Onay Begs Emman For Help. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 14 April 2022: Episode 66

Maila calls Oliver and informs him that his father has left his cell phone behind.

 Lucas remembers what has happened in the past. He sneaks to Vincent’s office. Emmanuel and Vincent were there. He asks Emmanuel what the problem is, and he informs him about the problem with Onay. They argue since Lucas was not willing to give in to their demands. Vincent fights with Lucas. His bodyguard points a gun at Lucas asking him to leave him. Vincent fumes with anger. 


Nathalie’s Fight BackFires.

The episode begins with Lucas going gaga and taunting Vincent. They had a quarrel. Nathalie comes to Emelda’s house. She is served drinks. Emelda comes and says hello Nathalie, am so glad you were able to make it here. Nathalie says of course aunt, you texted me to come here and I have no right to say no to you. Emelsa asks her to sit, she says well I asked you to come over because I wanted you to ask Oliver out like watch movies, do stuff that people do for fun. 

Nathalie says of course aunt. And to make him do away with Maila. That girl has Ben cliping up to Oliver in so many ways. He even asked his dad to represent them as a lawyer in their case, but thank God he didn’t agree. Nathalie says that’s so good. Oliver come and says mom, Nath, what are you doing here? She says to invite you and grace out. 

Oliver says sorry Nath, I won’t be able to make it. Am going to get dad’s cell phone, they just called me. He hugs his mom and goes. Emelsa says am so sorry about that, but you can still stay if you want to. Nathalie says thank you, I have to go and she leaves feeling very disappointed. Onay and Dante gets down. Oliver met with Maila and gives Lucas phone to him. He says Maila am sorry that dad wasn’t able to take the case.

 Maila says don’t worry Oliver. Nathalie comes and says so, you are still seeing, Oliver, Maila? Oliver says to Nathalie, can you please stop? We are not together anymore, I just came to take Dad’s cell phone from Maila. Nathalie says Oliver, you are still with Maila. Maila shows her the phone which she gave to Oliver. They quarrel. Nathalie attacks Maila and they have a fight. Maila pushes Nathalie and she hurts her hand in fire.

 The owner takes Natalie’s phone for her losses. Oliver takes Nathalie to the hospital. Lucas calls Emelda and she tells him Oliver is going to take his phone. She calls Oliver with the landline. Oliver tells him that he is in the hospital, he worries what might have happened. Helena calls on Nathalie’s phone, the phone was with Maila. Sali answers the call and tells her that Nathalie is in the Saint Philippines hospital. 

Onay and Dante meet Emmanuel Cruz whose daughter Onay and Dante saved from some goons. Onay taunts him. They had a quarrel, Dante fights with him. Onay stops them. Nathalie’s wound is dressed. Oliver says Nathalie, I wanna step out for a bit. She says Oliver, can you stay away from Maila, see what she has done to me? Oliver says Maila, we both know what happened.

 Don’t blame Maila for this. She says really? So you are defending her? Oliver says I am going to check on Maila, are you sure you don’t need anything? As he was going, Helena entered and he greeted her and went out. Helena says what happened? Oh my God. Nathalie, how did this happen? She says mom, I hurt my hand on a grill. Nathalie kept quiet. She says don’t tell me it’s Maila. Nathalie looks on. Dante and Onay go to the temple and pray. Emmanuel Cruz had flashbacks of what they did to Onay. 

He remembers Onay giving her the chit. He takes out the shit from the trash bin. Oliver goes to Maila and tells her not to worry because everything will be okay. She gives Nathalie’s phone to Oliver. Helena comes and says you, what are you doing here? You evil little brat, you dated hurt my daughter? She takes out her hands to hit Maila. Oliver explains to her what happened that if there is someone to blame it should be him, he pushed Nathalie because she was getting out of control. 

Helena slaps him and says how dare you? Helena and Oliver stares at each other. Lucas comes and asks the receptionists where they are, she shows them. Helena says am going to have a word with your parents. And you, you think you are off the hook? Lucas comes and saves Maila when Helena tried to beat her.

 She says attorney Samonte, it’s a good thing you are here. Can you believe Oliver pushed my daughter, and she burned her hand on a hot grill? Lucas asks, Oliver what happened? Lucas says Mrs Montenegro, am really sorry but am sure there will be an explanation, am really sorry. She says the apology is accepted, Oliver is going to let this pass as if nothing happened. But you Maila, I will handle you and your family. 

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