My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 6 April 2022: Episode 229-230


The Episode started with Durga practicing and working hard. Anjana saw Sanjay getting ready and praised his jodi with Durga. He asked her to show Durga and his pic and she liked the pic. She sent him to change the dress and she took the pic and said now I will show mum what I am. Sanjay took phone and left. Anjana said mum will be happy. Durga got SP’s message and replied.

Yashpal showed her the fruits he has gotten for her health and Durga smiled and messaged SP. Yashpal said if Rana was fine, he would have taken care of you, there are few days left now. He asked her to focus on the race. She said I have heard you, I have to go to the district office, I will go and she left.

Gayatri planned to send a special lovely surprise to Durga and shock her family. Anjana made the surprise gifts ready. Aarti saw Durga and taunted her. They got the numbers and Durga smiled seeing the numbers. Durga and Sanjay taunted Aarti that Durga has made her lose in childhood as well. Sanjay held Durga’s hand and left.

Aarti became angry. Gayatri asked the manager to send these gifts to the right address, Durga made the mistake of loving my son, she should get the prize. Durga run and Sanjay came in her way. He said I have come prepared on skates, you run, I will run on skates and try to catch you, if I catch you…. She pushed him and asked him to catch her first.

The people got gifts for Durga. Shilpa checked all the gifts and told them about Durga’s lover sending gifts. Yashpal got angry at her. Sanjay joked. Durga said I love you, I won’t let anything happen to you. Yashpal said Sanjay is doing this, Durga is not involved, she didn’t hide anything from me. He scolded Shilpa and threw the gifts out. He asked her not to point fingers at his upbringing and Shilpa argued.

Sanjay said nothing will happen to me. Durga said till you and my family are mine, I can fight with the entire world. Yashpal said just Durga’s dreams are with her, she is working hard. Shilpa said yes, but she is very clever. He asked her to stop it.

He said Brij and I don’t have bad feelings, you and Durga are the same for us. Shilpa told him that Durga can’t be supported now. Gayatri told Anjana that poison should spread surely. Durga came home. She thinks what’s happening here.

Shilpa thinks to bring Durga’s true face out. She messaged Sanjay and called him to meet her. Sanjay came to meet Durga and Durga became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga thinking what happened at home. Yashpal recalled Shilpa promising him that she will prove Durga is having an affair with Sanjay. She taunted him to be scared that Durga’s real face will come out. Yashpal agreed and asked her to prove it.

He said Durga shouldn’t know anything, I don’t want her practice to get affected. Durga asked Yashpal is everything fine. He said yes, we were thinking you came late. She said I was submitting the papers, I will get ready for practice. He said I didn’t ask anything, I was just worried. Shilpa thinks to prove Durga’s affair and keeps an eye on her.

Gayatri talked to Gagan about meetings. Sanjay got Durga’s message. Gayatri thinks her plan is working and asked Sanjay to have icecream. Shilpa thinks to get Durga’s phone. Sanjay thinks how to talk to Durga. Gayatri asked what happened, is everything fine. He said no, I am not getting network. She thinks did anything happen by sending gifts for Durga.

Durga looked for food in the kitchen. Shilpa tried taking her food and got hurt. Sanjay left a message for Durga. Durga placed her phone on charge. Durga went to massage Dadi’s feet. Shilpa took the phone and checked for Sanjay’s number. She checked the message. She messaged Sanjay and deleted the message. Durga checked her phone and left. Sanjay said finally the network has come. He read the message, that family got to know everything about them and got annoyed, come and meet fast. He worried and run and Gayatri smiled.

Shilpa saw Durga exercising and waited for Sanjay. Sanjay came there and found the door locked. He thinks about going into her room and check. Shilpa sat waiting. Durga heard a sound and saw Sanjay climbing the pole. She asked him not to come, she will come and Shilpa fell asleep. Sanjay said I came here on your saying. Shilpa woke up and saw Durga gone and she looked for her. She saw Sanjay with Durga, and run to tell everyone.

Sanjay said you are scared, you would have made any other excuse to meet me. Durga said I didn’t message you. He said it was from your phone. Shilpa asked Brij to wake up, Durga is not in her room. Brik woke up Yashpal and they all got up. Durga said you just go, if anyone sees you, it will be a big problem. Sanjay held her hand and said if there is any problem, you and everyone looked on.

Brij scolded Sanjay. Durga defended Sanjay. She said Sanjay is more than a friend to me and Yashpal became angry.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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