My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 9 February 2022: Episode 152-153



The Episode started with Amrita telling Yashpal about Durga and Durga came there. Yashpal became angry seeing her and said no need to keep her study things, she ruined my dreams, I don’t want to keep anything now, she is mature and will see her future herself. He got angry and packed her bag. Annapurna asked him not to do this and stop it. Durga asked him to listen to her once but Yashpal threw the bag away.

Durga cried and said if my happiness snatched my dad’s happiness, I will not run, I will not step there till he ask me to run, I may sit at home, I will never run against his wish and Annapurna consoled her. Yashpal was ready for school. Subhadra read the news of Durga’s success and Dadi asked her to stop it.

Dadi asked Yashpal to eat food, Yashpal recalled Durga running and threw the food away and got out in anger. He said sports won’t help Durga and tore the newspaper. He said it’s a fame of few days, then it’s dark night. Durga’s friends and other people play dhol and came there.

They made Durga wear garlands and praised her chanting her name. Durga recalled Yashpal’s words and shouted on them, asking them to leave right away. Subhadra asked them to go, it’s a matter of shame, not celebrations. Annapurna saw Subhadra smiling and became shocked.

Subhadra said Yashpal and Durga’s relation is ending, don’t come back. Durga’s friend said you were supporting Durga that day when Sanjay came, did you do all this and Subhadra scolded him.

Annapurna said there is something I am not able to see. Sheela looked for Madhav’ documents while Durga cried and Amrita consoled her. Subhadra said I have to go to our in-laws, I will be leaving now. Durga was also ready for school. Sheela said I was putting clothes in Madhav’s room.

Amrita can manage it. Amrita agreed and took Durga, Sheela also left. Amrita took Madhav’s clothes and Dadi called her. She placed the clothes down and left. Everyone congratulated Durga and Rajveer looked on. Durga said I am not running in national level, my dad doesn’t want me to run and they all became shocked.

Amrita cleaned the room. Brij saw Madhav, Rishi and Dulaari’s pic. Shri took Annapurna to Rajveer.


The Episode started with Durga saying I will not run in the nationals as my dad doesn’t want this, he wants me to study well, I don’t want to do this against his wish. Rajveer and everyone became shocked.

Manohar told Annapurna that Durga always wanted to run, she will break down if she doesn’t run, she was much worried for Yashpal. Another friend said Durga did not wish to cheat Yashpal, she wrote a letter as well, so that Yashpal reads it and joins in her happiness, talk to Yashpal and explain to him, do something.

Brij and Yashpal made the guest list. Madhav came and greeted them. Dadi asked him about his relatives. Madhav saw the long guest list and asked will you call so many people. Dadi said yes. Madhav said why so much things, just call important people, like relatives and seniors in work, Amrita wants the marriage to be simple, I also want this, blessings are enough for us. Amrita went and placed his clothes down.

Rajveer showed Durga’s name in the newspaper and said few people get this chance, don’t be foolish to not run in the nationals, I will talk to your dad, he can beat me, what else, you can get your destination, I can tolerate this, but I can’t tolerate your talent to go waste.

She said dad wants me to study, my running in race snatched his peace. She cried and said I don’t want name and fame, I want my dad’s happiness and blessings, sorry to waste your time and she left. Aarti looked on and said now Durga won’t run in the nationals, I will run.

Amrita cleaned Madhav’s room and did not see the photo placed on the bed. His phone rang and she said I will give the phone to Madhav. Madhav said I will just go and invite people and Amrita camne to gave him the phone and he left. Sheela worried. Rajveer thinks of how to meet Yashpal and convince him.

Shri brought Annapurna to him. She said she is Durga’s mum and wanted to meet you. Rajveer asked how did you come. Annapurna said I don’t know anything, Yashpal manages everything, but it’s about Durga’s happiness, so I had to come here, I want to know how this started and when and he told him everything.

He asked Shri to get the race videos. He said I have seen Durga running after a kite in Barwara and started finding her, Durga has practiced well, but Yashpal’s love and her passion kept her moving, she has become q state champion, Lord has made her to run.

she started running knowing she will get grace marks and can fulfill Yashpal’s dreams, she was hurt when she ran for the first time, no one expected she will run, but she has won the race, she came here recently, see this hall of fame, Durga’s pic has come here, look, why is Yashpal not proud of her, she is very special and Annapurna looked at Durga’s pic.

Sheela asked Amrita did she put the clothes in Madhav’s room. Amria said yes. Sheela thinks how did Amrita not see the pic. Brij saw the pic in Madhav’s room and said Madhav is with Dulaari and Rishi and she became shocked. Rajveer showed the race videos to Annapurna and she saw Durga running.

Rajveer said Durga has worked much hard, she wanted her dad to see her winning, how people are seeing her respect and feel proud to say she is his daughter. Shri said you did not see her running, so you don’t know, when she runs, her eyes have glow, she has won much love and respect from everyone in less time and Annapurna looked on.

Rajveer said Durga refused to run on national level for Yashpal’s happiness, and he thinks Durga cheated him, she did not wish to hide anything, she was waiting for the right time and called him there and she became shocked.

He said when she runs, it feels she is talking to the air, she has peace and happiness on her face, why do you want to make that away from her, I respect Yashpal, he is getting her education done and making her fulfill dreams, give her freedom to her, else she will shatter and Annapurna cried.

Brij slapped Sheela and asked what’s in her heart. Amrita saw Madhav’s pic with Dulaari and Rishi and she became shocked. Annapurna told Durga that she is with her and Durga said I want my dad’s back.

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