Pandya Store 26 May 2023 Update On Friday

The Pandya Store episode that aired on May 26, 2023, began with Arushi’s mother asking her who was coming to their house and Arushi happily refusing to answer.

Arushi is overjoyed as she approaches the door to open it when the doorbell rings.

While Suman, Gomby, and Dev keep their faces stiff and neutral, Shiva greets her with great warmth.

Dhara’s mom who is remaining close to the food table gets stunned to see Suman who is Dhara’s mother by marriage.

Then again, Rishita attempts to get Raavi to return home however Raavi promises to not allow Shiva to do according to his desire.

She expresses that she will cause him to understand that she is HIS Raavi, his ‘Chipkali’ using any and all means.

Shivank keeps an eye on Dhara at Pandya Nivas, who rushes Krish and Prerna with a blood-stained knife.

Dhara informs them that this is Shweta’s blood sample and instructs them to resolve Shweta’s issue as soon as possible before dealing with Shiva.

Will Suman understand that Arushi’s mom is Dhara’s mom as well?

Will Shivank once more present a challenge to Dhara, who is making every effort to bring Krish and Prerna back together?

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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