My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 18 May 2022: Episode 286-287



The Episode started with Durga practicing and she fell down. Bhagat came and said you got caught and she worried. He said you thought you won’t have a good diet and I won’t know it. She said no, I thought to do a routine exercises and then have food.

He took her and asked her to eat chicken, else her bag is ready, she can leave, she became tensed and went to her bag. He said all you know is dreaming big,but you can’t understand the hardwork to fulfill dreams. He asked her to have just her goals in mind, then she can achieve anything, this attitude won’t help her.

She said sorry, I don’t agree, this is our values, customs, I have no identity without this, you are my teacher, Guru is called Brahmadev, his duty is to show the path towards a bright future, I regret you did all the things to stop my progress, sorry.

there are many athletes who became champions without having non veg, I will also become one, thanks and she touched his feet. Chetan said there is a state race after 10 days, it’s not right to leave training. She thanked him for his support, but she can’t go against her values and she left.

Sanjay thanked Annapurna for everything. She said you are my son in-law, I did this being a mum, take care of Durga and yourself. Yashpal brought something. He asked Sanjay to take the shagun, as they can’t send him empty hand. Durga thinks what will I tell dad and Rajveer, I lost the training.

She saw a temple,she went there and prayed. She said how will I manage without a professional coach, I have to win anyhow, show me the way and she left. She helped a girl and the girl saw the pic fallen from her pocket, she gave to her and Durga thanked her.

Yashpal gave SP brick as shagun and they all became shocked. Yashpal said Sanjay’s parents just taught him wrong things, this nek has father’s blessings too, take this and Gayatri stopped Sanjay but Yashpal insisted.

Rajveer came to the academy and the Peon told him everything. He said Bhagat crossed hid limits today, he asked her to have non veg or leave, Durga took her bags and left. Rajveer said how will she win the race.

Durga looked at Jassi’s pic. She took a pic and zoomed in on it. She thinks she has seen that tattoo on Gayatri’s leg and she became shocked. She recalled Gayatri and said SP’s mom is Jassi, my mum in in-law.

Sanjay took the brick and said your daughter will get this nek too. Yashpal dropped the plate and told him that her name is Durga, she will not leave him if he does anything wrong. Rajveer saw Durga at the temple and he went to her. He asked her did she leave academy and she said I got Jassi.

Durga called Gayatri as Jassi. Gayatri asked why are you calling me Jassi. Durga asked why did you get scared.


The Episode started with Durga saying I got Jassi. He asked what, who is she. She said she was in front of us, she changed her name, she was a champion, a record holder, she is none other than my Sasumaa, Gayatri. He asked what. Neelkant was on a call. He asked what, Durga left the academy, brilliant. Gayatri asked really.

Neelkant said yes. She said it’s good new, I can’t see her becoming a champion. He asked what will we do if she comes back home. She said no, it’s just 10 days left for race. He said great, you have good knowledge about running. Rajveer said she doesn’t seem to have knowledge, are you sure. Durga said yes and he said unbelievable.

Gayatri said I have to keep a control on Durga, now the game will change. Rajveer said now the game will change, it’s time to expose their true face to the media. Durga said no, I want to teach them a lesson, but not this way. He asked then how will you do this. She said she is my Saas, it’s my Dharm to protect her respect.

Gayatri said Durga shouldn’t get any trainer, I am taking Sanjay to the hospital now. Rajveer said I know it’s your Dharm, but she always hurts you. She said she is my family now. He asked what do you want to do. She told him her plan and she became shocked.

He said it’s a big risk, I hope your decision is not wrong. She said Gayatri was a big athlete, she is still remembered in the academy, I will teach her humanity, I have to revive her sportsman spirit, maybe she changes, she wanted to ruin me, maybe she makes my career.

I will make her a good person, she will give me victory in the race, I will give her a victory in life. He asked her to think again. She said I have to tell dad that I left the academy, he will be much angry, but we don’t have to say this. He said you are putting everything at stake but she was determined and they left.

Sanjay and Gayatri were on the way. She asked him not to worry, she did all arrangements to control Durga. Yashpal asked what are you saying, I had so many hopes, how can you leave the academy. He asked Rajveer did you not explain to Durga and he worried.

Durga said I don’t regret leaving the academy, how could I eat chicken by going against your values, nothing is important than your teachings. He said I understand, who will give you training. Rajveer said don’t worry. Bhagat’s training was not good, he breaks down athlete’s courage, it’s bad for their self confidence, I didn’t find her decision wrong.

She said don’t worry, I will take training from Rajveer, he is the best coach for me. Rajveer said sure, I promise she will run in the states and nationals too. Yashpal said fine, just stay in this house, training can happen well.

Durga said no, I will stay in SP’s house, it’s my Sasural, don’t worry for my training, I promise nothing can happen. He asked her to think again, she hugged him and Rajveer signalled her.

Gayatri gave instructions to Anjana. She said Sanjay will come home from the hospital and she left. Anjana said she didn’t give me a chance to tell her about the storm waiting inside. Gayatrii became shocked seeing a video playing on the screen.

Durga told her about Jassi, who was going to make a big name, she completed the race and made a record. Gayatri became shocked seeing Durga. She said you…. who gave you permission to come here, get out of here. Durga asked why, because I got your past memories, Jassi ji. Gayatri became shocked and scolded her.

Durga said I was telling you a story about Jassi, I didn’t call you Jassi, why did you get scared, as it’s your story. Gayatri said I don’t know this story. Durga showed the tattoo on her feet. Gayatri asked her to stop it, it’s the time when Sanjay was born. Durga caught her lie. She then showed the old pic and asked do you remember this pic. Gayatri became shocked…Read more

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