Radha Mohan 14 February 2023 Written Update

Damini tells Kaveri at the beginning of the episode Radha Mohan 13 February 2023 that they must first obtain Radha’s safe keys and remove the evidence.

Radha, on the other hand, faints while cleaning the table in the lounge where Mohan is working on his phone.

Gungun also arrives there, yelling for Radha, as Mohan dashes to check on her.

She asks Mohan with accusation what he did to Radha when she sees him standing next to her on the floor.

She hears from Mohan that Radha must have fainted because she has a high fever.

Gungun doesn’t believe him when he says that Radha was fine in the morning and that because she is now so ill, he must have hurt her.

When Mohan thinks back to the icy water in which Radha took a bath, he feels guilty and bends down to pick Radha up and tells Gungun to call the doctor.

As Radha becomes the object of his rage, will Mohan’s efforts to bring Gungun close to him fail?

Will Damini obtain the keys to Radha?…Read more

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