My Desire 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

My Desire on Starlife Sunday 21st May 2023 update, Preesha with Armaan and Pihu arrives at Pihu’s school to meet head. According to Pihu, she will use the restroom by 11 a.m. because they need to meet the principal.

Preesha is with her. Rudra with Viyut arrives at head’s office and asks head when will the young lady come. Chief says she should be coming whenever. When Pihu walks in, he looks surprised to see Rudra. Rudra inquires whether a rock star cannot guard someone.

He sees Kanchan inquires as to whether she is her mom. Preesha was taken away by Armaan before Preesha could see Rudra, and Pihu nods in agreement and thanks God. She reviews Armaan seeing Rudra with Vidyut, calling Divijay to arrive at the school with Kanchan, and taking PReesha from that point in lieu of meeting a significant client.

Pihu believes, in a flashback, that Rudra is a very evil person who frequently tortured Preesha. She says that Vidyut would obviously be like Rudra, which is an insult. Rudra inquires about her meaning. They mean they didn’t know that Vidyut is a big rockstar’s relative, Kanchan tries to stop her.

Rudra inquires about Vidyut, claiming that he is his cousin. Pihhu claims that Vidyut is following in his footsteps because she has read on social media about his eccentric, rude, and colorful ways. Rudra claims that he brought Vidyut to apologise to her, but she has a false impression of him as someone who reads fake news on social media. He claims Vidyut came to apologize to her because they respect women.

Pihu has Vidyut’s apologies. Pihu records his video and requests that he apologize in the video very much like he recorded her video. He says sorry to her. She requests that he say that he won’t ever rehash his misstep.

Does Vidyut? Rudra inquires about her requirements. Kanchan says they simply required a statement of regret and passes on requesting that he end the issue here. Vidyut is humiliated and stands. Rudra guarantees head that such issue won’t ever emerge from now onward.

Pihu walks up to Saransh and asks him if he wants to look for Mama at the Capola Hotel. He is asked by Sharda not to disturb Saransh because he has a fever and cold. Saransh tells Pihu after she leaves that he has a slight fever and can do anything to find his mother.

Preesha asks Armaan when his client will arrive because she is getting impatient with waiting for him. Armaan asserts that he has no idea why he has not yet arrived. Preesha says she would have go to the gathering with head and gave a pleasant ear to the mischievous kid.

She calls Pihu and asks how was her gathering. Kanchan stops her and tells her not to worry because she handled the situation here. Pihu says it went well and asks if she knows Vidyut is Ru. Pihu inquires as to why Vidyut, Rudra’s cousin, was not disclosed. Kanchan reminds that Preesha gets a fit of anxiety hearing Rudra’s name. Rudra chides Vidyut to act well at school and chastens even Raj for allowing Vidyut to do the missteps.

Ruhi goes back to her house and tries to rouse Saransh. Sharda tells her not to wake Saransh because he is still ill and just slept. She is ordered by Ruhi to take her to the ice cream shop at the Copola Hotel. Sharda expresses her suspicions to Rudra. Rudra additionally gets dubious and requests that his supervisor book at table for him at Copola inn and meet him there.

When a thief tries to take her bag, Pihu is lost in her phone as she walks down the street. She fights. He makes an attempt to choke her. She is saved from the thief by Vidyut when he gets there. He helps her select her bag and inquires about her health. She coughs and says yes.

He gives her water and tells her to take care of herself because Delhi, not her hometown, is the place. She agrees to nod. He offers her lift till her home. She says he is attempting to assist her in concealing his error and declines his assistance. He drives away saying she can do anything she desires to.

Sharda takes Roohi to the ice cream shop at the Copola Hotel. Rudra as Vanshika monitors them. Vanshika inquires about their presence. He tells her that he’s spying on her because Saransh and she went to the Copola hotel yesterday and he wants to know what’s going on.

Roohi enthusiastically sits tight for Preesha and sees her passing by with Pihu. She leaves Preesha behind and informs Sharda that she is going to the bathroom. That’s what rudra sees and asks Sharda where did Roohi go. Sharda asks him to check because she says she wanted to use the restroom. Rudra observes Roohi leaving the hotel as she follows her. He gets a lot of requests for a selfie.

When Preesha receives Arman’s call, she makes her way toward a parking lot and tells him that Pihu and she are going shopping. From behind, Roohi calls her mamma. In the background, the song Tere Laad Ki Mai Chodhungi Na Tera Haath plays. Preesha turns to see a girl reaching out to touch her. She hears Pihu warn her that they are getting late. In her car, Preesha heads out. Roohi sits there devastated and wonders why her mother didn’t act like she didn’t know her at all.

When Rudraksh sees Armaan in the hotel, he is shocked and wonders if he is responsible for Preesha’s disappearance or when he last left Delhi. He follows Armaan and sees him getting a staff room. Inn staff stops him, yet he undermines staff and goes into the space to see as nobody there.

When Sharda inquires about Roohi, he leaves. The two of them rush out looking for Roohi. Armaan stows away and thanks god that he saw Rudra following him and got away from on time. Rudra notcies Roohi in parking garage and asks what is she doing here.

Roohi inquires about his activities here. He says he met with someone. Roohi says she saw her companion and her folks, so she came here. Rudra asserts that rather than going out on her own, she should have informed Sharda or Vanshika. Roohi apologizes.

