My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 27 April 2022: Episode 256-257


The Episode started with Rajveer telling Durga and Yashpal that they had hidden the mobile, it was important for him to hide the mobile and noted somewhere, he has seen a box and kalash, he placed the mobile in it. Yashpal said if we get it, we can prove Durga’s innocence.

Rajveer said I knew Neelkant will never look for the evidence in his own house, he has added drugs to the jalebis, but SP got it to the temple, it means you had it because of him. She said no, he can’t do this.

He said remember he got against you without any proof. She said he can’t do this, I told him about you, he would have told his dad, my heart doesn’t agree, he behaves childish, he is not bad at heart, he can’t plan, he did that because of Aarti. He said Aarti is still part of his life. She said Aarti can’t convince him to do this.

Yashpal said I agree, Aarti, Neelkant and Gayatri are the culprits, what shall we do now. Durga said we have to get the box and proof from SP’s house. Rajveer said yes, come with you. She said no, you can’t go there. He said I can’t sit quiet till I prove your innocent. Yashpal said one small mistake will make your sacrifice go to waste, let us be patient.

Durga thinks of Sanjay. She said I can take his help, I have to tell him about his family. Yashpal came and said no, you won’t tell him. She said I trust him. He said if he goes and asked his dad, what if his dad knows Rajveer is alive, Rajveer’s life will fall in danger, be patient,he agreed and he left. She thinks if I tell SP about his family without proof, he won’t believe me. Rajveer sat recalling the past. He said I have to do something, I have to end this problem.

Rajveer went to Neelkant’s house. He saw Neelkant leaving and Sanjay saw him. Rajveer said I am feeling dizzy. Sanjay took him inside the house. Durga was looking for Rajveer and got a note. She showed it to Yashpal and read… I am going to get justice for Durga, I will end this, I am taking yashpal’s phone. Durga said we have to stop him. Rajveer asked for water and Sanjay went to get it. Rajveer called Durga.

She asked where are you. He said I am in Sanjay’s house, keep Neelkant and Gayatri busy at the hospital, I will get enough time to find the chest. Durga said Rana Sir is trying to find the chest, we have to stop SP’s parents. They went to the hospital and saw Neelkant and Gayatri leaving. She saw a patient and got an idea. She asked Yashpal to come.

Rajveer thinks to check Neelkant’s room. He praised the furniture and asked Sanjay about the old decor. Sanjay said everything got changed now. Rajveer asked did old things get thrown away? Sanjay said no, it’s all kept in the storeroom. Rajveer thinks to go to the storeroom.

He said I have to go the washroom and Sanjay guided him. Yashpal acted like a patient and praised Gayatri and called her Maa. Durga also came in disguise to stop them. Rajveer looked for the box. He checked for the kalash but didn’t get it. He thinks I failed to prove Durga innocent.

Aarti came and saw Rajveer. Gayatri said we should go home now, Aarti would be coming.


The Episode started with Durga saying we have to stop them here till Rajveer finds the evidence. She requested Gayatri to become part of puja. Gayatri thinks to agree to act good and she did the aarti. Rajveer said I have to find the kalash.

Sanjay said you here, do you want something. Rajveer said I was just seeing the beautiful antiques and Aarti came. Rajveer turned to her and she became shocked and thinks he is alive….

Yashpal said your puja should be done. He did Gayatri’s aarti. She said enough, give it to me and placed the aarti plate. She said Aarti would be coming, we should go. Yashpal wished Durga reached on time and got Rajveer out of Gayatri’s house and they left.

Aarti asked how is he alive. Sanjay said someone else died that day, thank God he got saved, She asked how do you know, where was he. He said he was with Durga. She thinks he would have told everything to Durga. She asked where is Durga. He said he got ill while having fresh air outside, I got him. He asked Rajveer does he need anything. She thinks they are planning something.

She said I am glad seeing you alive. Rajveer said likewise I am also glad. She asked him not to go out. She said I will call the doctor and Sanjay agreed. She thinks I won’t let you go. Sanjay asked Aarti to call the doctor. She went and was shocked seeing Durga at the door.

Durga thinks Aarti got to know about Rajveer, I have to take him, his life is important than evidence. She thanked Sanjay for taking care of him. Aarti thinks to stop them. Durga got Yashpal’s call and said yes, we are coming. Rajveer saw the kalash and asked Sanjay about it. Sanjay said it’s my Nani’s ashes, no idea why mum didn’t immerse it.

Rajveer asked shall I go Mata rani darshan. Sanjay said sure. Rajveer went and got the phone and letter from the kalash. Durga asked Aarti about her engagement date. Aarti said it’s soon, we will invite you. She showed the ring and made her upset. Sanjay looked at Durga. Rajveer took laddoo and said Durga, Mata Rani gave blessings, come now and Durga smiled.

They became shocked seeing Neelkant and Gayatri coming. Neelkant said I am glad seeing you here, we just came, you are going. Durga said he is unwell. Neelkant said then he will take his last breath in this house, he will be taken good care of here. Sanjay asked Rajveer to take rest. Neelkant called Rajveer. He asked them to have something.

Yashpal waited for Rajveer and Durga. Neelkant said Durga is clever, she has won. Aarti said the game is not over, I will win, I have you and SP with me. Rajveer got his kerchief and saw the phone falling and he picked it. Neelkant saw him keeping something in pocket.

He thinks he is hiding something. He asked Rajveer and Durga to go if they want. Gayatri and Aarti became shocked. Sanjay said I will drop you out. Durga said no thanks, we will go and they left. Gayatri asked why did you let them go. Neelkant said Rajveer was hiding something, I have let him free to get him captive again.

Neelkant said I looking for the looking for the proof everywhere, you have hidden it in my house. Rajveer beats goons. Neelkant aimed gun at Durga and asked Rajveer to give him the phone.

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