told the media that whatever they saw in the video, it was absolutely true. She asked them to think anything they want. The man said Durga is lying, who marries an enemy. Yashpal scolded them and the people started talking.

Gayatri thanked them for coming and the guests left. Durga scolded Sanjay. He then threatened her and left. Yashpal said I won’t leave Sanjay and scolded Neelkant. Rajveer stopped Yashpal. He said Neelkant is provoking you, control your temper.

He asked Durga why did you not say they are such fallen people, I asked you many times. Brij said yes, what did you do, this marriage was not a race, you should have told us.

Yashpal said she has hidden this from us. She cried and said I have hidden this for you, I gave you just sorrows untill now and he hugged her. He said we were happy for you, you were living this lie here for our sake. Sanjay came and said you lost your task, you will get punished for this. He took the academy letter and burnt it. They became shocked.

Durga threatened Sanjay. Rajveer got Durga to the academy….Read more

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