Parineeti 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Parineeti 24th May 2023 episode begins with Neeti getting terrified as she checks the weapon out.

She arranges Rakesh to bring down his firearm as she has a fair plan for him which intrigues Rakesh.

He approaches Neeti close to inquire about her intentions.

Rakesh is taken aback when Neeti orders Rakesh to abort Pari’s baby coldly, and he reminds Neeti that they are discussing her baby.

Neeti makes it clear that when she hears this, she will not even flinch if Rakesh forcefully aborts the baby because she only wants Pari out of her life.

Then again, Pari drops a message for Rajeev on his telephone that cautions Rajeev about Rakesh’s appearance and he before long shows up at the medical clinic to meet Pari.

They are both in a state of panic as they make their way toward the ICU, concerned for Neeti’s well-being.

Rakesh, conversing with Neeti in the room, informs her that Pari is solely his.

Neeti responds that she is also instructing him to bring Pari along.

Whatever amount to Neet’s misfortune this entire discussion gets heard by Pari and Rajeev as they have shown up before the entryway.

Is Neeti finally going to be held accountable for her deeds?

Will Rakesh take Neeti’s proposition and choose to cut short Pari’s child?

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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