My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 23 March 2022: Episode 209-210


The Episode started with Sheela telling Bantu that she has fixed his alliance. Brij and Yashpal became shocked. Shilpa told about the good alliance and they all looked on. A man told Gayatri that he has left his men outside Yashpal’s house, they will be keeping an eye on Rajveer. Shilpa said the family will make Bantu and us rich.

Yashpal asked her to be quiet, how can any inspector do wrong work and Durga looked on. Gayatri said money is the weakness of poor people, throw some money, use this chance and enter their house to kill Rana. Shilpa asked Yashpal to be happy for Bantu. He said I am happy, but I don’t know why the inspector wants to get Bantu married to his daughter, he has no money.

Sheela said Brij has business and I am a panchayat member, maybe he thought to get profit from us, just be happy now, I have kept roka for tomorrow. Shilpa said it’s theme roka. Gayatri asked the men to kill Rana. Durga asked about the theme party. Shilpa told her about the dress codes and mask party. She asked Bantu to get ready soon and Yashpal said what’s all this.

Dadi said Sheela did everything, will she hear anyone now, she will make it a big issue. Sheela came to Brij and asked him to do the work for roka. Yashpal asked Brij to go. Durga asked them not to worry and went to the room, thinking SP came to surprise. She got a cat behind the curtain and talked to the cat as SP. Amrita came and asked what do you want the cat to say.

Durga said I felt SP will come, he told me his feelings, I refused, he got angry, I don’t want our friendship to break. Amrita asked are you sure you want this. Durga said yes and told everything that happened. She said SP is showing attitude and not even answering. Amrita said I have an idea. Durga said I can’t do this, what shall I do.

In the morning, Durga recalled Amrita’s words and went to Sanjay’s house. Sanjay was then dining with the family. Yashpal asked Rajveer where is he going. Rajveer said I have some important work, I was feeling strange sitting at home. Yashpal and Annapurna asked him not to go out, else Durga will be angry. Rajveer said I will try to end the work early and come back. Sheela said let him go, roka won’t stop without him.

Sanjay saw Durga talking to the guards and thinks she is here, she can’t live without me. The Guard called SP. SP thinks I will send you back to make you as this house’s bahu tomorrow. Sanjay signalled his bhabhi to refuse and Bhabhi also made an excuse. Sanjay said I did arrangements for my guest, can you come out.

Shilpa and Sheela decided on the dresses. Dadi asked will you ask me to wear this in such an age, roka is an auspicious day, you want me to wear black clothes. Sheela said wear it, it’s sent by love, don’t refuse. Dadi asked her to leave her.

Sheela said what will happen when they come here. Durga thinks I agreed to Amrita and came here. Sanjay took a disguise and came out. He recalled asking bhabhi to stop Gayatri from coming out. He asked Durga what work she has with SP. Bhabhi stopped Gayatri with an excuse.

SP said so it’s about heart. Durga said no. SP asked don’t you tell the truth, or did you come to sell something. Durga said no, I am telling the truth, SP is my friend. He laughed and said no, no girl came to meet SP, if you can’t wait, tell me, I will tell SP. She said I came to give him an invitation to my brother’s roka.

He thinks when will you give me a love invitation. She asked will you tell SP. He said he will come. She said call him, I want to invite him. He said he went out, I will make your lovely invitation reach him, do you have any other work. She said no. Bhabhi gave prasad to Gayatri and Gayatri left. Sanjay asked Durga to go. Durga doubted and turned to SP.

Gayatri and Neelkant talked about Rana. She boasted of herself and said Rana will die today.


The Episode started with Durga asking how did you know my name. Sanjay said the watchman told me on the intercom. She left and he danced. Gayatri and Neelkant came there and asked Sanjay what’s this disguise. Sanjay lied about a fancy dress competition and she wished him all the best. She told Neelkant that Rana will leave the work today. Sanjay said Durga will tell her feelings to me today.

Durga came to the function and thinks to get everyone’s entries and she called Yashpal. He came and asked her to see his clothes. She said you are looking very good. She called Annapurnna. Annapurna felt shy and stumbled. Durga said you look very pretty. She then called Rana Sir.

Yashpal asked why are you calling him, he is not at home. She said he is not even answering, why did you let him go, did he go to drink wine, no and she prayed. Dadi came and said what is all this, black color clothes on such a special occasion and Durga complimented her.

Brij and Sheela came. Sheela complimented Dadi and said it’s good there is no Dada or girl, else they can take you. Dadi asked her to control her tongue. Sheela said it’s my son’s roka. Brij complimented Yashpal and they hugged. Shilpa came and asked how do I look. Dadi said you have worn short clothes. Sheela complimented Shilpa. Bantu came and Shilpa’s husband also came.

She asked him to wear the suit right. Durga waited for Sanjay’s reply. Brij asked where are the Samdhis. The girl and her family came. Sheela introduced their family and Rajveer came home. Durga said I was so worried for you and the goons looked at him. Rajveer said I went to get a gift for your brother.

Durga said how sweet. He asked her to give it to him. The Roka rasam was done. Goons kept an eye on Rajveer. Sheela told them that they will dance now. Everyone wore masked and danced. Durga thinks SP has come and went to Rajveer. She was shocked seeing him. The Goons kept an eye on Rajveer. Sanjay came to the party and held Durga. She sensed him but he went away.

Sanjay smiled seeing her. She looked for him. Sanjay then came to her and they danced in imagination. She said maybe it’s a dream. Sanjay held her hand and said you are my dream and I am your reality, it’s me SP. She removed his mask and saw him. She then took him out.

She asked why did you not meet me knowing I wanted to take you. He said I know everything how you got restless to talk to me, you came home with an excuse to give Bantu’s invitation card, I have seen you. She asked why did you not meet me then.

He said yes, like you have sensed me without seeing me, impressive. She said fine, you know everything, why did you make me wait, don’t you have a heart. He said I have a heart, but I wanted to see if you have a heart, if you have, then can you hear your heart, now I understood you listen to heart but doesn’t want to understand, try to understand.

Sanjay said I won’t stop you, go Durga and the lights fell on them. The Goons fixed the current in shagun plate and sent Rajveer to get it.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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