My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 17 November 2021: Episode 34-35


My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 17 November 2021 Episode started with Annapurna and Yashpal talking about Durga. She said slapping Durga was not right, we could not do our duties well, if we had put her in any good school, she would have picked up well by good teachers’ help, if we ask her to study all the time, how long can she pull. Yashpal said I am doing whatever I can, what else shall I do, I want to educate her so that she doesn’t beg people for money and be helpless like me.

It’s morning, Shilpa and Bantu teased Durga. Yashpal asked Sheela to take care of the shopping and take money. Dadi asked Yashpal to think of Amrita also. He said Durga’s annual exam will not be always, if she gets good marks, she can get a scholarship, she doesn’t know it’s important. He looked at Durga and said one day she will understand.

Durga thinks was Yashpal right, maybe I am doing a big mistake and hurting Amrita. Amrita said my marriage will not spoil Durga’s studies. Dadi asked Yashpal to go for shopping, I will see Durga. Amrita gave a phone for Durga’s studies and they left. Durga looked at Hanuman’s pic and thinks why did the Lord made me hear those men when they were not talking about my sister, I have to fond it, it’s important, but how. She said everyone is gone. Dadi asked her to come fast and she went to her. Dadi asked her not to go out of the house, I will keep an eye on you, study with this phone, I will get food for you.

She gave food to Durga and said I can see everything well and she left. Durga thinks of what to do, Amrita can marry the wrong guy, maybe if I get proof, Yashpal will forgive me. She asked Dadi shall I shut the door. Dadi said fine, just keep studying. Durga saw a shadow on the curtains. She thinks of an idea and placed pillows, stickwindow in her place and kept the model. She smiled seeing the moving fan shadow. She recorded her voice on the phon, she played the recording in loops and she left.

She distracted Dadi and left. She asked a guard about Rishi’s friend, who has hiccups she doesn’t know the name. lot told her the name and she recalled and said yes, do you know him. The Guarsaid I just heard the name, he is not here, go now. He told her about the betel shop where she can find him and she run.

Yashpal and everyone took selfies. They went to the mall for shopping. Durga got to the betel shop and thinks if the power goes off at home, Dadi will know I am out of the house, if Yashpal knows then… and prayed to Hanuman. She talked innocently and asked him to show her a way. Rishi’s friend came there, Durga turned and saw him.

Dadi said Durga is studying well. Durga hid and saw Rishi. Sheela looked for Shilpa in the room,she met some guy in the mall.


The Episode started with Durga thinking why did that guy not come here. She prayed to the Lord to help her, else Dadi will know I made a fake shadow, then Yashpal will not leave me. Dadi saw the shadow and heard Durga’s voice. She said Yashpal slapped her and she has become a machine, she is studying well. Durga waited for the guy. The shop vendor asked her to leave and she cried.

Rishi came there and bought cigarette. Durga saw him and hid. Sheela said it’s a beautiful ring. Amrita saw the price and said it’s very costly. Sheela said we are in a jeweler’s shop, it will be costly, we can’t insult Dulaari by giving her a cheap ring. Annapurna said we will buy clothes first and then come here. Sheela said see this ring, after Durga’s insult, is it good to annoy them. Subhadra agreed with Sheela and said we have to give them a good ring, else Amrita will pay the price for it, shall I pay for it. Yashpal said no need, and payed for the ring. Sheela said it’s a good start.

Durga said maybe the guys were talking about Amrita. She hid and saw Rishi. Rishi got a call and answered. The man asked Durga are you hiding from him, have gola else… She bought a gola. Rishi talked to his friends and left. She said it means he is going to meet his friend, if I follow him, I may be late, what do I do, if I think much, I will be more late. She gave the gola to a boy and run.

Yashpal and Annapurna decided the clothes for Dulaari and her sister. Amrita showed the costly dress to Shilpa. She saw Shilpa gone and cried. Subhadra asked her to calm down. Sheela beats Bantu and sat crying. Yashpal asked where is Shilpa. Bantu said I don’t know, I was feeling hungry and went to the food court. Yashpal said Shilpa will be here, come with me. Shilpa was lost in the mall. She saw the pretty girls and was jealous.

Shilpa roamed around. She slipped and a guy held her and she smiled. He said you were falling, she said yes, I was about to fall. He asked are you fine, did you come alone or with someone. She said family, they are lost. He said I think you are lost. She said yes.

Durga followed Rishi and collided with a veggies vendor. She turned and Rishi didn’t see her. Rishi went to a garage and met his friends. They said there is a surprise for you. Rishi asked what is it. Pooja came there. They said this is your surprise. Rishi romanced with Pooja. Durga came there and looked for Rishi. She was shocked seeing Rishi with those guys. Rishi asked the guys to stop laughing. They talked about Rishi’s kundli dosh, you are enjoying with Amrita and Pooja.

Rishi said I love one, and I find it tough to bear Amrita. Durga could not hear their talk. Pooja argued with Rishi. Rishi asked her to relax. She said I will not leave Amrita if you marry her. Durga placed her hand on some machine. The machine started and water started flowing. They all heard the sound and turned to see and Durga became worried.

Durga hid inside a van and a seat fell over her. Rishi and her friends looked inside the van. Sheela and Yashpal saw Shilpa holding a guy’s hand. Yashpal went inside the room to see Durga.


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