Sir Rana Prepares Durga For Race. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 16 March 2022: Episode 199-200


The Episode started with everyone celebrating the dahi handi festival. Durga’s friends said our Durga will run and the groups came. The first group made a pyramid. Bantu climbed the pyramid, Bantu and SRK tried again. Shilpa said if SRK loses this time, I will not let him enter the house.

Sheela said I think this time he will lose the house, I will not let Durga win. Manohar said I don’t think they can win, Durga the champion will break dahi handi, she is the pride of our village and the girls group came. Manohar said let Durga come and then see, where is Durga.

Amrita said it’s fun to see Durga breaking matki. She heard some sound and saw Rajveer falling down. Rajveer picked the medicines with difficulty. Amrita helped Rajveer and said what’s the need to open a medical store, don’t lie, I have seen this myself. She scolded him and did the aid to his wound. He said it’s not needed. She said we have to call the doctor if you do this, lie down and Rajveer looked at her. He said you are Durga’s sister Amrita right. She said yes.

He said Durga used to talk a lot about you, I have to be fine, Durga’s practice is starting tomorrow. She said you will be fine, rest now and she left. Durga came to break the matki and she climbed the pyramid. Shilpa said I will see how she breaks matki. Shilpa added oil into the water bucket and she threw it on the group and they all fell down, Durga then tried again and everyone cheered for her.

Shilpa poured water on her and Durga fell down again. Sanjay came there and said Matki will break when Krishna comes. Durga then recalled his words. Sanjay and Durga run to the pyramid and climbed. Shilpa tried making them fall. Sanjay and Durga reached the top of the pyramid and he held her hand. Manohar said it’s the first time, that two people climbed to break matki together. Durga looked at Sanjay.

Gayatri was at a function. A man asked him about Sanjay. She said these generation guys don’t understand puja rituals, I don’t pressurize them. She thinks where is Prince. An industralist told her about his work and asked her to help and she helped the industrialist.

She refused to take money from him. Neelkant got a call and asked the goon to find Rana, if he died, then get his dead body and show me. Gayatri looked on. She stopped her elder bahu and said I am much hurt when something is hidden from me in my house, did you think I don’t know this, I identify real and fake humans, won’t I identify real and fake rings.

She gave her the fake ring and Neelkant looked on. Gayatri taunted her bahu and looked at Neelkant. Bahu said the ring was tight so I thought…..Gayatri said I won’t ask any reason, I will meet you tomorrow, you have to go and repent for your sin in the temple and she left.

Sanjay said everyone will say Durga lost. Durga said I will break my record, you won’t get my forgiveness. He said forgive me fast, else you will lose my precious friendship and this Matki. She said I don’t want your friendship, leave my hand. Everyone cheered for Durga. Sanjay and Durga hit the Matki together, broke it and the pyramid fell down. Sanjay held Durga and held the rope.

Yashpal asked someone to save them, get a ladder. Sanjay and Durga came down. The man said Sanjay saved Durga. Yashpal thanked Sanjay and said you saved her. Sanjay said don’t say thanks, I should be sorry for misunderstanding Durga, sorry for that day, I misbehaved with you, I would have not known her truth. Yashpal said it’s okay. Durga said no need to listen to him, come. Sanjay took a pic of her and smiled.


The Episode started with everyone seeing the special food items kept. Yashpal came and said there are more items, I don’t know about the feast, as Rajveer asked me to get this. Rajveer stopped Shilpa from eating anything and said all this is for Durga, then I will not let Durga eat anything that comes between her and her race, her strict training will start now, she will have fruits, boiled vegs and milk from now, all these fried things and sweets will be out, Durga has to follow these rules if she wants my training. Durga said I will stop all this from today itself, as aim is big, so hardwork will be bigger too and she left.

Rajveer asked where are the jalebis. Yashpal said Durga left seeing jalebis after that incident. Rajveer said we will know if that incident harmed her a lot and he left. Durga recalled Sanjay. She then got a message from Sanjay. Sanjay wrote a cute message and asked her to reply that she has forgiven him. He wrote I have helped you twice, by saving your life and insult. Durga replied he won’t get forgiveness. He replied it’s good, your mood will change soon and she went offline. He thinks atleast the matter went ahead and smiled.

Annapurna asked the name of the guy who saved her life. Durga said he didn’t save my life. Annapurna said you would have gotten hurt, he helped you, give sweets to that guy in college.

Gayatri got ready and came to her bahu. She scolded her for the deceive and said even the Lord is annoyed with you. She poured cold water on her head. She then asked her bahu to feed milk to Naagdevta. The maid took off her slipper and Gayatri asked her bahu to go now.

Durga woke up and looked at the time. She got ready and came downstairs. Durga greeted Yashpal. He said I will get tea for you. She looked at the time and it was 5.30am. Rajveer threw a bucket of water on her and they became shocked. Durga said I was ready, but…. Rajveer threw cold water on her again and said weak people make excuses, time won’t wait for you, if you love her, make her sit in the kitchen, don’t send her for training and he threw more water on Durga.

Yashpal asked what did she do now. Rajveer asked Durga to answer yes or no, without any but. She said yes. He said champions are not such, they are mad and passionate, they don’t see anything than the race and finishing line, just get that passion and then we will talk of training. Durga said I have a passion to touch the finishing line first, I will fight with everyone and even you, but I won’t lose. He said first fight with yourself, come on time, then we will talk and he left.

Durga came to the college. Sam asked about sweets. She said it’s Janmashtami prasad and he took the box. She said it’s not for you. He asked for whom is this then? She then saw Sanjay coming. Sam said I will see him. Sanjay said these flowers are for you, not Durga.

Sam asked are you mad, are you gay. Sanjay smiled and said uncle, Durga is my friend, so my friend’s friend is also my friend, so I got this for you. Sam threw the flowers and said stop your nonsense, Durga doesn’t want your friendship, leave from here.

Sam and Sanjay got into an argument. They held each other’s collar. Durga worried and stopped them. Sanjay warned Sam.

Aarti said what will I do here if I have no friendship, I am leaving the college. Sanjay said superb. Yashpal found Durga tied to the bed and Rajveer stopped him from freeing Durga.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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