Rudra gets back to lodging gathering and gets some information about Armaan’s room number. Assistant wavers from the get go, however at that point actually looks at register and illuminates that there is no visitor remaining here named Armaan Thakur.

Rudra figures Armaan should remain in another lodging and leaves in the wake of getting Sharda’s call. Armaan believes it’s difficult to track down him and saw Rudra following him and stowing away and paying off assistant to lie that he isn’t remaining here. Before Rudra begins his investigation, he believes he ought to leave Delhi with Preesha.

When Rudra gets back to her house, she tells Roohi that she and Saransh will never leave without informing him. He is informed by Vanshika that he must attend Oberoi’s party. He declines and requests that she drop the present gatherings.

She says she can’t, yet says its her supervisor’s structure. Because Vanshika is aware of Rudra’s current state, Sharda asks Vanshika not to feel bad about Rudra’s behavior. Vanshika says she didn’t and leaves. Sharda is concerned about Preesha’s whereabouts and believes that Rudra would struggle without her.

Pihu tells Preesha that a person is attempting to steal her bag, and Vidyut saves her in time. Preesha gets concerned and inquires as to whether she is fine. Pihu says she is fine, fortunately Vidyut saved her, she felt as though he was attempting to dazzle her, yet she let him know that she hasn’t pardoned him yet.

Preesha claims that Pihu won’t go to college on her own. Pihu requests that she chill just like a little episode and reminds that they are going for a shopping. Preesha promises to talk about it. Pihu says alright SIL, love you SIL. Preesha says she felt somebody used to say her equivalent.

When Roohi gets home, she tells Saransh that she saw her mother. Saransh gives her a warm hug and inquires where she last saw her mother. Roohi says outside the inn. Pihu learns from Preesha that she saw a girl outside the hotel and thought she was related to Preesha.

Roohi cries let Saransh know that mamma was directly before her and, surprisingly, saw her, yet went about as though she doesn’t have any acquaintance with her. Preesha tells Pihu that she misses the girl unknowingly and felt like she knew her and was a part of her life.

She claims that the girl was looking at her, and it feels like she finally saw her beloved. That’s because she’s too good, according to Pihu. Roohi asserts that her mother did not even give her a hug or respond to her.

Saransh tells her to stop crying and that her mother must have missed her among the crowd because otherwise she would have recognized her. He says they will meet Mama tomorrow. Roohi claims that Papa told them not to go out without knowing and even told the driver not to take them out.

She claims that even if they go there, the receptionist won’t let them meet mommy. He inquires about how they will meet Mama then. Preesha had mentioned going to a party at the SR Purple Regency Hotel, and she recalls that. The two of them intend to meet Preesha there.

For failing to locate Preesha, Rudra scolds his private investigator. PI says he made an honest effort yet couldn’t find her anyplace. Rudra gets some information about clinic CCTV film. The PI claims that the footage contains no clues. Rudra states that they will now because he saw Armaan after a year and is certain that he is to blame for Preesha’s disappearance.

PI inquires as to for what reason does he suspect as much. Rudra asserts that despite Armaan’s fervent love for Preesha and the fact that he had lied when he returned to Delhi, claiming that she had a terminal illness and was dying, he saw Armaan today healthy. He asks PI to locate Armaan’s information.

Armaan illuminates Digvijay about Rudra seeing him at the lodging and says they ought to get back to Mumbai tomorrow and attempt to persuade Preesha. When Preesha, Pihu, and Kanchan return home, she inquires as to why he appears upset. He claims that because this business is experiencing difficulties in Mumbai, they must return to Mumbai tomorrow after dropping Pihu off at college.

Pihu was attacked today, and Preesha says she won’t leave her alone. The incident is described by Pihu. Armaan says they will get Pihu conceded in Mumbai’s best school. Pihu claims that Delhi’s college is the best, so she won’t go. Preesha becomes even more insistent and asks Arman to leave if he wishes. Armaan is contemplating how to inform her that Rudra will locate her if she remains here.

Armaan sees PI once more, and he tells him that he is in Delhi with his family and is staying at the Copola Hotel. Rudra tells Armaan he needs to get in touch with him before he goes missing again after realizing that the receptionist is lying about Armaan’s instructions.

PI says Armaan is visiting Oberoi’s commitment party with his loved ones. Rudra calls Vanshika to remind her that she told him about Oberoi’s engagement party and asks her to confirm his attendance. He will attend the party to conduct a search of Preesha because he is convinced that Armaan has done something to her. Armaan thinks that when Rudra comes to look for Preesha, he will take her away from him after the party tomorrow.

On the song “Love Yo Zindagi,” Roohi dances with Saranh. She is excited to meet Preesha tomorrow. She keeps feeling invigorated and doesn’t get rest while Saransh nods off.

She enters the living room, where someone tries to hit him with a broom as she approaches. She stops, and Rudra says it’s him. They both have fun. She asks what was he doing in the kitchen. Rudra claims that he went to the kitchen for ice cream because he wasn’t tired. She concurs with Roohi. Ice cream is a treat for them both.

She tells Papa that she will not be able to tell him about Mamma and tells him that she will have a test tomorrow. As a result of her anxiety, she is unable to sleep and believes that she will meet Mamma tomorrow.

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