My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 29 December 2021: Episode 92-93



The Episode started with Durga complaining to the principal and Rajveer about Sanjay and Aarti playing with her shoe as football, how will I run in the race now. Rajveer said Durga can’t run in the race without shoes. The Principal said the school will sponsor new shows for Durga. He punished Sanjay and Aarti and left them with a warning. Durga thanked him and got new shoes. She wore the shoes and came to show it to Sanjay and Aarti. They became angry. Rajveer said wow, it’s great, be careful, sometimes new shoes bite. She said I won’t move back, I will get good marks for my dad. She missed him. Rajveer asked her to talk to Durga. Durga thanked him and left.

She called Yashpal and talked to Annapurna. He asked how are they all, it’s been many days, Yashpal is angry with me, he doesn’t talk to me, I have hurt him a lot, and my marks… Annapurna said no, he wanted to meet you and stopped himself so that you focus on studies, he misses you a lot. Yashpal came and heard them. He thinks I can make my heart strong, but I can’t punish a mum by keeping Durga away. Annapurna said I bought a gift for you as you passed with good marks, I will give it to you when we meet and Durga was shocked. Annapurna asked her to take care and ended the call. Durga said I will tell the truth to dad and she went to the bus station and asked a man to make her reach home, she will pay for the ticket later. The man said no, this can’t happen. She run on the road and tried to take lift. She saw a police car and asked them to stop.

Yashpal talked to Brij about Durga. He saw the police cars coming. He said Brij you see one day my Durga will come as a govt officer car then I will open the car door by my hands and proudly salute her, I will say she is my Durga. Durga got down the car. Yashpal and Brij was shocked seeing her. A lady minister got down the car and praised Durga in front of Yashpal. She said, she told me everything how you wanted to educate her and she left. Yashpal hugged Durga and asked how did you come in madam’s car, you came here alone. Durga says yes and she hugged Brij.

She says I was missing dad so I came here. He recalled Subhadra’s words and thinks she was right, she left studies and came here. He called Subhadra and said Durga came to me here, she came in madam’s car, don’t worry, she is a kid, she wanted to come. Subhadra worried and said if Durga tells everyone that I made her do all the work, I will lose my free maid. Her husband asked her to have shame, she acted sweet but he scolded her. He said Yashpal wanted his daughter to become a govt officer, you are making her a maid and he left. She says I should worry, That Durga doesn’t do anything there.

Amrita came home and asked everyone to come. She said I got my first salary, so I got gifts for you all. She gifted all of them and took blessing. Durga came home and they all were shocked. Annapurna and Amrita hugged her. Durga said I don’t want to talk to you. Amrita asked why.

Durga said you lied to dad. Durga thinks Madhav is a thief and beats him up. Amrita stopped Durga.


The Episode started with Amrita hugging Durga. Durga hugged everyone and said she is fine. She asked about the gift. Dadi said Amrita got gifts for everyone, from her first salary. Amrita gave her first salary to Yashpal and Yashpal blessed her. Amrita gave gifts to everyone. Brij said it’s double happiness today. Shilpa asked how did Durga come. Brij said from Bhiwani. Yashpal said she was missing us and came here, don’t know about her studies. Durga thinks to tell Yashpal and went to him. He stopped her and asked her to have food, talk tomorrow. Durga said I am annoyed with you, I won’t talk to you, you did not tell Yashpal, come with me.

Everyone liked the gifts and smiled. Durga asked Amrita why did you not tell Yashpal. Yashpal said I am happy seeing Durga, she passed with good marks, she is working hard, I have bad luck, I can’t even bless her. Amrita says dad is happy, how could I break his heart, I saw him happy after much time. He said I am much happy seeing Durga, you don’t know when she got down the govt officer car, I thought she has become SP, I saluted her and I am waiting for this to turn true, I have to be strict towards her, she should not lose focus, I have to see this, she can’t come here along whenever she wants.

Durga said I came to tell him the truth. Amrita said Yashpal distributed sweets to everyone that you passed, he is happy even today, tell him the truth and break his heart if you want. He said I was worried for Amrita always, see she is getting independent. Durga said dad would be proud of you, I also want to make him proud. Amrita said he is happy for you, he loves you a lot and explained to Durga. She gifted her some money. Durga said no, you keep it. Amrita said you may need it and they went to Yashpal.

Yashpal said Durga got good marks, she made me happy. Durga and Amrita came and looked on. Yashpal hugged them. Amrita saw a Lord idol and said this is for Madhav, I will give it to him. Billu asked Sheela to give him money. Sheela refused and went home. Billu said you did not do right, no one gets saved by cheating me. Amrita saw Billu and said how did he know my house address. Billu said less money was paid to me, that girl slapped me and broke my hand, this was not in the contract, I will take money from you and he left. She looked on shocked and said he came after that person who promised to give him money for teasing us. She recalled Madhav and said maybe he did this to become hero in my eyes, I will tell this to everyone. Brij told Madhav about Yashpal, he took Durga to a shop, he was saying he won’t talk to her. Annapurna gave tea to Madhav. Amrita saw Madhav with everyone. Madhav said I will leave for the office now.

Amrita stopped Madhav and said thanks for doing all this for us that day, I got this idol. He asked her to give it to him. She said no, you don’t deserve this gift, you broke our emotions, you can act in front of family, I know the truth, you gave money to the goons to get sympathy from my family. He said enough, I will not agree to you, if you think I did wrong, get proof, then I will agree. She said I will get proof. He said great. She slipped and he held her and she looked at him.

It’s night, Amrita made a painting and saw Madhav going to make tea. Durga came there to Amrita and asked her why is she angry. Amrita said it’s nothing. Durga saw her painting and complimented her. Durga saw Madhav outside and said he looks like a thief. She went with a blanket and threw it on him and beats up Madhav. Amrita stopped Durga and said he is not thief, he is our tenant. Durga asked what and threw a stick. Madhav said you both are great, one has bitter tongue and other has thorns in the hand. Durga asked him not to say anything to Amrita. Amrita thinks he deserves beating. Madhav said I have a habit to have tea at night. Durga asked him to change his habit. Madhav said maybe Amrita gave you training, if you have served me today, can I make tea. Durga said no. Amrita took her and left. Madhav said she is a toofan mail.

Amrita thinks I will meet the goons and get proof against you. Madhav thinks to meet the goons and get proof to shut Amrita’s mouth. Durga placed a note for Yashpal and tried leaving the house.