My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 22 June 2022: Episode 335-336



The Episode started with Sanjay scolding Gayatri. He asked how can you do this, I am ashamed to be your son, I used to respect you so much, stay away from me, I can’t call you my mum and she looked at Durga. He said I hate you and threw things and started throwing and burning the things. She cried and woke up from sleep. Durga came to Sanjay and cleaned his face.

She said you have threatened Gayatri to speak the truth. He thinks to start his drama, else she will doubt. He asked her is she day dreaming, why will he threaten his mum, she is the best mum, what happened, is she hiding anything.

He cleaned his face and asked are you hiding anything from me. She said no, why do you think so. He said but I have hidden something from you. She thinks finally, you are saying it yourself.

He thinks to divert her and hold her close and they hugged. She thinks to find out about his disease. He also thinks, you and mum’s truth will be in front of me tomorrow. Gayatri looked at the room and thinks of her past.

She said Sanjay will hate me, I can’t bear the hatred. She thinks of Durga’s words. Sanjay then messaged Gayatri from Durga’s phone. Gayatri read, meet me tomorrow at 7, it’s time to keep second relation. Gayatri said fine, I will not move back, it’s time today, but when my time comes, you will regret a lot.

He took Gayatri’s phone and messaged Durga. Durga also read the message. She said Gayatri has messaged me for training and she smiled. Durga woke up early and left and Sanjay looked on. Gayatri then scolded her. Durga thinks what happened to her.

She asked Gayatri did she had bhaang, why is she talking strange things. Gayatri asked am I talking strange. Sanjay thinks they can know they didn’t call each other here. Gayatri said I don’t want to talk here, come with me and they left. Sanjay thinks I will know who Jassi is.

Dadi said I will go to the temple and come and she left. Annapurna went to make breakfast and Yashpal showed the photo album to Umang. He said children grow up so soon. Brij said I used to take her for flying kites. Umang asked about his dad’s pic and they got shocked.

Dadi shouted to them and they rushed to go and see. Sanjay saw Durga and Gayatri and thinks what’s their second relation. Gayatri said I won’t bear anyone tolerating me, you will regret a lot, come on, we will keep the second relation. Durga said but you…

Gayatri said I am not your puppet, you know my secret, it doesn’t mean you repeat it. Sanjay said what secret are they talking about. Gayatri said we will start the work. Durga said I have reminded all that, as you forget everything, I had no intention to hurt you, Jassi is not less than a national champion.

Gayatri said I will be back. Sanjay said who is this Jassi, what secret is mum saying. He became shocked seeing Gayatri in a trainer’s avatar. He said how can this happen, mum is Jassi, if she is an athlete, why did she hide this secret, there is a big reason behind this, what can it be, I have to know the truth.

Sanjay told Gagan that Gayatri is training Durga. Gagan asked how can this happen. Sanjay showed the pic and said I think Durga’s sting operation wasn’t a lie. Durga said Sanjay is doing this drama to know the sting operation’s truth.


The Episode started with Sanjay searching Gayatri’s room. He found her medals, certificates and photo. He said my mum is really Jassi, the best athlete. He zoomed on the photo and said why did she hide this from the world.

He heard the car horn and left from Gayatri’s room. Gayatri and Durga came home. Anjana asked from where are they coming from together. Gayatri said I went to the temple, I met Durga on the way and got her home. Sanjay asked her where did she go. She said I had gone to the temple.

Yashpal and Brij brought Dadi home and made her sit. Annapurna asked what happened. The men brought Madhav home. The men said Dadi was about to meet with an accident, this man has saved her and got injured. Yashpal asked Brij to call the doctor fast and Brij called the doctor. The Doctor treated Dadi and Madhav. Doctor said he will get fine soon, just get the medicines for him. Umang asked who is he. Madhav became conscious and looked at Umang. Yashpal asked him to take rest.

Madhav said it was my duty to save your mum, I will leave now. Yashpal said no, you can’t go, you did a big favor for us. Umang asked Madhav to stay back. Madhav agreed and thinks to take Umang with him soon. He didn’t let Brij remove his glasses. He lied that he had gotten eyes operation done, he will get an allergy if he removes the glasses.

Sanjay told Gagan that Gayatri had trained Durga, how can this happen, she is an athlete. Gagan said she is related to a royal family. Sanjay said no, her other name is Jassi and showed him the pic. Gagan became shocked. He asked why will mum hide this. Sanjay said I don’t understand this, she has hidden her identity from all of us, till I don’t get to the roots of the matter, I won’t sit back, this is the truth, I have seen the medals

I feel Durga’s sting operation has connection with this and Gayatri called them and they left. Durga looked on and said Sanjay is doing this drama to know the truth of the sting operation, I won’t let him find her past, I won’t let a mum fall in his son’s eyes. She promised that Sanjay won’t know anything. Gayatri checked her cupboard and worried.

Sanjay said I have to go to that academy and know mum’s truth. Durga learnt the truth there. Gayatri said Durga would have taken my photo and shouted Durga and she came. Gayatri asked whom did you show my photo to. Durga said I didn’t take it, Sanjay has the photo and Gayatri became shocked. Durga said I heard Sanjay, he saw you training me. Gayatri asked what do you mean.

he learnt I am an athlete, no, this should have not happened, I have hidden the truth from anyone, you took revenge from me and she cried. Durga said no, I promise Sanjay won’t know anything, I accepted you all by heart, I will not let your respect get ruined. Gayatri asked what will you do to stop him, I know him well, he is determined. Durga said I will stop him and he called Kaka.

Yashpal asked Brij about sardar ji’s stay. Brij said I did all the arrangements. They were telling everything to Amrita while Madhav looked on. He called someone and said I found a way to stay here, I will get my son soon and removed his fake getup.

Sanjay went to the academy. Durga was in disguise of a guard and came to him.