My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 27 October 2021 On Adom Tv: Episode 3-4


My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 27 October 2021 On Adom Tv Episode 3 started with Shri scolding Shilpa for showing Durga’s result to Yashpal when he was angry. Shilpa said what wrong did I do to show the result, she would have gotten beaten anytime by her low marks. Amrita said leave it, Durga stop crying now.

Dadi said such good proposal came home, and they agreed also, what else does Yashpal want, about money, Brij and Subhadra will give him money, Yashpal you have to do daughter’s bidaai.

Subhadra said school’s trustee is known to me, I will get Durga admitted into the school. Dadi said she can learn kitchen work from Subhadra too. Yashpal agreed and said Durga will study too, being with Shri. Dadi said it will be good if Durga goes with Subhadra.

Durga told Amrita that maths looks tough to her. Amrita said you will understand maths if you work hard. Shilpa argued with Amrita, Shri and Durga. Brij’s wife told Yashpal that if Durga does not study, she can learn cooking, she will get a good proposal.

Yashpal said I want her to study so that she becomes a big officer, not to find a good proposal for her. She said Durga is a girl, she should be able to know house work, even if she gets good marks in Bhiwani, do you have money to educate her further.

Yashpal said I did not have money to educate Brij and Subhadra, but I managed by my courage. Brij’s wife Sheela argued. Yashpal told Dadi that he decided that Durga will go to Bhiwani and study. Durga’s mum cried. Dadi said Durga can learn few things from Subhadra, let her go.

Amrita pacified Durga and asked her not to cry, everyone changes thier minds after their anger gets calm. The cousin said nothing will change, Dadi also agreed along Yashpal, Durga was going and she cried.

Yashpal could not sleep and went to see Durga. He sat by her side, while she was sleeping and he cried and he left. It’s morning, Durga sat studying. Amrita took care of Yashpal and asked him how will we manage by sending both his daughters away.

He said I was helpless I could not educate you, but sometimes tough decisions are taken for bright future, let Durga go, her future will get good, it’s winter, wear warm clothes, if you catch cold, how will I make you sit in doli. Amrita smiled and left. Durga saw them and sat studying aloud. Yashpal saw Durga and left.

Durga’s mum asked Durga to have food. She asked where is dad. Her mum said he has gone to school. Durga said how did he leave me and go. She run and saw Yashpal on the way. She apologized and asked him to talk to her. He asked why shall I talk to you.

She said I really tried. He called her a liar and said if you really tried hard, you would have not gotten 2 marks out of 100. She run to school, while he rides his cycle. They got to the school.

Durga said this time I will work hard and get good marks in maths, I will never lose, just last time, give me a chance, don’t send me to Bhiwani, please.

Yashpal said no, you have to go, I can’t cheat myself again and again,when you go to a big city school, you can study well, I am removing your name from the school today. She said but… He went on and she cried.

Sheela was angry and asked Shilpa to shut the door. She gave bread and butter to Subhadra. She said you are taking problem along, not Durga. Brij asked what are you saying Sheela. Sheela said you are becoming Sheela in brother and Bhabhi’s love, you don’t see any problem. She gave breakfast to them.

She complained about Yashpal and his wife. Subhadra looked on. Brij got disappointed hearing Sheela. Brij went out of the room and saw Yashpal’s wife. She stopped him and said it’s fine, have tiffin. He felt bad, took the tiffin and he left.

Durga stood in assembly prayers. She talked to her friends. Her friends signalled and asked what happened to you Durga. Durga signalled them to see their dad. She sang and said I am leaving the village. The boy asked what, where are you going. She said I am going to Bhiwani forever.

The boy asked will your maths become strong if you go there, don’t go, I wish Durga’s dad could not the meet principal. The other boy said why did you say this, now Durga’s dad will meet the principal and remove her name. The teacher asked all the kids to go to their classes. The principal called out Yashpal. Durga looked on. Yashpal went to the principal.

