Parineeti 21st May 2023 Update On Sunday

Parineeti 21st May 2023 episode begins with everybody going to scowl at Neeti in the wake of learning reality.

Neeti is asked by Rajeev how she could possibly consider killing Pari given that Pari is her best friend.

Neeti continues to play with her dupatta rather than responding.

Neeti’s quietness just makes Rajeev irate so he again gets some information about how she can design the homicide of her own child and Neeti brings down her eyes feeling embarrassed.

Raghu then points to Bebe and makes the announcement that the elderly woman was also with Neeti during this.

The variety channels from Sulochana’s face as everybody’s consideration shifts from Neeti to her and she understands that her time in Bajwa’s home is up.

While Bebe tries to refute the allegation, Rajeev informs Bebe that he now knows that Bebe was the one who had a negative influence on Neeti.

Bebe yells that Raghu is lying, and Ranjhan responds that Raghu cannot lie because he has given Raghu the truth.

Has Sulochana truly lost against Pari or is there actually time for her to overcome Pari?

Will Pari rebuff Neeti for the disloyalty?

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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