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Nandini Episode 1 (A New Movie On Eth Studios)

Before you watch the movie, let’s first hear the story!

Rajasekhar is a rich and persuasive man who carries on with a satisfying existence with his child named Arun. Their lives are going easily, however, a misfortune is anticipating them on the following corner which they don’t know about. Rajasekhar has under lock and keys the three Kalachakra that don’t have a place with him, however to a Naag. Be that as it may, Rajasekhar’s voracity for them drove him to submit wrongdoing, and now a Naagin is after his family to reclaim what is hers.

Not exclusively will she remove what has a place with her, yet in addition would satisfy her retribution from his child Arun. How might Arjun shield himself and his family from this shape evolving Naagin(Serpent) ? Is his life what the naagin is after?

Nandini Episode 1 is an otherworldly show. Rajasekhar, a rich, persuasive man, and his child Arun, lives in a palatial home along with their more distant family. Nandini, an Ichchadhaari Nagam”, (shapeshifting snake) anticipates to vindicate Rajasekhar’s previous offense and recapture the three ‘Kalachakram’.

At the point when Janaki, Arun’s first spouse bites the dust while bringing forth their little girl Devasena, he weds Ganga a vigorous aficionado of the Snake Goddess. Watch the story unfurl as Nandini immigrates herself into Ganga’s body to look for her retribution against Rajasekhar, while Janaki’s soul pledges to save the family.

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