Durga recalled Yashpal’s words. The principal said come with me, we have to go to the head office and they left. Durga becameworried and called out Yashpal. She said dad will remove my name surely.

Durga talked to Devi Maa. Pandit smiled hearing her innocent talk. Sheela asked Yashpal to divide the house. Durga went to meet her friends.


The Episode started with Durga going to the temple and talking to Lord Hanuman. She talked innocently and asked the Lord not to send her to Bhiwani, else he will be doing wrong. Pandit heard her and smiled. He asked her to do puja, as her problem was very big. Durga wrote letter to Hanuman, asking him to do anything, she did not want to go to Bhiwani.

She gave him favorite chocolates and said save me, don’t let me go to Bhiwani. Pandit said world gives sweets, you got toffees. She said if I give sweets, Hanuman ji will not remember what prasad I got. He said Hanuman ji will be glad and fulfill your wish. She asked really. He said yes, take prasad before going and she left.

Shilpa and a guy plan and teased an uncle. The guy said you made my coin fall down. Shilpa acted and asked uncle to give 5rs to the guy. The man agreed to give 5rs. Durga came and stopped the man. She said I will find their 5rs coin, wait.

She showed the bottle cap to the man and said this is their 5rs coin, they were fooling you, they do this every day. The man asked how do you know. Durga said they are my brother and sister, I know them well. He said strange kids, and left. Shilpa scolded Durga.

Durga said I returned your favor. Shilpa pulled her ears and hair. Durga defended. Yashpal came and scolded Durga for fighting with her elder sister. Her cousin complained about Durga. Both the cousins acted and blame Durga for doing fraud and taking money from strangers.

Shilpa asked Yashpal to send Durga to Bhiwani. Durga said they are lying, they do theft and blamed me. Yashpal said Durga can lie, but she can never do theft. Sheela argued with Yashpal and asked till when will he support Durga. He said I will support her till she is right, Durga is my belief, she is my pride.

Sheela said sorry, make her pagdi and wear her on the head if she is your pride. Sheela asked Dadi to divide the house, I am fed up of every day fights. Dadi asked Sheela to stop the argument, when there are two stoves at home, the peace of the house burns first.

Dadi became sad and talked to her husband. She told Yashpal’s sacrifices for the family, and now Sheela is asking for house division instead of thanking him, if division happens, Yashpal will get less food in the plate, before I die, Yashpal’s life should get set, once his daughters get married, he will not bow down head in front of anyone and she cried.

Durga’s friends played and missed Durga. A boy talked to his dad by signs. He became sad and said just Durga would understand his signs. They think what will happen when Durya goes. Shri asked Yashpal where is Durga. Durga’s mum said she is doing her homework, she will come.

Durga saw the family dining and stayed away. Subhadra made face seeing the simple food. Shri praised the food. Subhadra asked her to eat from her plate too. Yashpal asked what happened. Subhadra said I had food in the market when I went for shopping this afternoon, I will have food later.

Durga thinks did dad remove my name from the school, why is no one asking me. She signalled her mum to ask. Her mum asked Yashpal did he talk to the principal to remove Durga’s name. Yashpal recalled and said I could not talk, principal got a call and I did not get chance again.

Durga thanked the Lord. Durga’s mum said I think Durga did not eat any food till now, she is studying a lot since yesterday. Yashpal asked her to let Durga study.

Durga’s friends stayed sad, while song a played on the radio. Durga came there and they became glad seeing her. Her friend gave her snacks and apologized. She ate the snacks. He asked what happened, you are not happy after having snacks. She said dad will get my name removed tomorrow.

She said dad said right, studies are necessary, he should also understand, maths is everyone’s enemy, I am leaving my village because of maths. His friend said we could not play ludo without you.

She said you all can’t do anything without me, Hanuman ji saved me today, but tomorrow dad will remove my name, do something so that I don’t need to go Bhiwani.

Durga tried to convince Yashpal. She asked her friends to come fast and stop Yashpal. Durga tried to convince the teacher and held his feet. He asked her to move back.


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