Durga’s Special Training Begins. 🔥 My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 19 January 2022: Episode 122-123


The Episode started with Durga saying I have to save Amrita from Madhav. Shri called her innocent and asked her to go home. Durga thinks to have an icecream and recalled Rajveer’s words. She thinks it’s sugar water, I can have ice gola and run to the bus stop. She collided with Kuljit, Kuljit placed the icecreams down and run away. Durga picked the icecreams and run after her.

Madhav said it’s a special day today. Amrita asked why. He thinks to tell her something important. He said I will tell you. She thinks what’s special today. He asked her to come. Durga gave the icecreams to Kuljit and asked why did you come running here. Kuljit asked why will I have icecream, you know runners can’t have icecreams, you want me to change my diet and lose. Durga asked why are you lying, I have seen you having icecream, have it, he is your dad, why will he scold you. Kuljit said you are lying. Kuljit’s dad scolded Durga and threw the icecream away. He said tell you coach my daughter you will lose you, all these plannings will be ruined. Durga said she is lying. He asked how dare you call her a liar, she can never lie, go from here and Durga left.

Durga said Kuljit is a liar like Sanjay, Kuljit’s dad is strange, I will see this later, I will see Madhav first. Madhav and Amrita were at the exhibition. He smiled seeing her and took a ring. Durga said I have to go to the exhibition, I won’t let the rent be less. The man liked the painting and asked it’s price. Madhav said 2000rs, it’s a special painting. Amrita said 2000rs is much. The man said get this painting packed, it’s a beautiful painting, I haven’t seen such Rasleela of Radha Krishna till now. Madhav said she made this painting. The man payed the money and she thanked him. Madhav got the painting packed and Amrita thanked Madhav. Madhav said this happened because of your talents, I am just a medium to make you reach your destination and they had tea. A cloth fell over them and they looked at each other.

Madhav said I had to tell you something. She asked what is it. Durga reached there and looked on. Madhav said I wanted to tell you something and did not get a chance, today it’s the right time. Amrita asked him to keep the money in his pocket first, if she loses, it will be a problem. Durga came, took the money and the ring fell.

Durga asked Madhav why is he taking money from Amrita, I came here to save Amrita from a clever fox, he wants to make the rent amount less. Madhav looked for the ring. Amrita said Madhav always paid rent, why will he do this. Durga said she wants to skip rent for a year, he is trapping you. Madhav got the ring box and placed it in his pocket. Amrita asked Durga didn’t she go to school. Durga said school is over. Madhav asked them to stop it and come.

Amrita told Yashpal that she earned money by her paintings and gave money to him. Durga asked him to keep it fast. Annapurna thanked Madhav for giving such good chance to Amrita. Madhav said I value art, Amrita is talented, I am just encouraging her talent. Sheela said maybe someone known bought painting to raise her confidence. Madhav said no, they did not know Amrita, they saw the painting and bought it. Yashpal asked Sheela why is she thinking this. He praised Amrita that she is self made and doesn’t need anyone’s support. Amrita took everyone’s blessings.

Aarti told Kuljit about Durga’s strengths. She said we both want the same thing, that Durga gets out of the race, else your Papa will not forgive you. Kuljit got in her words. Aarti said I will help you in making Durga lose and they joined hands.

Yashpal became dizzy and fell down. Bantu was shocked and shouted to call everyone. Annapurna asked Yashpal what happened to him. Sheela got water and asked shall I call the doctor. He said no need, I can’t take leave, exams started, I have to go and he left. Annapurna worried. Shri acted like Rajveer. Rajveer saw them and thinks they are having fun doing my mimicry. He clapped for Shri and said thanks for the great idea, Durga has to race with me. Durga said no, I can’t. He asked her to try. He asked Shri to see Durga doesn’t cheat. Durga and Rajveer raced.

Madhav said no manager took this risk before. Sanjay troubled Durga and got an idea to make her lose. Rajveer trained Durga and she saw Kuljit.


The Episode started with Madhav saying we will organize a cultural program. The man asked are you sure, no manager has taken such risk. Madhav said I know, it’s a big commitment, but it will be good for our emporium and village. The man thanked him and left. Amrita thinks how will Madhav do this. She asked Madhav how will he manage in less time. Madhav said you just see.

Sanjay saw Durga. Durga soiled a plant. Sanjay said I have fool proof way to make Durga lose, I will flash this mirror on Durga’s eyes, she will lose focus and lose the race. Teacher told everyone that Durga has nicely planted the small plant. Sanjay flashed mirror on Durga. It got flashed on Aarti and Aarti poured water around.

Madhav went to do the arrangements for Krishna Rasleela. Amrita asked him did he get Krishna and Radha. He said you don’t know anything about me, I have an important role for you, would you like to do. She said yes, but which role. He asked her to be patient, he will tell her during rehearsals. She said you wanted to ask me something, before Durga came. He held the ring box and said I don’t remember. He thinks to tell her. He said Durga is naughty, she thinks I want to save room rent. She said she thinks a lot for me, did you just had to say this. He said no, I wanted to say… and he forwarded his hand. She got a call and went to attend the call. He said the Lord is testing me and he smiled seeing Amrita.

Rajveer asked Durga to do it faster, put your knees up, look at me and do. Aarti showed Kuljit Durga’s special training. Kuljit noted down some things. Durga saw Kuljit and asked what is she spying on her. Kuljit pushed her and run and Aarti looked on.

Durga met her friends and Yashpal collided with Durga. Yashpal asked her what was she talking, is she hiding something. She said no. He got dizzy and dropped the vegetables bag and fell down. Durga and her friends were shocked and they took Yashpal home. The Doctor checked Yashpal and said he got dengue. They all worried. Doctor said I took blood sample for testing, the reports will come by tomorrow, get the medicines, he needs bed rest. Dadi sat by Yashpal’s side while Annapurna cried. They asked him to rest. Brij said the doctor said you need rest, I will go to the school tomorrow and explain to the principal. Madhav came and asked how is uncle. Brij said he is unwell.

Madhav said don’t worry, I got papaya leaves medicines, his health will be fine soon, my friend has dengue and took this medicine, he got fine soon, give this to uncle and Amrita smiled. Sanjay flashed mirror on Durga. She placed her bag in front of her eyes and everyone laughed.

The teacher came there. She was troubled by the mirror flash and fell in Rajveer’s arms. Madhav said we are organizing a cultural program and will have Rasleela play, you all understood right. The girl said you look handsome. Amrita came and heard them. Madhav thanked the girls and said we will talk about work. He said meet her, she is Amrita, she is a talented artist, she works in emporium. The girl asked him to come and have lunch with her. He said not now, there is much work, I made list with everyone’s names and roles. He told the girls their roles. He said Krishna’s role is left.

The english Teacher smiled seeing Rajveer while the students laughed. Rajveer said you would have fallen down. She said I know, you saved me, how cute and she dropped the book. They sat to pick it and stroke heads and the students looked on. Madhav gave Krishna’s role to a girl. He asked the girls to take props according to their roles. Amrita got upset. She thinks he did not tell me my role. Rajveer said sorry. The teacher asked were you staring at her. He made excuse and everyone smiled.

Rajveer trained Durga. Kuljit saw them. Madhav danced with the girls. Amrita became jealous. Durga’s friends told her about new peon’s interviews going on to replace Yashpal and she became shocked…..Read more

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