Durga Goes To College. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 23 February 2022: Episode 171-172




The Episode started with Durga saying I will not run. Yashpal asked why, won’t you take revenge for the stain you got, I am always with you, you don’t need to get scared, shut their mouths. She said I will not run, end this.

He said I felt you will get your lost respect and pride back. People mocked at them. Durga became angry and took a stick, asking them to come ahead and talk now. She asked how can they insult Yashpal, they should be ashamed and asked them to leave.

Chandni said maybe she forgot her status. She has gotten her mum insulted last time, and this time her dad will be insulted, maybe she has forgotten what happened 5 years back. Durga asked them to leave. The people passed taunts and left. Durga recalled all what happened and cried.

She went out and saw the bad remarks on the wall. She said my family had to bear insults, village’s dreams were incomplete, I promised I won’t do anything that my family has to bear anything again and she went to cook. Sheela and Brij woke up. Durga asked Annapurna to let her make morning tea. She asked her to smile a bit and Yashpal woke up. Durga got tea for him.

She stayed annoyed and asked him why did he invite the villagers. He said I have been waiting since 5 years, we did not talk about anything till now, I could not wait. She asked him why did he not ask her first. He said you run and win the race, then everyone’s mouth will get shut, I knew you will not listen to me, I thought you will listen to me if I say it in front of everyone.

She said I am your daughter, will I come under anyone’s pressure. She asked him to have tea. He said I am not like you to get angry at tea. She asked him to drop the matter. He said I am serious, you know why I was calm till now, it was the calmness before a big storm, this is necessary to clear the stain, why don’t you understand. She asked him to sit.

She said you can ask me anything, I will agree, not this. He asked anything, really. She said sure and he said fine, I will first think. She said fine, think till evening, I am going and she left.

He said she thinks she is smart, she doesn’t know me, I will get many ideas until evening, you see you will go away from stall and practice for the race. Durga went out. Bantu crossed in her way and taunted her for taking drugs but she stopped him.

She made him fall down and laughed. Sheela also fell down and scolded Bantu. Bantu said this cheater did all this and Sheela scolded Durga. Yashpal then looked on while Durga helped Sheela. She said Bantu was worrying for me, so I was helping her, don’t make me do anything that I don’t want to do.

Yashpal came to Annapurna and said I got a way to make Durga run, I will tell you in the evening. Durga got her BA correspondence form from her friend. Her friends asked her to study in college, instead of studying at home.

He said it’s fun, college life is good. Durga said correspondence is the best, I won’t have to go anywhere, go now while she sold her vegs. Yashpal came and said I got clothes for you. He laughed and said I got form for you.

She said I filled the correspondence form. He said my form is better, you said you will give me anything I ask, don’t refuse now, I want you to study from the regular college and tore her form. He asked her to forget what happened 5 years ago, you got scared of people’s taunts.


Prince was seen entering the college.


The Episode started with Yashpal talking to Durga. He said you are scared and locked yourself in this small world. He asked her friends if he is saying something wrong. He said Durga found a good way to come out of the house, but it’s time to face this world and he called her a coward.

She said I am not a coward and do what I say, I told you I will give you anything you ask, I will go to Bhiwani college. He said see she is promising in front of everyone. He thinks just this storm can give wind to this fire. Durga said no wind can affect this blown off fire.

In the morning, her friend said it’s Bhiwani’s best college, maybe you can get school friends. She said no, they were just to say, you both are my true friends, who always stand with me and they laughed. In the morning, Durga got ready and recalled Sanjay. Yashpal came and praised her. She asked him to trust her, she will face any problem, going to college on her own is a small thing and he blessed her.

Sanjay made an entry in the college and performed bike stunts. He called Aarti and asked where are you. Aarti came there and got down in her car. She said first day of college I was so excited. The college president saw them and said one who follows my rules stay here, outside vehicles are not allowed, follow senior’s rules. Sanjay said there are no rules for VIP. The guy asked did you buy the college before coming.

Sanjay said to his bike and did stunts and people clapped for him. Sanjay asked the guys to say his name, I am Sanjay Prince, Neelkant’s son, she is my friend Aarti. The guy said I will teach them a lesson. Aarti praised Sanjay. Sanjay said there is no one who will get into a fight with me. They became shocked seeing….a banner to welcome Durga.

Durga came and everyone called her a cheater but it was just her imagination. Durga encouraged herself. Sanjay also recalled the past. Durga recalled the bad time and shuts ears. She thinks someone has done a joke with me. She recalled Yashpal’s words and was encouraged. Aarti asked why is Durga coming here. Sanjay said I hate her name. She said I don’t think she will be here, don’t even bother.


Sanjay helped someone. Durga stood in the line and someone picked her id.