My Desire 13 May 2023 Update On Saturday

My craving on star life Saturday 13 May 2023 update, Preesha visits Armaan’s lodging and gets some information about Anvi. Armaan reveals to her that Anvi slept through the night. resting on the bed. He says he couldn’t understand how to comfort Anvi when she started crying after hearing about his illness, and he apologises to her for calling at this time, which disturbed her. She tries to leave when he tightly hugs her and thanks her and says she will return when Anvi is awake. She asks him what’s going on with he.

Arman is embracing Preesha when Rudraksh reaches there with Revati. He indignantly beats Armaan for contacting his significant other Preesha. Revati recalls Rudra questioning the receptionist, who informed her that Preesha went to a room to meet a guest, giving the impression that she brought Rudra here on purpose.

Preesha asks Rudra in a flashback to leave Armaan because he is dying and she came here to meet him. Rudraksh reminds her of everything Armaan did to separate them and asks her how she can believe Armaan. He asserts that Armaan is deceiving her and stealing her trust. Armaan asserts that he is being honest. Before he lifts Preesha and takes her out, Rudraksh shouts at him to shut up and asks her to come out.

Armaan offers Preesha his apologies and claims that he was unaware that this would occur. Preesha sprints ahead of Rudra. Rudra continues his attempt to stifle his rage. Revati tells him that Preesha came here for some reason and asks him to relax. She is asked by Preesha not to interfere with the marriage. Preesha is asked by Rudraksh why she blocked his phone. She denies it and checks her phone, to discover that Rudra’s number has been blocked.

Rudra continues to fire at Preesha as she tries to speak, claiming that she always provokes him. He then says, “Let us go home and speak” when he sees people watching them. They get there. Sharda inquires of Rudra regarding his absence from the call and where he went following the concert.

She is asked to find out from Preesha herself by Rudra. Instead of letting Preesha rest at home, Sharda inquires about her whereabouts. According to Preesha, she went to meet Armaan. Sharda is stunned and asks reason. Preesha says Armaan is biting the dust. Rudra accuses Armaan of lying and inquires whether he showed Preesha any of his medical reports.

Preesha uncovers that he met her to give Anvi’s authority to her and asks him that how he figured out that she is that lodging. He tells her that Revati helped him by installing a tracker on her phone. Revati claims that Preesha was in her thoughts. Preesha slaps her on the tongue and claims that Revati has removed Rudraksh’s phone number from her phone. Revati asserts that she is misinterpreting her. Preesha says committed a major error by carrying Revati to Khurana manor. Rudraksh fights alongside Preesha while defending Revati.

Preesha asserts that he is unaware of the truth. Revati says she maintains that everybody should be blissful and subsequently will leave Khurana Manor. Preesha requests that she go then. Rudraksh says that Revati won’t leave and that he trusts her just as Preesha trusts Armaan. Revati continues to perform.

Revati is consoled by Sharda. Preesha enters her room on foot. Rudraksh strolls behind her. Preesha claims that all she wants is for him to hear her once. When the baby kicks her, she then feels pain. He requests that she chasten him again to feel the child’s kick. She does the same, and the infant kicks her stomach once more.

Revati is shocked to see Rudraksh and Preesha once more happy together the following morning. Preesha offers Revati an apology and explains that she reacted because of her mood swings. She explains how she and Rudraksh came to terms with their disagreement. Rudraksh claims that they are inseparable due to their mutual trust.

Revati is assured by Rudra that Preesha and he trust each other and can’t be apart. He asks her not to consider going out. Even if Preesha asks her to leave, Revati declares that she will not delay Preesha’s delivery. She gets enraged and figures she will push on Preesha’s feeble nerve and inconvenience GPS. GPS hiding makes landline calls to Preesha, connecting her incorrectly to a man named Rahul. He asks Rahul to tell Preesha that Revati has locked her up in a house and to use this landline number to find him. He provides Preesha’s phone number.

He gives Preesha a call and tells her about GPS’s kidnapping by Revati and the location he was able to follow through a landline number. Preesha is aware that it is Revati’s house, so she asks him to get there while she takes her family there to tell them that Revati kidnapped her father. He says he doesn’t mind telling the truth, but they should first tell the police. Preesha claims that the police won’t assist her because Revati is a police commissioner.

Rudraksh arrives at Preesha and says they are getting late for the class. She insists on accompanying him despite her assertion that they need to relocate. She hangs up after calling Sharda and asking her to bring Revati to her house. Revati is informed, and Sharda takes her along. Rudraksh and Preesha reach Revati’s house and attempt to open the door. Rudraksh inquires about why she brought him here.

Revati and Sharda follow next. Revati takes action, inquires about the situation, and, at Preesha’s insistence, opens the door. Preesha searches the house for his GPS but is unsuccessful. Revati is forced to open a locked storeroom when she notices it. She doesn’t find GPS even there and affirms that Revati she is certain that Revati kept GPS in the store room.

Sharda and Rudraksh stand in for Revati. Preesha orders Revati to the location where she changed the GPS. Preesha is dragged from there after Rudraksh tells her to stop the drama. Preesha’s remorse is expressed by Sharda to Revati. Preesha is warned by Rudraksh not to act strange while pregnant. Preesha GPS determined. Revati asks her that who told her that she hijacked GPS. She learns from Preesha that the GPS called Rahul and provided him with this location. She phoned Rahul. Rahul lies that GPS called him and informed that he is going to Madurai with his companion, Rahul’s dad. Preesha is shocked to see Rahul lying as well as to see him lie.

Rahul video calls his dad. GPS picks his call and says he is Madurai now and is fie. He detaches the call. Preesha is perplexed as to how GPS can be in Madurai and act as if nothing has occurred. Revati asks Preesha to have faith in her because she would never kidnap GPS. She informs Rudraksh that Preesha requires rest and that he ought to transport her home. Rudraksh makes an apology on behalf of Revati Preesha and then takes Preesha away.

Sharda strolls behind them. Revati chuckles with Rahul and says Preesha doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on with her. She gives Rahul praise and thanks. Rahul leaves.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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