My Desire 7 May 2023 Update On Sunday

My Desire on star life Sunday seventh May 2023 update, Sharda expresses gratitude toward Preesha for saving Rudra’s life. Because they are all important to her, Preesha asks her not to thank her. GPS supports her. Sharda asserts that nobody wants to see them happy. Preesha asserts that God will aid them. Ruhi inquires about Rudra’s health. Preesha says he is fine and is simply taking rest. Saaransh says he can do anything for Rudraksh. Preesha instructs everyone to go rest.

She then lies down next to Rudra to check his temperature. She wakes up the following morning and does not find Rudra in bed. She finds her mehandi fixed and ponders who made it happen. Rudra strolls in with breakfast for her. She inquires about his well-being and the reason he got out of bed. He claims that he would have died without his wife by his side.

He examines her mehandi and inquires whether it resembles that of a professional, claiming that he damaged it and fixed it himself. He remembers waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about how her mehandi had been damaged while she was trying to save his life and fix it. He also tells her that he is no longer with her because he knows why she did what she did about Rajeev’s death:

she wasn’t betraying him but was protecting him and his family from the pain it would cause. She asserts that she still loves him and that he was right in his place. She claims that concealing the truth from him was a mistake on her part. He claims that he erroneously raped her in rage. She claims he was suffering. They hug emotionally and keep apologizing to each other. The background music plays Yeh Hain Chahatein…

Saransh and Ruhi are pleased to see Rudra reconciling his differences with Preesha when they enter. Rudra claims that he was made aware of his error by a child—Saransh. Ruhi inquires about her identity. Rudra gives them all hugs and declares that she is the one. Because Saransh and Ruhi are Rudra and Preesha’s weak spots, Revati becomes envious of that and plans to harm them next. She intends to hurt them during this evening’s sangeet service.

For tonight’s sangeet ceremony, Saransh shows Rudra and Preesha how to dance. Preesha is informed by Sharda that her designer has arrived. Fashioner shows this evening’s sangeet service dress to Preesha. Preesha has gained weight and will not fit into it, Rudra mocks. He is urged by Ruhi not to mess up with Mama. Preesha becomes irate and declares that she will immediately don the dress.

The dress tears as he tries to stop her. Preesha says she won’t marry him when she leaves. Revathi tries to hide a packet in Saransh’s room after noticing that the family’s attention has been diverted. When Ruhi walks in, he inquires about her search for her mother. Revathi says yes and screams that Ruhi destroyed the packet she wanted to keep in Sarnash’s room. She and Ruhi leave together.

Preesha closes the door behind her. Rudra demands Preesha to open the entryway and apologizes her provoking her. She maintains her rage. He advises her to make use of her ability to read his eyes and discover that he enjoys irritating her. She now inquires about what she will wear to sangeet. He says he wanted her to wear the new dress he showed her and irritated her by doing so.

When Ruhi with Revati enters and inquires about their reconciliation so quickly, they rekindle their romance. They both become anxious. Ruhi takes them shopping for her wedding dress. Revati believes that they should wait until the evening to express their love fever. Revati enters Saransh’s room as he gets ready for the event and leaves to keep a packet in his room. With his GPS, Saransh returns to his room and inquires about Revati’s activities there.

When Saransh sees Revati in his room, he inquires about what she is looking for on his study table. Revati says she needs a pen to sign some important documents and places the packet she was trying to keep in the drawer. Behind her, Saransh selects a pen and gives it to her. She silently thanks him and leaves.

Rudra finds the door to his room locked on the other side. He is informed by the staff at the salon when they open the door that they did Preesha’s makeup for the sangeet ceremony. Rudra says that Preesha is beautiful and compliments her. He then promises that he will never lose her again and gives her a taweez to shield her from the evil eye and sorrow. She requests that he fix it in her neck. He does and gets heartfelt when Sharda calls them for sangeet custom.

They both descend for the ceremony. The nazar is performed by Sharda. Rudra inquires about Ruhi and Saransh. The two of them stroll to them and say they are accomplishing something uniquely great for their sangeet. They are asked to think by Ruhi. Dance is all that Rudra says. Ruhi promises that they will play Rudra and Preesha and demonstrate whether they will love or fight. Clap in support of them all.

They order precisely like Preesha and Rudra. Rudra and Preesha walk on stage to show their love for one another. They have a family embrace. Revati is envious of that and believes that even though she had a happy family with two children and a husband, Preesha and Rudra destroyed hers. She declines to arrive so quickly when she receives a call from someone. She then keeps a packet in Saransh’s drawer and believes that this is when the actual game will begin.

GPS and Sharda’s performance are announced by Saransh. Revati dances with them and joins them. After the exhibition, she calls somebody. The performance of Rudra and Preesha is then announced by Saransh. On the song Teri Meri Galla Hogi Mashhoor, Rddra and Preesha dance. The performance is halted when the police enter. If there is a problem, Rudra contacts the inspector.

The inspector claims that they came to his house to conduct a search after learning that drugs were present. Rudra stunned says its a misleading data. Preesha inquires as to whose home contains drugs. Saransh Khurana says the inspector. According to Rudra, his son will never do that. In a state of panic, Saransh claims that he has never used drugs. Sharda asserts that his children do nothing wrong.

The inspector claims that they have discovered a boy who uses Saransh’s name after busting a school drug racket. He telephones Tarun. Preesha is shocked to see him and inquires as to why he claims Saransh incorrectly. Revati supports the Khuranas. The inspector asserts that she is familiar with the regulations and that they must carry out their duties.

Rudra goes against search of his home. Revati asserts that he cannot violate the rules and that if Sarnash is correct, he need not be concerned. Sharda inquires about Revati’s capability to halt the raid as police commissioner. Revati says there would be lawful confusions and persuades Rudra for the hunt.

She then tells the inspector to proceed and believes that the wedding drama between Preesha and Rudra is over. She also believes that the police will discover drugs in Saransh’s room and that she will send him to jail in order to exact revenge for Dev’s death.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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