My Desire 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

My desire on star life Sunday, May 28, 2023 update: Pihu is upset that her dress is about to fall off during her play performance because of a problem with it. Raj strolls to her and holds her dress. Pihu inquires as to his purpose here. He claims to be holding her faulty dressing because he observed it. She says she actually has exchanges to convey. Raj promises to direct and deliver dialogues.

Raj’s actions on stage, according to the playwright, will ruin the story. Saransh says Raj is making another tension in the play. Raj pretends to be dying and asks Pihu to silently hold her dress from behind. He will then lie her down. She adheres to his guidelines and finishes play. Roohi wonders why her mother has not yet returned.

Raj is scolded by the play’s director for entering the stage and ruining the play. Pihu says Raj saved her nobility all things considered and shows her torn dress. The director yells at his assistant for giving Pihu a ripped dress. Collaborator says she sewed the dress herself and showed it to Pihu, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how the accident occurred.

Pihu leaves with her parents after expressing her gratitude to Raj for saving her dignity. Vidyut wonders how Raj got on stage and whether he was aware of my performance. Raj believes that Vidyut knew Raj would do something similar because he remembered Vidyut cutting Pihu’s dress strings instead of hugging her.

Back home, Saransh inquires as to whether she informed Rudra about Preesha. Roohi claims she did after making a promise to him, but she regrets it because she wants to stay with both her parents and a sibling. She then goes to the bathroom and considers calling Preesha to ask her why she didn’t meet her father and set up a meeting for tomorrow in a mall. She refers to Preesha as “mamma,” then “mamma” like “mamma.

” Preesha inquires as to why she called her. Roohi reminds that she gave her number and inquires as to for what reason did she leave without meeting her father. Preesha says that even though she wanted to meet her father, she is going back to Mumbai because she stays in Mumbai and had come to Delhi to help Pihu settle down. Pihu strolls in crying. Preesha ends the call. When Roohi believes that her mother will be returning to Mumbai, she becomes depressed.

Preesha asks Pihu for what good reason she is crying. Pihu talks about the entire costume malfunction incident. Preesha inquires as to whether she didn’t really look at the outfit previously. Pihu says outfit originator told she checked the dress, somebody intentionally broke down her dress. She tells Raj that Raj saved her dignity in a timely manner. Preesha says Raj had some awareness of it ahead of time then, at that point. Raj confronts Vidyut regarding the faulty dress on Pihu.

Vidyut admits his error and asserts that he intended to exact vengeance on Pihu for insulting him. Raj inquires as to why Vidyut was acting as though he liked Pihu and expresses shame over Vidyut. Vidyut reveals his elaborate plan for manipulating Pihu and becomes enraged at Raj for rescuing Pihu in time. Raj claims to respect women and intends to inform Rudra of Vidyut’s heinous deed. Vidyut claims that Raj should keep his mouth shut because he is merely a charity for Rudra and a member of Rudra’s family.

She should tell Rudra about Preesha, according to Roohi, because only he can stop Preesha from leaving the city. Saransh comes over to him. Roohi believes in the event that she ought to illuminate Saransh about it or not. Saransh asks where is she lost once more. Roohi requests that we leave and eat. She strolls to Rudra and says she really wants to talk. Rudra inquires as to whether she is fie, he will call the specialist. Roohi claims to be fine and wishes to discuss something significant. Rudra inquires about it. Roohi say he is clueless about mamma, she needs to inform him concerning her.

Vidyut over telephone depicts his companion how he was going to get payback from Pihu when Raj saved her on time. Based on Pihu’s complaint, the police arrive to arrest him. Roohi tells Rudra what she wants to say about Preesha. Sharda strolls in all at once and illuminates him about police capturing Vidyut.

Rudra arrives at police headquarters and gets some information about the protest. Overseer says Vidyut is charged of attempting to destroy a lady’s respect. Vidyut denies charges. Rudra inquires about the complainant. Pihu enters and says she griped. When Rudra sees her, she is shocked.

Rudra asks controller who document a protest against Vidyut. Pihu enters andsays she documented objection. Rudra, shocked to see her, asks her why she complained because he thought their differences had been resolved and they were participating in a play together. Pihu says his sibling never different and he proceeded with his terrible way of behaving. Rudra inquires if she has any evidence. Pihu advises him to inquire of his brother. Vidyut asserts that Pihu is erroneously asserting that he wants to exact revenge on him for his previous act.

Pihu slaps him and cautions him to stop stoopin so low, he cut his dress trim as a result of which it would have fallen in front of an audience and she would have lost her respect. Vidyut accuses her of lying in order to exact revenge on him and inquires if she has any evidence. She claims that she was aware that he would demand proof, and she has evidence that someone saw his heinous act.

Raj enters and informs Rudra that he observed Vidyut lace cutting Pihu’s dress. He tells Rudra that he loves and cares about his family, but he can’t allow anyone to take away a woman’s dignity. Vidyut attempts to quiet down. Raj is asked by Rudra why he hasn’t informed him earlier why he should stop.

Raj says he would have rather not educated anybody about it, yet when Pihu’s bhabhi/SIL called and persuaded him, he believed in the event that Vidyut can do this to Pihu, he can do it to some other young lady and he needs to stop Vidyut’s bad behaviors. He calls Preesha, informing her of the seriousness of the situation and asking who is behind it. Raj claims to be Vidyut. Preesha demands him to give proof against Vidyut to prevent him from doing additionally off-base to some other young lady. Raj concurs.

I feel guilty because Raj tells the inspector in a flashback that he wants to stop Vidyut before he hurts any other girl. Vidyut impolitely acknowledges his wrongdoing and says he could do without Pihu discourteously addressing her and thus attempted to destroy her nobility. He tells Pihu to take her complaint back.

Preesha comes in and says that he should be punished severely for his behavior. When Rudra sees Preesha, he is shocked. Armaan and Digvijay get back. Kanchan illuminates them about Preesha and Pihu visiting police headquarters to record protest against Vidyut and portrays them the entire story. Armaan gets strained hearing that.

Rudra declares that he searched for Preesha everywhere and expresses his joy at seeing her. As he tried to kill her, Preesha tells him to stay away from her, recalling Armaan’s morphed video. She inquires about his surprise at seeing her alive. Rudra wonders why he would kill her when his life was destroyed when she left him and left him to suffer alone, ignoring his love. She claims that he tortured her brutally, so love doesn’t look good from his mouth.

He claims that he died to provide her with a comfortable life and would never contemplate torturing her; she left him in exchange for a small wife; She is his wifey and they are married. Preesha claims that she is no longer his wife.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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