My Desire 20 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Armaan takes Preesha and Pihu to an ice cream parlor in the Saturday, May 20, 2023, update to My Desire on Star Life. Along with Roohi, Rudra also visits the same parlor. When Armaan sees Rudra, he becomes tensed and thinks he needs to get Preesha out of there before Rudra sees her.

He apologizes to Preesha after dumping ice cream on her. She says that’s fine and suggests that he buy her another ice cream. He says she can accept his frozen yogurt as the need might arise to return soon as he has a client meeting.

She hurries them into her car and drives away. The handkerchief worn by Preesha drops. Roohi sees Preesha’s bandanna there. She thinks that her mother was definitely present and calls Preesha for weaving P on her kerchief.

Rudra arrives with ice cream and inquires if anyone is looking for her. Roohi says she shouldn’t illuminate him about mamma’s handkerchief and says she really wants to get back as she is feeling lethargic. He drives her back to her house and tells her she can have ice cream in the car.

Roohi cries as she examines the handkerchief at home. Saransh observes that and inquires as to why she is crying. Roohi reveals that in Te Palor she discovered her mother’s handkerchief. He wonders how it could be hers. Roohi shows the wound around letters on her and Preesha’s hankies and says mamma used to make them.

He feels energized and says let us and proceed to check at the shops around the frozen yogurt parlor. She says they should go tomorrow because it is late. He inquires as to whether they ought to illuminate Rudra. She says they shouldn’t until they affirm it was mamma. He suggests that they go after school in that case.

At the school, harmful smoke rises up out of science lab after off-base synthetic response and understudies come out hacking. Pihu observes the students and inquires about what took place. She’s explained by one of them. After Vidyuth, who comes out coughing, collapses. He is revived by Pihu.

The video is created by his classmates. Vidyuth reveals with a grin that he took vengeance on her for tampering with him. Pihu claims that she assisted him. Vidyuth is confronted by Raj for his heinous act. Pihu asks Raj not to appear to be supporting her and instead to back Vidyuth’s weak act.

Vidyuth asks students if they recorded the video and states that the cheap act will be seen by the entire world. Yes, they all nod. After slapping him, Pihu asks the students if they even recorded that and shows both videos. She cautions Vidyuth to whine against him to the head. Raj apologizes on Vidyuth’s behalf and begs her not to file a complaint against his brother. Pihu says that even he is now being scanned, and he leaves.

Saransh asks the driver to take them to an ice cream shop after school. Pihu asks god to provide them some insight about mamma. The two of them arrive at parlor and showing Preesha’s photograph questions its proprietor assuming he saw this lady.

Proprietor says he gets numerous clients everyday and doesn’t recollect that anybody’s face. Vidyuth asks his classmates to make Pihu’s kissing video the only one that goes viral. Raj claims that Pihu performed CPR on him to save his life, so he shouldn’t disparage her. He is advised by Vidyuth to avoid it and let him handle it.

Rudra receives a call from the principal, who sends him video and tells him about the incident. Vidyuth is back at home. Vidyuth asks him to stay out of it and let him handle the situation. Rudra scolds him for his heinous act and says the girl complained to the principal, who called him to the office at 11 p.m.

Rudra asks by making the girl feel even worse about herself. He also says that he won’t let anyone disrespect a woman and that he expects everyone to respect women. He asks Vidyuth to go with him tomorrow and makes an apology to the girl. Pihu tells Preesha about the incident, and tomorrow at 11 p.m., the principal will call Vidyuth and his family. Preesha promises to go with her to find out who the boy is.

Roohi and Saransh question different shops and seeing a CCTV camera demands showing them the footage proprietor. The owner says no and pushes them away. They both beg for assistance in locating their mother. He concurs and shows them video.

Roohi argues the retailer to show them the CCTV film and assist them with finding their mom who is absent since 1 year. The proprietor of the shop concurs and shows them the video. Saransh inquires as to whether she is certain that she got mamma’s bandanna as mamma shouldn’t be visible in this video.

Roohi claims to be certain. She sees Preesha in a vehicle, requests that retailer zoom in the video and shows Preesha to Saransh. Preesha makes Saransh happy. Roohi inquires about the driver and her mother. Saransh says he doesn’t know and writes down the car’s number, promising to contact the owner to find out where Mama is. They thank the retailer and rush towards home to figure out vehicle proprietor on the web.

Preesha tells Armaan that she will be going to Pihu’s college tomorrow to file a complaint with the principal about a boy who acted inappropriately toward Pihu. Armaan inquires about the youth. Vidyuth, Pihu asserts. Preesha claims that the principal will contact the boy and his parent tomorrow at 11 a.m. Armaan assures Pihu that he will take care of the boy and promises to accompany them tomorrow. He believes he should prevent Rudra from seeing Preesha.

Saransh with Roohi gets back and by means of online figures out that the vehicle has a place with Capola Inn. They both go to the Capola Hotel and inquire about the guest who used the car from the receptionist. The receptionist says that because so many guests use different cars at different times, they don’t keep records.

In the event that Preesha is staying at that hotel, they both wait in the lobby for her to come down. They are caught by the receptionist, who tells the guards to release them. Both of them run away. Rudra tells Sharda that the driver informed him that they have arrived at the Capola Hotel because he is worried about them. They both come back. Rudra inquires as to why they had gone to Capola Lodging.

Saransh claims that he does not have the right to question him because, as he stated in front of his mother one year ago, he does not consider him to be his own son. Sharda requests that he act with his dad. When Rudra walks away to his room, Saransh claims that he does not consider Rudra to be his father.

Preesha gets a bad dream about her and Rudra’s past and ventures out from home in the vehicle to have some natural air. Tujhe Bhula Diya… . In the background, a song plays. Rudra feels dampened and asks Preesha’s photograph for what reason Saransh didn’t pay attention to their total discussion and is despising him. He leaves his house and stops at a tea shop along the road.

The car Preesha is driving breaks down right in front of the tea shop. Driver approaches tea shop proprietor and requests pliers. Proprietor denies. Rudra says he has and assists driver with fixing the vehicle. He walks to the stall and consumes the tea he purchased without Preesha noticing. She leaves in the car after the driver informs him that the vehicle is ready.

When Rudra gets back, his tea cup is empty. The proprietor of the tea stall claims that his wife, who arrived in that car, finished the cup. Rudra says she isn’t his better half and orders another tea.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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