Natalie Saves Maila’s Life. The Way To Your Heart Final Episode

Natalie tells Helena that she will give her life for Maila. Helena says what? Last moment, you are fighting her, have you forgotten how she took Oliver from you? How she left you on the island, and now you are saying you will give your life for her? What are you talking about? And who’s been with you up to this time? I stayed with you and I kept my promise. What happened to your promise with me Natalie? 

Come and stay with me and we can start all over. Natalie says I am not coming with you mom. Maila cries and tries to open the door. Natalie tells Soleng to stick with the plan. Helena received an envelope from Vincent which contained money and a gun. Helena says how about you set up a getaway car for us Vince? Vincent says he will speak with his big men and they will give her a free check at the checkpoint. Helena blackmails Vince, she has recorded a video about Vince being an accomplice in Onay’s r@pe case. She shows the video to Vincent and informs him that if he messes up the deal, the video can go viral in just a few hours and his dream of becoming governor will come to an end, and if he tries to destroy the phone, he has another person who will leak the video. Flashback shows the moment Helena gives the phone to a goon and gives him to leak it on her order.

With the help of Soleng, Natalie acted to be epileptic, they tricked the goon and took the keys from him. They go into the room where Maila is and open the door. The goon appears with a gun in his hands about to shoot them but Helena hits him and he falls. He asks them to run. Lucas and Hector are seen in a car. 

They met Vincent. Lucas says I want to meet Maila and Natalie first. Vincent says take time bro, let’s catch up and vibe. 

Maila opens the door. Helena says she can drive the car, they go. Maila and Vincent fight. His goons held Lucas and beat him. Vincent takes out his gun to shoot Lucas, but the police arrive at the scene and fire shots at them. They flee. Natalie says I can’t believe we did it. Maila thanks Helena. Helena says I did it for Natalie, not for you. Helena remembers Natalie telling her that she is not her mommy. Helena says she feels like vomiting and asks Maila to open the door. She pushes Maila out of the car. The episode ends. 

Episode 160

The episode begins with Maila being pushed from the car onto the road. Natalie says no, and stops the car. She and Soleng get down from the car to save Maila. Helena shouts Natalie come back here. Natalie taunts her. She says right or wrong am doing this for you Natalie, am doing all of this for you. Natalie says never, you can’t prove your love for me by doing bad things. Natalie scolds her. Vincent and his goons in a car.

 He turns on the car radio system where the news spread that Helena stormed Lucas Samonte and r@pe victim Onay Manktaya’s engagement party alleging that Lucas is the r@pist. Vince feels uneasy in his car. The news continues that governor Vincent was the mastermind of all of this act. Vincent starts cursing. His dream has come to an end. 

Helena tells Natalie that I just want to give you a good life that no one else can give you, Natalie. Only I can, not even Onay, especially Onay. Natalie tells her her mother is the best and everything that she would ever want, Helena has no place in her life. Helena says no, get in the car, Natalie refuses. A car approaches. 

Vincent and his men fell from their car with a gun in his hand. He hits Natalie and puts her in his car. Helena says give me back my daughter. They get Maila also. Helena takes a gun from her back. Vincent shot Helena’s arms. Lucas and Hector are in the car. Vincent calls him and says so he dared inform the police. He has a firework display made especially for Lucas. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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