My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 2 February 2022: Episode 142-143



The Episode started with the maths teacher blessing Durga and saying she has opened his eyes. He said Rana is right, a person can earn a name by talent other than studies and gave the sports kit to Durga for her race.

The English teacher explained to Durga that knee guards are important for her. She wished Durga all the best. Durga said but I can’t take this. Teacher asked why. Durga said my dad is coming, if you give this to me in front of him, we will be glad. Teacher said so cute, is your family coming along. Durga said no, my dad is coming, I want a pass for him. Teacher said of course.

Teacher told Yashpal to come to school for some work on 14th. Yashpal said I took leave for 14th, I have to go Bhiwani, I have to buy a gift for my daughter. Teacher said it’s fine. Yashpal thinks to buy a ticket by saying anything to Durga. Sheela saw Dadi sleeping and ate some food by hiding and Shilpa helped her.

She thinks to go and see Madhav. Yashpal came home and called Annapurna. Sheela worried. Annapurna said Sheela is on a hunger strike, she said she will not have food till Madhav leaves and Yashpal called out Madhav.

Madhav said I am looking for a new place, give me 2 days, I will go. Yashpal said remember just 2 days and Madhav agreed. Sheela placed the food on the plate. Dadi felt hungry. Shilpa said mummy did not even drink water. Sheela thinks I am here and she is lying, we will be caught. Dadi saw Sheela coming and asked how did you come.

Sheela said I was here, maybe you did not see. Sheela said I can’t see Amrita’s life ruining, I will not have food till Madhav goes. He asked her to eat but Sheela said no, I will sit here. Dadi asked her to do anything she wants.

Durga saw the form and thinks of Yashpal. Yashpal smiled and thinks she will be glad when I buy a laptop for her. She saw him and she asked why, is there some work on 14th, take leave and come to my school, I have thought of something special. She thinks Rana gave me a good advice.

He asked what’s the special thing. She said you will realize your decision to send me to Bhiwani was the best one and he agreed. He thinks what will she show me. Subhadra thinks will Durga tell herself about the race, I have to do something.

Madhav told Dulaari that everyone agreed except Yashpal, there is a problem, Sheela wants to throw me out of the house, I have to convince her. Dulaari asked what problem she has. Madhav said I think Shilpa likes me, she wants me to marry Shilpa. She said but everyone agreed. He said this also matters, it’s tough to convince Yashpal, he hates me. He brought food and a note along.

Subhadra said if Durga tells Yashpal, my plan will fail, this time I will make her lose, he is working hard for her studies, if Yashpal sees this girl is not working hard in studies, his trust will break.

Durga met her friends. She said I did not call you here. Yashpal asked Durga to go to school. Durga thinks Yashpal will ask them about the special thing and she left. Yashpal made her friends sit and asked them about helping Durga, what’s the special thing. Durga signalled her friends not to tell him anything. They said, Durga did not tell us anything, did she tell you. Yashpal said no. Subhadra looked on and thinks Durga is hitting on her foot, I have tell this to someone.

Yashpal called Shri and asked her about Durga’s surprise. Shri did not tell him and recalled Durga calling her and asking her to hide the truth. Yashpal said no one knew, I have to go to her school and find out. Sheela acted troubled by hunger strike. Madhav said you made everyone sure that I am not a wrong person, then what did I do that you are doing this. Sheela burped and acted to get hiccups. She became worried seeing the incoming call.

Madhav got angry and said we have to do something, what will I do, my motive…. Yashpal read the newspaper but did not see Durga’s pic.


The Episode started with everyone giving honor to Durga. Durga smiled seeing her big life portrait. Everyone congratulated her and clapped for her. Amrita said we will find a way. Madhav said what will I do if there is no way, my motive…. Durga thinks who did all these good arrangements.

They asked her to cut the cake. Durga cuts the cake and was shocked seeing Sanjay. He offered her a piece of cake. Aarti smeared the cake on Durga’s face, scolded her and left. Sanjay asked Durga to have the flowers. She reminded him of the condition while she accepted the flowers and smiled.

Amrita asked what the motive. Madhav said to get you in my life and make you mine, I can’t live without you, I love you a lot. Amrita asked do you love me so much. Madhav said more than myself. Madhav thinks I hate you a lot. Sheela called Amrita.

She told Annapurna that Madhav is a nice guy, we will convince Yashpal. She fed sweets to Amrita and Madhav. She said I will also have sweets and break the fast. Shilpa thinks what happened to mum. Sheela fed sweets to Shilpa. Madhav messaged Dulaari that Sheela also agreed for the marriage alliance.

Yashpal thinks to go to Durga’s school and find out, I will buy the laptop after going there. He bought a newspaper and read but he did not see Durga’s pic. Shilpa met Dulaari and laughed. She said it’s good you called in the morning. Flashback showed Dulaari telling Sheela everything about Madhav’s plan to take revenge from Yashpal and Amrita.

Sheela became glad. Sheela asked who is Madhav. Dulaari said he is a nice guy, I made him mad, he is taking revenge for my insult, just help him in the marriage, then see the drama. Sheela agreed. She praised Dulaari. Subhadra came to Yashpal to talk.

She said Shri is good in studies, I was thinking to get her exam for scholarship, it’s on the 14th and she showed him the papers. He recalled Durga’s words. He thinks Durga wanted to tell this to me, great. Subhadra thinks Yashpal is thinking she is preparing for an exam, but she is preparing for a race, his hopes got high, when he sees she is running in a race, his hopes will break, then I will get peace.

Durga asked Sanjay to convince Aarti. Sanjay asked Aarti not to get angry and Aarti looked at Durga. Durga then signalled Sanjay. Sanjay and Durga tried to convince Aarti but only Aarti started beating him and the other boy got punched. They all danced around Aarti and Aarti smiled and Durga clapped. Aarti said I know you can’t do all this.

Durga signalled Sanjay not to say anything. Sanjay said Durga did this. Aarti became angry and said Durga gave you a condition that you become friends with me, I will become friends with you only when you are more friends with Durga. Aarti and Durga left.

Subhadra and Yashpal came home. She asked everyone what’s the problem. Dadi said nothing, come here and sit. Sheela said there is nothing to worry, tell him. Yashpal asked them what’s the matter. Annapurna said we all feel Madhav is right for Amrita and he was shocked.

Teacher told Durga about a scholarship exam. Rajveer also told her about the state championship. Yashpal went to ask about Madhav. The man told him about Madhav’s relatives in Alekhpura village and Yashpal became shocked…Read more

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