Radha Mohan 10 March 2023 Written Update

Ajeet and Tulsi begin chanting the same verse in the Radha Mohan episode of March 10, 2023, following Gungun’s lead.

Radha wakes up quickly and calls Mohan.

While Ajeet goes to call the doctor, Gungun, Tulsi, and Ajeet are overjoyed to see Radha awake.

Meanwhile, Kaveri gets away from Mohan’s notification to satisfy Damini’s guidelines for section two of her arrangement while Damini continues to whimper about Mohan’s doubt in her.

The doctor reassures Gungun after some time that Radha is a true fighter and will fully recover now that she is awake.

However, he tells her that Radha should not be disturbed for the time being.

Ajeet calls Mohan later to inform him that Radha is safe and inquire about Kadamabari.

Damini becomes concerned about Radha speaking after hearing Mohan’s conversation.

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