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My desire on Star Life: Update, Wednesday, May 24, 2023: Rudraksh inquires of the billing clerk as to why the shirts are not displayed. He believes Preesha made the decision, and he is certain that she is present. According to Biller, his wife chose these shirts. Rudra asks biller to pack it because he seems to be talking about Vankshika.

In a changing area, Vanskhika tries on a dress. In the following dressing room, Preesha also tries on a dress. Rudra messages her to pick up the pace. She responds by hurling a white dupatta from the outside. He dumps it in Preesha’s room and starts talking on the phone. Preesha thinks the person who threw her the dupatta should be thanked because she likes it.

Chief chooses Pihu for the job of Juliet in school’s play and chooses Akash and Vidyut for the job of Romeo. He asserts that Vidyut cannot sing, whereas Akash can act and sing. Vidyut asserts that anyone can sing, but acting is crucial.

He claims that Raj, a student of Rudra, will lipsing and sing in the background for him. Raj remembers Vidyut’s growing attraction to Pihu and his propensity to sing. Vidyut is chosen by the Principal as Romeo. Pihu looks down, while Vidyut is happy.

Preesha exits the changing room after spotting Rudra and heads toward a man to express her gratitude for the dupatta. Vanshika admonishes Rudra for not giving her dupatta. He orders his shirts and Vanshika’s dress and leaves after asking her to unwind. Preesha appreciates the dupatta that a man gave her. He claims he did not provide her with a dupatta.

Preesha asks the biller to bill her shirts as she walks into the billing section. He shows Rudra his claim that he gave it to her husband. She demands the same shirt and asserts that her husband did not come here. He depicts Rudra leaving. She adheres to Rudra. Rudra gets into vehicle and leaves. She grimaces that a man removed every one of her shirts.

Saransh and Roohi grow weary of waiting outside the hotel for Preesha. Gatekeeper offers them water and inquires as to for what reason are they staying here since morning. Roohi says they are sitting tight for their mamma. The watchman inquires about their mother. Saransh displays Presha’s image. According to Watchman, she left the hotel early morning. They both regret going home.

Rudra thanks Vanskhika for selecting the shirts for him in the evening as he drives his car. She claims that she did not choose a dress for him. He looks shocked. His car stops working. He becomes enraged, stating that using his bike would have been preferable, and he requests that she reserve a taxi. She checks and says taxi will come in 90 minutes and says let us take a lift.

He inquires whether rockstar Rudra will seek assistance from others. She states that she will and extends her hand to cars passing by. A woman halts her vehicle. Vanshika discusses the issue. The woman agrees to assist. Rudra thanks Vanshika for her assistance as he climbs into the car with her, but when he sees Pihu, he panics. Pihu likewise overreacts seeing him. Rudra wonders why he keeps touching her so frequently.

After returning home with Saransh, Roohi begs God to send her mother. Additionally, Saransh begs God to send their mother. When he gets to the balcony, he sees Pihu taking Rudra and Vanshika home. He gets cheerful reasoning he can meet mamma and takes Roohi out saying he figured out how to meet mamma. He tells her that she will take them to mommy after showing her Pihu.

Vanshika requests that Pihu come in. According to Pihu, her sister must be waiting for her. Rudra and Vanshika acknowledge her and enter. Vidyut and Raj arrive home and see Pihu. Vidyut tries to talk to Pihu, but Pihu tells him she doesn’t trust anyone easily, especially people like him, and she drives away in her car. Vidyut claims that it is difficult to win her over, but he will.

Arman reminds Preesha to take her medication and gives her spiked water. She expresses gratitude toward him. He leaves the room. She decides to return to the roadside stall because she is restless and believes she experienced peace while having tea there that day.

Rudra drinks alcohol to remember the good times he had with Preesha. He longs for her, senses that she is nearby, and considers where he might locate her. He calls private specialist/PI sees as his number actually turned off. He thinks that if he wants some peace of mind, he should go to the tea shop.

Rudra goes to the tea shop by the road. Slow down proprietor cooperates with him and offers him tea. In the background, the song Main Jahan Rahoon plays. Preesha visits the slow down straightaway and sits on the seat close to him. They receive nankhatai, or biscuits, from the stall owner.

The two of them put their hands in the container without a moment’s delay and feel each other’s presence. Rudra turns when he thinks he touched Preesha and doesn’t see anyone. He runs to Armaan when he hears Preesha’s name called, grabs his collar, and asks where she is.

Armaan claims to have observed Preesha seated behind him. Rudra inquires as to whether he saw a woman behind him. Proprietor says a woman was sitting behind him since long. Armaan claims that he saw Preesha, but Rudra tells him to stop playing games with him and that if he finds out that he is to blame for Preesha’s disappearance, he will not spare Armaan. Armaan figures he won’t allow Rudra to figure out Preesha.

He recalls becoming tensed in the hope that Preesha would regain her memory when he discovered that she had not spiked her water. He with Digvijay looks for Preesha by means of versatile tracker and arrives at the tea slow down. Preesha is taken away from there by Digvijay after he is shocked to see Rudra and Preesha sitting so close together. She asks reason. He gives a strange explanation and takes her back. Armaan believes that he took Preesha’s name on purpose to divert Rudra’s attention.

Saransh and Roohi purposefully deflate their car tires and ask Vidyut to take them to school. Vidyut brings them along and declares that he will only drop them today. Saransh assumes the role of receiving a call that their school will be closed today due to a bomb threat. Vidyut promises to tell Rudra about it.

He is stopped by Saransh, who warns him that Rudra will become overly tense. Digvijay is required to demonstrate his college to Roohi. According to Digvijay, it is a college, not a bird sanctuary. Roohi appears to be depressed and weeping. Raj grants them permission to tour colleges. Vidyut requests that they remain with Raj and never approach him.

Vidyut heads to the auditorium to practice her acting after graduating from college. Raj is requested to attend his classes while Saransh and Roohi tour his college. Raj concurs and passes on requesting that they call him assuming they need anything. The two of them peep into the assembly hall to meet Pihu.

Pihu with Vidyut rehearses her play and conveys her discoursed. While she is enraged, Vidyut flirts with her and acts lost in her eyes. They consider going to see Pihu to learn more about Preesha.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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