In the upcoming episodes of star plus’ historical chandra nandini drama show, queen nandini regains her memory she lost as a result of the fall from a cliff. you are going to love this. keep watching…

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Chandra tells Chanakya to make an announcement in Magada that he and Nandini are retuning together and there should be a big welcome for Nandini as she has regained her memory.

Chandra and Nandini re-enter the palace and are given a warm welcome. Helena wonders, how come Nandini has regained her memory? She asks Bindusara to come and see what is happening. She also tell him that Nandini regaining her memory will change a lot of things. What do you think chandra will do to Bindusara if he learns the truth? Keep watching.

Nandini calls Bindusara her son but he objected saying Nandini shouldn’t call him his son. Bindusara then warns Nandini not to tell chandra about the past incident at the cliff. Nandini promised that she is not going to reveal the truth to chandra.

The news about Bindusara started spreading like wildfire in magada. Everyone comes to know the truth. Adonis scolds Helena his mother for trying to keep this a secret when she knows that Bindusara tried to murder nandini.

In anger Bindusara confesses to Dharma that he only tried to kill Nandini a decade ago at the hill top. Dharma get shocked hearing the news and leaves.

The crown is taken from helena and nandini is made the mukyarani of magada.

Helena tries to poison Bindusara’s mind against Chandra. Bindusara assures her that he will go against Chandra and get her all her rights back. Helena happy thinking she has achieved what she wanted.

But after Bindusara leans the truth about who killed his mother, he blames Helena for manipulating him for so many years. Bindusara demands Helena to tell him the truth. Helena laughs. Bindusara stabs Helena with his sword and Chandra rushes to Helena.

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Nandini gains back her memory.


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