My Desire 12 May 2023 Update On Friday

Revati follows Preesha to a cafe and wonders why she came there, according to the My Desire on Star Life update for Friday, May 12, 2023. Preesha asks the manager when she enters the cafe if anyone is waiting for her. Director focuses at a man. Preesha approaches the man and inquires whether he called her. She is taken aback when Armaan is revealed by the man. She tries to leave in rage. He demands her to pay attention to him once. She says she thought of him as a companion, yet he double-crossed her. While he is dying, he once requests that she listen to him. She ceases to hear that.

The GPS tries to call Preesha from a landline, but it can’t hear anyone coming. Armaan admits that he hurt Preesha because his love for her had become his obsession. He says that God gave him cancer as punishment for his sins, and that he only has a few months to live. Preesha inquires as to why he is explaining everything to her.

He claims that Anvi will be alone without him, so he expects her to care for her. He begs her to accept Anvi rather than retaliate against her for his error. She asks where Anvi is right now. He says she is in an inn and needed to take her consent prior to bringing her. She declares that she will care for Anvi. He promises to bring Anvi the following time.

Revati takes pictures of them, watches them from a distance, and then leaves. She asks her junior police officer to gather information about Armaan after she sends the picture to him. She is certain that she will discover a flaw in Preesha. Preesha considers illuminating about Armaan to Rudraksh. She is asked to assist Ruhi in getting ready for school. When Ruhi experiences cramps and screams in pain, Preesha tries to assist her in bathing.

When he hears her scream, Rudraksh rushes to her and orders her to lie down on the bed. Ruhi inquires about how she will get ready now. Rudraksh claims that because Preesha has fully trained him, he helps her get ready. He takes Ruhi to the washroom and assists her with preparing. The background music plays the title track of Serial.

Ruhi gives him a cheek kiss and declares that he is the best. She erroneously joins the laces of both shoes. She tumbles down and requests that he return the kiss as he is clueless and leaves the room. Preesha is about to tell Rudraksh about Armaan when Revati interrupts them, making Preesha laugh as she sees that. She says she had organized a vocalist for show, yet he ease off without a second to spare and subsequently she maintains that Rudra should sing at the show this evening. Rudra accepts, obtains Preesha’s consent, and heads out with Revati.

Revati is of the opinion that Preesha will not allow her to tell Rudraksh about Armaan. She reviews her lesser illuminating her Preesha and Armaan’s previous that they were living respectively without marriage, and so forth. After that, she intends to attack Preesha with Armaan.

On the other side, Revati’s assistants hear a phone ring and inquire about GPS. According to GPS, it must be external. They tell Revati about it. She informs them of the landline and requests that they disconnect it immediately.

Rudra calls Preesha to a Lamaze class and says they will figure out how to deal with pregnancy and child. Preesha says she is a specialist and knows all. He demands to learn all that and solicitations her to join the class for the good of he. She concurs. Instructor shows them breathing activities. He doesn’t do them right. He is asked to slow down by Preesha. He neglects to comprehend because of apprehension and leaves disappointment. She follows him around. He says he wants to assist her this time because he was unable to during Ruhi’s pregnancy to even tie her shoes. She teaches him proper breathing techniques and declares her love for him as he is.

After some time, Rudra takes Preesha out on the town and inquires as to whether its really heartfelt. She thinks it’s dull, and she knew he would agree. When they both get home, they discover beds in the living room. Sharda claims that Revati informed her that her room has bedbugs, so she is receiving pest control. Preesha believes that Revati is up to something when she notices that she is smirking. Preesha trips and falls on a wet floor. To save her time, Revati rushes and keeps a mattress under her. Rudra is grateful to Revati for saving Preesha and the baby. He is asked to take Preesha to the room to rest by Revati.

When they leave, Revati figures unfortunate Rudra doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that she preplanned all that to make Preesha fall and afterward saving her on time and preventing her from visiting the show. She has no idea what’s in store for Preesha and believes that she must be upset about the accident.

She persuades Rudra not to allow Preesha to attend the concert, claiming that the crowd would be unmanageable and that Preesha might be injured once more. Rudra assures her that Preesha will not attend the concert and thanks her for expressing concern for her.

He gets ready in the evening and asks Preesha not to go to the concert because there would be a lot of people there and she might feel uncomfortable. Preesha expresses her gratitude to him and notes that she was still exhausted. Preesha is questioned by Ruhi, Saransh, Sharda, and Revati as they enter the room. She says she wants to rest at home because she is tired.

Sharda says she’ll stay with Preesha, but Preesha tells her she can’t go. Family disperses. Preesha, according to Revati, will not rest now. Because Anvi saw Armaan coughing up blood and forced him to tell her the truth, he calls Preesha and asks her to come to the hotel. Preesha consents to his visit. Armaan frowns.

Revati acclaims Rudra’s presentation and says he performed well even after last moment readiness. Rudra makes the claim that he is always prepared and appears concerned. Revati asks why. Rudra says Preesha’s telephone isn’t reachable. Revati installs a tracker on Preesha’s phone out of concern for her and tells him not to be concerned. He thanks her once more. She determines that Preesha is at the Regency Hotel after checking her location.

Rudra asserts that it is impossible and investigates the location. Revati asks him to call Preesha and turn on the speaker to show her fictitious concern for her. He calls and it gets separated. Revati claims that Preesha has blocked his phone because she frequently handles cases of this nature. Rudra asserts that he does not know and ought to inquire of Preesha.

She insists on accompanying him and suggests that he go to the Regency Hotel to find out. He concurs. She recalls how she blocked Rudra’s phone number and installed a tracker app on Preesha’s phone.

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