My Desire 14 May 2023 Update On Sunday

My craving on star life Sunday 14 May 2023 update, Revati chuckles with Rahul and says Preesha doesn’t have any idea what’s going on with her. She gives Rahul praise and thanks. Rahul leaves. Revati recalls how she learned how to connect her phone to a landline using GPS and locate a landline.

She tells Rahul that GPS shouldn’t be aware that he is her assistant when she meets him. Rahul asks what he ought to do straightaway. She requests that he call Preesha and give her home area to him. Out of flashback, she thinks he dealt with one individual and presently ought to deal with another.

Preesha ponders that why GPs lied when he is still in Revati’s hold. Revati approaches her and informs her that she is aware that Preesha must be considering GPS. Preesha argues to save her dad. Revati explains that she shouldn’t have kept GPS alive, shows footage of bombs near GPS, and suggests that her one mistake could have led to her father’s death.

Preesha begs her to let GPS know where it is. Revati calls her assistants and tells them to turn off the GPS. Preesha panics upon hearing the explosion. Revati tells her that GPS is still alive and warns her that if she doesn’t listen, she will really blast GPS.

Preesha reaches the temple by walking in the rain. She asks God why she is going through bad things and Revati keeps winning. She argues God to save her family from Revati. Armaan arrives and inquires about her activities there at the moment. He offers his assistance and states that he cannot see her in this way. She says she doesn’t want his help and asks him not to get involved in her life. She then leaves.

Sharda hires Malti to care for Preesha the following morning, and Malti tells Preesha about it. Revati requests Preesha to sign the documents stating that Preesha will give her the child after delivery. If the latter does not have faith in her, Preesha asks her that. She hears from Revati that she has no faith in her at all. Preesha declines to sign the documents. She is asked by Revati to get ready to view Gopal’s decomposing body. The papers are signed by Preesha.

Preesha and Rudraksh have returned from lamaze classes. Sharda makes Preesha sit. Revati inquires about the class. Rudra claims to have struggled with comprehension, but Preesha supported him and required him to finish the class. Preesha believes that she won’t let Revati take their child because she believes Rudra will be a good father. The senior officer of Revati enters. The sight of him surprises Revati. He tells the constable to arrest Revati and says she shouldn’t have done that. Everybody stands stunned seeing that.

The senior officer who is arresting Revati claims that he was unaware that she could accomplish this. Revati asks how did she respond. He says she is discovered in the act while accepting kickbacks structure a finance manager. Revati says it can’t happen. He requests that she examine her bank account. She checks and finds 1 crore rupees in her account, declaring it a mistake. Digvijay walks in and claims that she bribed him. Revati claims to be unaware of his identity.

Khuranas are stunned to see him. Rudra asks what is he doing here and uncovers that he is Arman’s uncle and presently understood his scheme. Digvijay claims that he is no longer associated with Armaan and that his and Armaan’s businesses are now separate. He claims that he met Revati and offered her a one-crore payment in exchange for passing his consignment. The Commissioner shows a picture of them together.

Revati recalls Digvijay apologizing to her, bumping into her, and shaking her hand. She claims that he apologized after bumping into her. Digvijay asks then for what good reason is she grinning at him and shaking hands. Rudra asserts that Digvijay and his nephew are con artists.

Digvijay says Revati is a misrepresentation all things being equal. Senior declares that he is correct and departs with Revati in custody. Rudra is begged to save Revati. Police follow Rudra. Revati argues that she is honest. Rudra says he is certain Armaan is behind this and promises to get her out as soon as possible.

Digvijay is asked by Preesha if Armaan is behind this. Digvijay asks her to go with him to the store to find out the truth. She leaves with him and asks once more in the event that Armaan did this to trap Revati in a pay off case. Armaan enters and acknowledges that he carried out all of this. Preesha inquires as to why he did that. He says Revati accomplished such a great deal amiss with her, reviewing every one of the violations, why she is supporting Revati.

Preesha asks how can she know to such an extent. In order to keep an eye on Preesha and her family, Armaan recalls sending his assistant Malati to serve as the Khurana family maid. Malati records a video where Revati powers Preesha to sign a few reports and sends it to Armaan. After watching the video, Armaan thinks he should get Revati out of Khurana’s house so Preesha doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Preesha inquires once more about Armaan’s knowledge of her. He says he can’t uncover his source and says he is doing it for himself as he believes that her should deal with Anvi after his passing. Preesha says even Digvijay can deal with Anvi. Digvijay says that he can’t stay with Anvi for long, so he wants Preesha to look after her. Armaan leaves saying now Revati won’t inconvenience her.

Preesha thinks however Revati fouled up, even Arman is correct. She waits for Rudra to tell him the truth about Revati. Rudra is back at home. Preesha declares her desire to inform him about Revati. Revati strolls in all at once. Preesha is stunned and asks how could she be back here. Rudra claims that Revati was saved.

He remembers meeting Revati at the police station and telling her that the DIG had told her she needed to deposit one crore rupees in order to get a bail. Revati cries that she is sincere, that the police used her as an example of honesty, that she would never accept a bribe, and that someone is trying to trap her, among other things. Rudra says Armaan is behind this. Revati inquires about her plan to arrange one crore rupees.

Rudra declares that he will bail her out for one crore rupees. Revati declines his assistance because she cannot repay his one crore rupees. Rudra asserts that it is nothing compared to what she has done for Preesha and her child. Preesha asks Rudra in a flashback whether he is crazy for wasting one crore rupees on the criminal woman. She is told by Rudra to stop.

Preesha hits Revati with her tongue to get her to stop the drama, takes Rudra to the room, and asks him how he can help the wrong woman. Rudra fights alongside Revati and supports her. Preesha asserts that Revati did a lot and accepted bribes from Digvijay, that Armaan is unaware of Revati, and so forth. Rudra says she canont trust Armaan and inquires as to why Arman believes that her should deal with Anvi. Preesha says Armaan feels that no one but she can deal with Anvi after his passing.

Their debate goes on. Preesha decides not to allow Revati to remain in her home any longer. Revati refuses to leave her crib, which she has changed, and attempts to sleep on the couch, Rudra challenges her. She inquires as to his motivation. He says that he doesn’t want to argue right now and that they can talk about it when they’re calm in the morning. Preesha sleeps sadly in the bed. The background music plays the title track of Serial.

Revati believes that she informed Preesha that one day Rudra would trust her more than Preesha, that she would soon take Preesha’s child, and that Rudra would hate her.

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