Parineeti 7 February 2023, Tuesday Written Update

Parineeti 7 February 2023 episode begins with Rakesh conveying a smack all over while he checks out at oblivious Neeti.

Nonetheless, a thought abruptly strikes Rakesh and he believes that now, he will make Neeti his key to draw Pari towards him.

Then again, Rajeev gets focused and documents a missing protest for Neeti while Pari imagines that this time, she will track down Neeti and not risk her life any longer.

Pari attempts to call Neeti’s telephone however it goes inaccessible.

She then, at that point, feels that perhaps, Rakesh probably captured Neeti, believing it to be her.

Getting paler at the thought, Pari races to get an autorickshaw and shows up at Mr. Ahlawat’s party office where Rakesh is cheerfully playing a game on his telephone while Neeti stays oblivious.

Pari goes inside without making commotion yet when she hears Rakesh’s voice, she stows away and sees Neeti attached to a seat.

How might Pari protect Neeti without letting Rakesh now?

Will Pandit Ji’s favoring become valid for Rajeev and Pari to be a couple rather than Neeti and Rajeev (Sanju)?

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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