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My desire on Star Life, Friday, May 26, 2023 update: Armaan tells Saransh and Roohi that doctors told Preesha that she can’t handle any more physical or mental trauma, so Preesha forgot her past and doesn’t want to remember it.

He claims that as Preesha’s friend, he was unable to observe her suffering and cared for her. He believes that if he doesn’t lie, they will tell Rudra about it. Preesha will now be taken home and cared for, according to Saransh.

Preesha will die if they don’t do that, according to Armaan. Saransh cautions him not to say that or probably it might be horrible for him. Preesha suffers from panic attacks, according to Armaan, whenever she sees or hears Rudra’s voice. The kids won’t believe him. He says he will show them, however they shouldn’t fault him assuming something happens to Preesha.

Rudra makes his way to Armaan’s house and yells at Vanshika for concealing the children’s plan. He tells her to pray for the children’s safety or he won’t spare her. Vanshika supplicates god not to rebuff kids for her error. Saransh and Roohi are brought to Preesha by Armaan. Preesha inquires whether they spoke to their mother. Roohi says mamma is before her. Armaan claims that they meant that they had a video call with their mother. Preesha asks kids for what reason they are crying.

Armaan performs Tu Mile Jahan, a once-in-a-lifetime hit by Rudra. Preesha experiences a panic attack as she thinks back on Rudra’s torture. Armaan stops singing and explains to the children that Preesha gets attacked when she hears Rudra’s voice and what will happen if she sees Rudra.

When Pihu enters, he inquires about SIL’s whereabouts. Armaan goes to get medicine after she claims she had an attack because he accidentally played Rudra’s song on the FM. Preesha is calmed down by Roohi, who holds her face and says, “I love you, mamma.” When Armaan comes back, he believes that he cannot allow the children to connect with Preesha, so he gives Preesha medicine and water.

Roohi inquires as to whether she is fine. Roohi say she is and says she ought to have dealt with Roohi all things considered, says Roohi’s mamma is fortunate to have a girl like her. She and Saransh both greatly miss her, so Roohi begs her to come home. Preesha inquires as to her reasoning. Armaan says seems as though Roohi is feeling the loss of her mamma and removes kids requesting that Preesha rest.

Armaan and Roohi claim that they witnessed Preesha’s panic when she heard Rudra’s song, and Armaan scares Roohi by calling Preesha “mama.” He warns her that if she tells Rudra about Preesha, even if she does so accidentally, Preesha will die. He takes them towards vehicle when Rudra arrives at there and embraces his youngsters. Preesha considers returning Roohi’s bracelet after finding it.

Kids are scolded by Rudra. Vanshika says she won’t ever pay attention to the children from now onward. Digvijay sees Preesha and asks where is she going. Preesha says to return Roohi’s wristband. Digvijay sends Pihu to return Roohi’s bracelet and asks her to rest. He believes that Preesha shouldn’t be aware of her children.

Rudra demands that Saransh and Roohi explain to him why they were hiding in Pihu’s car dickie when they arrived. Armaan fears that his game will end assuming children illuminate Rudra about Preesha. According to Saransh, they were headed to the house of a friend when Rudra told the driver not to let them out without his permission.

They then hid in a dickie. Pihu returns their school bags and Roohi’s bracelet. Rudra tells Vanshika that he is certain that the kids are lying to him and that he will find out what they are hiding. Rudra and Vanshika take the kids on their way. Pihu inquires about Rudra’s actions and the reason he refers to Saransh and Roohi as his children.

Armaan tells the lie that the children are Rudra’s older brothers’ children and that he is their caretaker, who is very strict with them. As a result, they told Armaan that Rudra had previously tortured Preesha and now the children. He asks her to speak with Preesha and persuade her to move back to Mumbai with him, expressing his current concern for her safety. She concurs.

In the wake of getting back, Saransh lets Roohi know that they won’t illuminate about Preesha to Rudra as he is liable for Preesha’s condition. According to Roohi, papa and mama love each other very much, and even when they fight, they always get back together. She will tell papa about mamma because she believes only papa can heal her. Saransh gives his commitment and says he will bite the dust on the off chance that she illuminates Rudra about mamma. Rudra enters and asks what is he constraining Roohi to stow away.

Saransh warns Roohi that if she tells Rudra about Preesha at Armaan’s house, he won’t talk to her. Rudra comes in and asks him what he’s hiding because he doesn’t want Roohi to tell him. Since he doesn’t care about him, Saransh asks why he should. Rudra says regardless of whether Saransh accepts, he is Saransh’s dad and says he realizes Saransh went Pihu with another explanation.

He asks Roohi to reveal their cover story. Saransh becomes agitated in the hope that Roohi will reveal the truth. He tells Rudra not to touch his sister and that Roohi may be his legal father, but he is not his biological father. He claims that he owns the entire property, Rudra has no right to question him, and if he coerces them, they won’t stay with him like their mother.

Preesha receives medicine from Armaan. Preesha declares her desire to go out. Armaan claims that she appears worn out and should rest at home. She says she will have the medication later. He leaves, insisting that she take it immediately. Preesha wonders why she is worried about that girl as the look on Roohi’s face flashes in her eyes. She chooses to go out. Driver says Armaan requested not to allow her to go out. She says she will go by walk then and goes out.

Rudra misses Preesha reviewing their quality second together and goes on a lengthy drive. He needs Preesha back and thinks he doesn’t know how to deal with Saransh. Preesha sees a sanctuary and strolls in to discover a true sense of harmony. Rudra stops his car when he sees a temple and enters in the same way.

Preesha shuts her eyes while asking and Roohi’s face streaks before her eyes. She thinks who is that young lady who quieted her down when she got a fit of anxiety. Rudra considers that everything would have been fine if Preesha had been present as he stands behind her. He begs God to bring Preesha back to him.

Armaan believes that Preesha will regain her memory if she does not take her medication. He strolls t her room and doesn’t track down her there. He tracks down unconsumed medication there and questions driver in the event that Preesha had come. uniforms for the driver when Preesha went on her own walk. Armaan leaves in his car after considering how to prevent her from meeting Rudra.

Rudra and Preesha walk behind one another after prayers without noticing each other. They wear their footwear and are going to see each other when somebody requests to take out the wrongly left vehicle. Rudra gets into his vehicle and drives it away. Armaan emerges from his hiding place and recalls becoming tense when he noticed that Rudra and Preesha were about to notice each other.

He then threw a stone on Rudra’s car, which set off an alarm and sent Rudra there. He strolls toward Preesha. Preesha lashes out on him for attempting to control her life and says she isn’t his worker that h e controls her. He says let us return home. When she gets home, she declares that she will return by foot. Armaan tries to subdue her. Preesha says she isn’t his manikin to comply with his every request and strolls to her room.

Pihu notices them and inquires about Armaan’s fighting history. Armaan says they battled and says Preesha went out without illuminating him and Rudra was going to see her, he oversaw carrying back Preesha with extraordinary trouble. He faults Pihu that on account of her resoluteness, they needed to remain in Delhi. He brings back her promise to persuade Preesha to return to Mumbai.

Pihu goes to converse with Preesha. At Rudra’s home, Roohi demands to watch Vidyut’s play practice. Vidyut concurs after a touch of dithering. Roohi believes that Pihu will introduce her to Preesha once more. Pihu makes her way to Preesha and tells her that Armaan is just protecting her from Rudra and that everything he does is for her benefit. She recommends her to get once again to Mumbai as she is gotten comfortable Delhi now.

Preesha concurs and declares that she will attend Pihu’s play. Armaan is glad that he is no longer in Rudra’s fear when he hears their conversation.

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