My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 9 March 2022: Episode 189-190


The Episode started with Durga and Rajveer colliding. Aarti looked for Rajveer. Rajveer had the stopwatch in his hand. Durga walked ahead. She Said I felt like knowing that man. She recalled and thinks of the stopwatch. She recalled Rajveer and got shocked identifying her Rana Sir. She looked for Rajveer and prayed to find Rajveer.

She got the stopwatch fallen and said it means it was Rana Sir. Rajveer fell somewhere so Aarti couldn’t see him and she left in her car. She called Neelkant and said I looked everywhere, Rana Sir is not there.

He was shocked and Said don’t worry, how far will he go in such weak drunken state, I will send my men, they will catch him, don’t worry. He called his man and Said I want Rana alive or dead, find him. Durga looked for Rajveer.

She saw him sitting under the tree and went to him. She was shocked seeing his state. She Said Rana Sir….. Umang was sad and Yashpal talked to him. Umang Said I am waiting for my dad, he is going to come. Yashpal prayed for Umang’s wish to come true.

Durga got Rajveer home and Umang Said Papa has come. He saw Rajveer and went back. Yashpal thinks who is this with Durga. Durga then made Rajveer lie down. Sheela Said now beggars will be kept here, we should fix Dharamshala board outside.

Yashpal came and looked at Rajveer. He looked at Durga and Said Rana Sir. She nodded and they all became shocked. Sanjay recalled Durga’s words. Aarti came to him and thinks what to tell him. She Said I had to go for an important work, is it hurting a lot. He asked why did you do this. She thinks does he know where I went. She asked what.

He Said why did Durga save me, she did not think for herself and thought for me, why. She worried. She Said simple, this is the only way to change the game, you hate her and would made her out of college, so she did this drama to take your side.

Doctor checked Rajveer and told them about his weak mental state. He asked them to take care of Rajveer well and Durga felt sad. Sheela Said the man who can’t take care of himself, what will he train you and she laughed. Umang looked at Rajveer. Durga Said Rana Sir’s such state, he can’t do this with himself, how did he get into this state.

The men told Neelkant that they have seen Rajveer, he was asking for wine. Aarti asked did you see anyone taking him. The man Said there was a procession, he went there and the men left. Aarti Said if anyone gets Rana, our secret will be out, we need to do something fast and Neelkant worried.

The men laughed at Durga and taunted her and she threw the vegs at them. The man misbehaved with her. Sanjay came there and stopped the man. Durga became shocked seeing him.

Sanjay Said I got something for you, I can call you by your real name, Mrs cheater, you won’t come to the college from tomorrow, we will never meet.


The Episode started with the goon scolding Durga. Sanjay came and held the goon’s hand and beats the them. The goon held Durga and she became scared. Sanjay threw the goon away and they all ran away. People in the market looked on. Sanjay Said our scores are equal. You saved me yesterday and today I saved you, I came to give this money to you, wait I haven’t finish yet.

Now we are even, I can call you freely as Mrs Cheater. She Said you think I saved you for money, go to hell. He Said you go to hell as well, you won’t come to the college from tomorrow and they argued. He Said you can just do this, run this veg stall. He Said good bye Mrs Cheater and left.

Umang came to Rajveer and looked at him. Amrita saw Umang and thinks Umang is thinking this is his dad. Umang Said I will get water for Papa and ran. Dadi came and Said if you delay in telling him the truth, his heart will hurt, when he sees his dad is Rana Sir.

Amrita Said I tried to tell him the truth, seeing his happiness, I could not tell him. Dadi Said knowing the truth is important for him than raw happiness, family is with you to manage all this, you tell me will you talk to him or shall I talk. Amrita thinks Umang has the right to know the truth.

Durga came home and asked Yashpal has Rajveer gotten conscious. He Said no, doctor said he needs more time. She thinks how to tell him that SP got her out of the college. He asked her not to go to college, it doesn’t matter if she misses college one day, sit with Rana Sir, I will go.

She thinks to tell him the truth at the right time. Yashpal went to her room to get the prescription. He saw the letter and think what is it. He was shocked reading rustication letter. He Said Durga is removed from the college, how can this happen, she did not tell me. He thinks I won’t let injustice happen with Durga.

Sanjay and Sam contested in the college elections and they looked at each other. Sanjay Said Durga is out of the college, you are next. Sam clapped and Said don’t forget the college gate. Sanjay Said I don’t need to. Sam Said we will see and they went to give their votes. Sam thinks I will win. Sanjay thinks lets see, just wait and watch.

Yashpal came to the college and got a stick. He stopped Sanjay by throwing the stick. Sanjay asked who’s there, are you mad. Yashpal shouted stop, else I will hit you with the stick and Sanjay became shocked. Amrita Said I can’t lie more, Umang has the right to the know truth. Umang came and gave the get well soon card for his dad.

She Said Papa will be fine soon and hugged him. She thinks sorry, I feel lying is right in front of your happiness. Sanjay Said Durga’s dad. Yashpal Said yes, how dare you remove her from the college, I will not let injustice happen with her, she is trying to link with her life after 5 years, you know what you did with her.

Sanjay Said sorry, she did a mistake and got punished, she cheated every person who trusted her, she is a cheater. Yashpal Said stop it, else I will break your bones. Sanjay Said I am not young, don’t do this mistake, everyone knows this truth, else get proof that Durga never took drugs, what happened, don’t you have any proof, I have proof, there is someone who has seen Durga taking drugs. Yashpal Said it’s a lie. Sanjay Said fine, I will not see, I will just show you.

He asked a girl to tell Yashpal that she has seen Durga taking the drugs and the girl worried. Sanjay Said in fact you stopped Durga, but she always took drugs, she threatened you too, tell him, he has to know it. The girl lied that Durga took drugs. Yashpal Said you are a liar, Durga can’t do this ever. Sanjay Said it’s fine if you don’t want to believe it.

Durga cuts Rajveer’s hair. Gham musafir Yashpal asked the girl to tell in which hand Durga took the drugs and the girl worried. Sanjay asked the girl to answer, did she see Durga or not…Read more

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