Durga’s Marriage To SP Risk Troubles. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 4 May 2022: Episode 266-267


The Episode started with Durga saying I can do anything for you all. Rajveer said it’s suicide, there is still time, break this bond. She said no, I was raised by my parents’s value, I respect marriage, this mangalsutra will get away when I die. Sanjay held her hand and said Durga trusted our relation, I will never break her trust, it’s my promise.

Annapurna asked him not to let them down. He said trust me, mum word matters a lot to me. Durga asked her not to worry, she will stay happy. Sanjay said Durga is my wife now, I want your blessings.

Neelkant and Gayatri came home. Their son asked did Sanjay and Durga got married but Gayatri doesn’t answer. Dadi blessed Durga and Sanjay and hugged Durga. She asked Sanjay to keep Durga happy. She said it’s destiny, everything will happen well. Yashpal sat crying. Dadi asked him to do his duty.

Sanjay went out and Durga went to Yashpal. She reminded him of old times when she asked him why dad cries on daughter’s marriage, what he answered, that when girls go away, house gets lonely and he nodded. She reminded him of his words. He said I remember, you have proved to be dutiful, you are not less than any guy for me, you will make any house shine.

Yashpal blessed her, everyone then hugged Durga and blessed her and they got her to Sanjay. Yashpal said your family hates her, they can do anything bad to her, don’t let the trust break and blessed them. He asked them to make a new start. Sanjay and Durga left in the car and everyone cried. Sanjay held Durga’s hand. He called Neelkant and said we will be coming in some time, ask mum to do the preparations.

He said whatever will happen now will be right. She thanked him and said you just be the same. He said I will never change for you. They got home and saw people playing dhol. Anjana and her husband hugged them. Neelkant got the garlands. Durga thinks did Neelkant accept me as bahu. Sanjay and Durga exchanged garlandsl and she thinks is this a dream or truth.

Gayatri said so you married her and got her home. She asked Durga to come in. Sanjay pushed her and said you have done a big mistake by marrying me.


The Episode started with Anjana calling Gayatri. Gayatri came and did the aarti of Sanjay and Durga. She asked them to come in. Durga thinks how did everything change here. Gayatri said you married her and got her home and Durga looked at Sanjay. Sanjay and everyone smiled.

Gayatri asked Durga to fulfill first rasam, make the kalash fall and come in. Durga hits the kalash and became shocked seeing the glass pieces. She asked Sanjay to see. Sanjay pushed her inside the house and her feet started bleeding. She then fell at Gayatri’s feet.

Sanjay said you are my wife now, he laughed and asked Gayatri to see. Gayatri said you are not understanding what’s happening. Sanjay said I will explain, you have done the biggest mistake of your life, I did the same with you, I fooled you, you cheated and insulted my mum, so I cheated you and married you, you lied to everyone about my mum.

He told her what happened at his house. Flashback showed Sanjay asking Gayatri to answer him. Neelkant lied to him. Gayatri went to her room. She poured kerosene in the room and they all asked her to stop. Gayatri lights the matchstick and ignited the fire. Sanjay and everyone saved her.

Neelkant said the truth is Durga framed us, she was not blaming us in the video, why would we accept, she made a fake video, she said something else to us and made us say all this, she wanted to become bahu, so Gayatri asked her not to race again, she didn’t wish our bahu to do any work. He said she has placed all blame on us.

Sanjay said she can’t do this. Neelkant asked why did she not come to you, why did she go to do press conference, she knew you will ask for proof, she can’t prove herself innocent and showed the video to Sanjay. Neelkant said your mum is true, that girl is a liar. Sanjay stopped Gayatri. He said I will ruin Durga now.

Sanjay told her that she told him about the temple, he got her family kidnapped. He told his plan why the inspector didn’t help them. He said the goons were there by my plan, your smartness didn’t work here, you didn’t know I was taking revenge from you and Durga became shocked. Sanjay said I did all this to take revenge on you.

Yashpal said Durga went between enemies. Annapurna said Sanjay won’t let her get hurt. Sanjay hurts Durga and said I will make your life worse than hell.

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