Parineeti 26th May 2023 Update On Friday

Parineeti 26th May 2023 episode begins with Rakesh taking a gander at Pari with desire filled eyes.

He informs Pari that he will soon wed her and that she will soon be in his arms.

In the meantime, when Gurpreet announces that she cannot see Pari anywhere in the house, everyone rushes to Pari’s room to check on her.

Rajeev breaks the entryway like a furious legend, requesting a clarification from Rakesh for being in Pari’s room while Rakesh just expresses that his affection brought him here.

Chandrika and Gurpreet are on the bed by Pari’s side trying as hard as they can to get her out of her unconscious state.

Afterward, in the lobby, Rakesh declares that once Pari awakens she will give everybody the clarification.

Rajeev sees him like he will smack Rakesh right upside the head for taking Pari’s name.

He even says that his love for Pari is like a wave that makes Rajeev angry and that Pari will never be able to do that.

Watching Rajeev getting desirous, Rakesh questions him about why he is being envious as Pari isn’t his better half and Rajeev keeps his mouth shut as Neeti is there noticing him.

How might Pari respond when she will discover that Rakesh is attempting to demolish her regard?

When will Neeti defy Rajeev for undermining her as opposed to involving Pari as a punching pack for her displeasure?

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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