Durga Feels Pressure To Run Again. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 2 March 2022: Episode 181-182



The Episode started with Sheela scolding Durga. She said everyone thinks just for Durga, not Bantu, why shall we bear all this, Bantu’s state is this because of Durga, she is a stain on this house. Yashpal shouted enough, Durga will get this black color by her hands.

till she tells us that she will run, I will not stop this diya from blowing off, if the house division is important, then let it happen. Brij asked him not to come in Sheela’s words. Yashpal said no, everyone is doing as they want, I will get the house papers and end this matter. Sheela said it’s good if the wall is build today itself and Dadi cried.

Yashpal went to get the papers. Durga asked him not to do this and stop the division. He asked why, if you don’t listen to me, this division will happen and he went downstairs. He asked the men to make a wall in the middle of the house and the house got divided. Durga said don’t make the wall, please. Durga asked Annapurna to tell them not to do this. She said I can’t run, you know me but Yashpal did not agree. Sheela chose her side of the house and Brij became angry.

Yashpal asked the man to make the high wall. Brij asked him not to do this. Yashpal said I am obeying your wife and everyone cried. Yashpal asked Brij to go to his side. The men made a line and started building the wall and everyone looked on. Sheela, Shilpa and Bantu smiled.

Durga asked Annapurna to do something. Annapurna got a hammer, broke the wall and everyone became shocked. She said no division will happen in this house, Durga will leave her stubbornness, she made a big mistake to bear injustice, she did wrong to be silent and bear wrong blames.

She asked Durga to fulfill her dreams, don’t give a place to their thinking in your heart, else this thing will go on, society has insulted us, they called your dad a cheater, they raised finger at your upbringing, I will not be quiet, our house is getting divided, we have just lost, we did not get anything, you have to break your silence and earn respect back, till you get the respect back, I will not wear pallu on my head and Durga cried.

Annapurna said I will always remind you what happened with us, our inner pain is still the same. Yashpal cried and said none will stop Annapurna and saluted her. Brij said Durga see your mum and dad’s unity, what is Yashpal asking, you can return our lost respect back, everyone called you village’s stain, just do what Yashpal said.

Sanjay stopped Durga and tried to defame her and she slapped him.


The Episode started with Brij asking Durga to think once. Durga left crying and recalled all what happened with her in the past. She saw her sports shoe and recalled the ban. She thinks of Annapurna’s words and cried. Yashpal said I will go to Durga. Annapurna stopped him and smiled and said I did ever think that you are so strong.

She said I did this for you, I know how you wanted to make Durga’s fear go away, you did a father’s duty and I have just done this. He said there is much pain behind Durga’s smile, we have to get her anger out, she will have courage seeing your courage, mum is children’s strength, my Durga will not stop you, you did great things today.

In the morning, Sanjay saw the students cheering for the union leader Sam. Sam came to Sanjay and said three days more and then elections, I did not see Durga going anywhere, you just let me become the college president, then see how I make you all dance.

Sanjay asked did you say something, I don’t have a habit of hearing nonsense, next time think of better pravachan. Sam laughed and said I will see you. Aarti said the real problem is that Durga, did you think about her. Sanjay smiled and asked shall we lock Durga. Aarti asked what and he left.

Durga was in the ladies washroom. Sanjay came there and shuts the door. She asked what are you doing in the girls washroom, are you mad, go from here. He said I don’t go anywhere without any motive, you called me here, I got emotional from childhood friendship. She asked what nonsense, I am going and he stopped her. She said this joke is not good, shall I leave for my class. He asked her to go or move. He held her and smiled.

A girl asked to open the door and Durga became worried. Aarti asked what happened. She recalled Sanjay’s words and said open the door. Sanjay said do something to move me. Durga said you are mad, leave me. Aarti said I think we should call someone for help. Sanjay asked are you liking me getting close, won’t you do anything to move me away.

Durga started to sneeze. He then left her and went back. She asked did you get afraid of a sneeze and she left. Sanjay spoiled his hair and removed his jacket off shoulder. He thinks did she think I just did this to tease her. He came out wearing his jacket and calling her out.

Aarti asked what were you doing in the girls washroom. Sanjay said you act straight, this cheap things won’t work on me, don’t try on me. Durga asked what. Aarti asked Sanjay what does he mean. He said what shall I tell now, she is afraid that I will make her out of college so she tried to seduce me and they all got shocked.

Sanjay said she was trying to trap me with her sweets words, I will not come in her words, I will bring her true face out and Durga angrily slapped him. Sanjay got angry. Amrita was praying when Shilpa saw her and taunted her for suhaagan puja. Sheela and Shilpa hurt her. Yashpal looked on and thinks Amrita heard people’s taunts and bear all this. Chandni and some other ladies came. Chandni asked about Annapurna without pallu and everyone looked on.

Principal came and asked what’s happening and asked everyone to leave. Principal scolded Durga and Sanjay. Durga said Sanjay locked me, he came into the girls washroom, I did not do anything. Sanjay asked how can I do this, she called me asking for help and locked me, she is doing this to defame me.

Durga said he is lying and wants to defame me, he wants me to leave the college, but I will not do this and they argued. Principal said shut up both of you, if I get another complain, it will be your last day and he left. Durga and Sanjay got angry and pointed fingers at each other.

Dadi stopped Annapurna from going to the temple. Sanjay said you will be out of this college in the next 24 hours, I just hate you Durga.

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