Durga Gets Kidnapped. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 16 February 2022: Episode 162-163



The Episode started with Madhav smiling and looking at Amrita. Durga and her friends laughed. Amrita and Madhav sat in mandap and exchange varmala. Everyone showered flowers on them while they took the rounds. Madhav made her wear mangalsutra and applied sindoor. Everyone became happy.

Neelkant gave Durga’s pic to a goon. The Goon said it’s a small work. Neelkant said it’s not a small work, this girl is an athlete, she is physically and mentally strong. He asked him to break Durga’s leg that she can’t run for one month, the Goon nodded and left. Neelkant said I won’t let anyone come between my dreams, Aarti will the win nationals.

Madhav came to the room and saw Amrita. He then helped her and removed her jewelry and they smiled. He said if we are together today, it’s because of our love, I knew you will forgive me, today my true love has won, I promise I will just give you happiness and much love, so that our past’s bad shadow doesn’t come in our life again and they hugged.

Madhav said it looks like a dream, I had dreamt to marry you, I had seen another dream, we will have a lovely house, we will decorate it by our hands, once Durga’s nationals happen, we will go to our new house, the house will look lonely, we should have two kids. She asked what do you mean. He said we can have more kids, don’t be shy.

It’s morning, Yashpal cleaned Durga’s shoes. Durga looked at him and smiled while she got ready for school. She also sat with him and cleaned the shoe as he was doing and he smiled. He showed her the shoes. Annapurna came and did tilak to the shoes. They did puja of her running shoes and she prayed. Yashpal asked her to do the puja for her shoes, she will win. He then made Durga wear her shoes. Durga hugged them and left for school.

Durga came to the school. Peon told Durga that she was being called in staffroom for practice. Durga went and saw jalebis and milk and she looked for Rajveer. She said this party will be for me, I have won the race. Rajveer stopped her and asked have you started eating.

Durga said you did a good party for me. Rajveer said no, this is practice. Sanjay and Shri looked on. Durga asked what. He said it’s practice for not eating, you should control your diet. Sanju gave chocolate to Durga. Rajveer said stop, you came to congratulate her, sit down, have this jalebis, it’s party for her, you both eat the food. Sanjay and Shri enjoyed the food while Rajveer looked at Durga.

He asked her not to eat anything given by anyone, just have food that I give, it’s national level tournament. Sanjay said we are done. Rajveer said but Durga is still here. He asked them to eat again and Durga laughed. Durga was practicing running when the goons kidnapped her. She became shocked.

A Goon went to beat her up but she turned away.


The Episode started with Durga getting kidnapped and Sanjay came to her rescue. He asked the goon what does he want but the goon just pulled him. Sanjay asked Durga to run away. Durga bit the goon’s hand and run away. Sanjay was caught by the goons and they beat him up. Durga cried and Rajveer came there and beats up the goons.

Durga also fought with them. Sanjay fainted. Rajveer asked him is he fine and called an ambulance. Durga asked how did you come here. Rajveer recalled Sanjay calling him and informing about Durga’s kidnap. Durga thanked Sanjay. Rajveer asked who were they, why did they wish to beat you. Sanjay said they wanted to beat her.

Madhav showed his work to sarpanch. Sarpanch and everyone praised him. Sarpanch said Annapurna is an ideal mum, her children will make the village name shine and they praised Durga also. Amrita smiled.

A Minister said I will give 50000rs to Durga once she wins. Madhav said she will get 50000rs from athletic department and school scholarship, she will be famous. Annapurna wished Durga fulfills everyone’s dreams. Rajveer said I will inform his father. Neelkant came and was shocked seeing the goons.

Yashpal came and was shocked seeing them. He asked what happened. Durga said some goons came after me, Sanjay saved me. Rajveer said this attack was on Durga, Sanjay came in between and saved her life, who can be Durga’s enemy. Neelkant worried and asked the doctor is if Prince fine. Yashpal said your son is very brave, he saved my daughter, Lord is with him, he will be fine.

Rajveer said someone is there who doesn’t want Durga to run in this race. Neelkant thinks I won’t let Durga run, my son is in this state because of her. Madhav hugged Amrita. She said let me do my work. He said you are my Amrita now. She saw her dupatta getting stuck in his shirt. and he held her close but she left.

Durga practiced. Rajveer asked her to practice hard. He said maybe the goons can attack again, you have to be alert. Yashpal smiled seeing her and greeted Rajveer. Annapurna and Yashpal took care of Durga. Yashpal gifted Durga a skipping rope and Durga’s practice went on.

Rajveer said now you will just rest, it’s final race tomorrow, save energy for tomorrow. He asked Yashpal to let Durga rest and take care of her food. Yashpal said I will see. Rajveer said give her chana, lemon water, fruits. Durga and everyone did a puja together. Everyone blessed her to go for the race and win and she prayed to Hanuman ji.

Everyone attended Durga’s race. Durga prepared for the race. Aarti also competed.

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