My Desire 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

My wish for Star Life: On Thursday, May 25, 2023, Kanchan sees Preesha doing household chores and asks her to stop doing them in Delhi so she can first enjoy the city. She brings her out to talk to her. Preesha messages Pihu.

Pihu and Vidyut will continue their rehearsals tomorrow, according to the play director, who is pleased with their performance. Pihu overlooks Vidyut while he attempts to converse with her and leaves seeing Preesha’s message. Saransh and Roohi hide in the dickie of her car. Kanchan takes Preesha to the talk slow down. Preesha orders a fiery conversation and declares that Pihu will also arrive soon.

Vanshika pulls over in that spot to talk to Rudra. Rudra thinks back on the times he spent at the chat corner with Preesha. A song called Teri Galiyaan plays in the background. Vanskhika insists on speaking with him because she is hungry. He agrees and requests that she order a light chat rather than a hot one.

Vanshika gives the order and goes back to the car. Rudra takes Preesha’s place as the chat vendor. Preesha says that the conversation was pleasant and that the person having it must be feeling good after having a spicy conversation. After a heated conversation, Rudra becomes enraged and leaves the vehicle to scold the vendor. Kanchan goes to supplant Preesha’s talk and notice him. The vendor offers them an apology and replaces their chat.

Pihu makes it there. Rudra thinks why he knocks on this family frequently. When Saransh and Roohi get out of Pihu’s car, they are excited to see Preesha’s vehicle. The two of them get into the dickie figuring they can figure out Preesha’s home area and, surprisingly, meet her. The two of them then, at that point, get apprehensive seeing Vanshika in the contrary vehicle. Vanshika asks them what are they doing in that vehicle’s dickie.

They tell her to keep Rudra in the dark. She figures how might she conceal it from Rudra, however at that point thinks she has to understand what the children are doing. Rudra gets back in his car and tells Vanshika that she was correct when she said that someone else’s chat had replaced his chat. Vanshika supplicates god to pardon her for not illuminating Rudra about Roohi and Saransh and drives vehicle away. Roohi tells Saransh that Vanshika is a friend of hers, but she won’t tell Rudra because Rudra has helped her before.

Kanchan is asked by Pihu what Rudra was doing here. Kanchan says that their conversation got mixed up with his. Pihu inquires as to why he knocks on them frequently. Preesha will panic if she says Rudra’s name, so Kanchan tells her not to. Preesha strolls to them and gets some information about. Pihu speaks of the chat. They leave. Saransh exits the car’s dickie, leaving Roohi to look for Preesha in the vehicle.

Pihu illuminates Kanchan about her job as Juliet in a play and Vidyut as Romeo. If Vidyut bothers Pihu once more, Preesha says she will go to his house. Pihu says that Preesha now knows how to handle Vidyut and thanks God that she is unaware that Vidyut is Rudra’s brother. Saransh enters the house through a window after they leave, but no one is there.

Vanshika brings Rudra home and inquires about Roohi and Saransh with Sharda. Sharda claims that they are practicing for an interstate competition at their school. Vanshika believes that they were both in the car’s dickie.

When Vidyut and Raj get back, they tell Roohi and Saransh that there was a bomb threat at the school, so they didn’t go to school. Rudra inquires about his meaning. Vidyut claims that the principal called Saransh regarding the threat. Rudra calls the principal, who informs her that there was no bomb threat and that the school functioned normally today. Rudra tells Saransh’s family that he lied to them and requests Vidyut to tell him the whole story.

Vidyat gives him a thorough explanation of the morning incident. Raj is scolded by him for helping kids. Rudra says the two of them misled even Raj and he ought to figure out the explanation for. Vidyut talks about the game he played with Pihu. Rudra claims that Pihu bumped into him in the chat room. Vanshika understands that the children went in Pihu’s vehicle dickie. Rudra worries about them.

Digvijay gets Saransh and asks who is he and on the off chance that he came to take at his home. When Saransh sees Armaan’s uncle, he is shocked and wonders if Pihu is related to Armaan. Digvijay contacts security and makes the threat to have Saransh arrested. Saransh runs and cautions Roohi to run.

The car’s dickie locks. Saransh hides beneath the vehicle. Digvijay chides security to look for a hoodlum kid who jumped into their home. Roohi, according to Saransh, got away on time. With Kanchan, Pihu approaches Digvijay and inquires as to why he is yelling. Digvijay says a kid jumped into their home and shows Saransh’s coat. He is calmed down and taken in by Pihu and Kanchan.

Saransh leaves and goes in search of Roohi. Roohi knocks on Dickie’s door and complains that she is trapped inside and feels suffocated. Saransh tries unsuccessfully to open the dickie. Roohi passes out. Preesha illuminates Digvijay about a school kid jumping into their home.

Saransh rushes inside and cries out for his sister to be freed from Pihu’s stuck car dickie. Digvijay tries to steer clear of him. Preesha stops him, goes with Saransh to open the car dickie, and is shocked to find that Roohi is unconscious inside. She remembers seeing Roohi outside the hotel, rushes her inside the house, and sprinkles water on her face to wake her up.

Roohi feels cheerful seeing Preesha. Preesha spoils her and calling her bacha/kid inquires as to whether she is fine. Roohi calls her mamma, leaving everybody in shock. Preesha inquires as to for what reason is she calling her mamma, where is her mamma as she was looking through her recently.

Saransh ponders her mother’s whereabouts and the reason she is promising to be their mother. Sharda calls her contacts and gets stressed for youngsters. Saransh suggests that they submit a missing persons report. He is stopped by Vishakha, who says she knows where they are.

Arman comes back and becomes enraged upon seeing Saransh and Roohi. He assumes he was attempting to get Rudra far from Preesha and presently his kids jumped in. He asks what they’re doing here because he worries that they might tell Presha the truth. Armaan’s appearance shocks Saransh. According to Pihu, they arrived in his car’s dickie. He understands that they figured out Preesha and came here, says they are his close buddy’s youngsters. Preesha says that’s good and tells him that she will take them home if he tells her where their parents are.

Armaan nervously declares that he will deliver them to their parents’ house. Preesha requests that he let their worried mother know that they are safe. Armaan requests that they go with him. Preesha gives Roohi some attention and begs her not to leave her mother. Roohi goes with Arman.

Vishaka is scolded by Rudra for not informing him when she knows where the kids are. Vishaka says kids halted her and met them at a talk shop. She claims that she thought they were playing pranks on him like before but was unaware that things would get out of hand. Vanshika is also teased by Sharda. Vanshika is sorry.

Roohi and Saransh are taken to a room by Armaan. Saransh inquires as to why he has concealed his mother for a year and lied to everyone. He promises to tell Rudra about it. Armaan says Rudra is to blame because their mother forgot everything. He claims that Rudra and Preesha got into a fight, and Preesha, hurt by Rudra’s hurtful words, decided to break up with him. Roohi claim that she is lying.

Armaan says Preesha was in shock subsequent to losing her child and broke when Rudra accused her and told he would rather not directly, so she, at the end of the day, disappeared from him. Roohi says he is lying. Armaan, according to Saranh, is not lying because Mama and Rudra fought before she left. He asks Armaan why his mother isn’t able to identify him.

According to Armaan, Preesha experienced a nervous breakdown and lost her memory, so she is unable to identify them; She should not be under a lot of stress, according to the doctors, or else she could get hurt.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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