Radha Mohan 14 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Radha Mohan On Zee world Sunday 14 May 2023 update, Mohan remains out of resentment while breaking the flute with his knee, he tosses the wrecked woodwind on the floor yet Radha stops him, she questions how long is he going to allow this aggravation to remain with him as he should allow it to stream.

Dadi is paralyzed seeing Radha holding his hand, Tulsi gets stressed when Dadi goes into the room quickly requesting that Radha come as she should prepare, Mohan asks where is she going, Dadi illuminates she is going out with Hriday, Mohan shouts assuming she would go alone when Dadi answers she is going with her life partner, she pulls Radha away shouting she is continuously burning through her experience with the dad and girl, Mohan is additionally stressed when Tulsi shouts even she doesnot feel it is fine.

Tulsi is sitting with Hriday. He asks her what she would like to eat and she responds that she doesn’t like eating outside. Hriday then yells that she would have to order something for herself. Radha responds that she could have made something for him at home, and Hriday agrees with her, saying why should they spend money here when they can at least have tea?

Radha gets the call from her Dadi so demands for quite a while so she can talk, Hriday believes that it is more straightforward to embarrass her then it is to take a chocolate from a youngster. When Radha responds that she has already told him everything, Hriday exclaims, “Even then there would be something she did not tell him as does she not miss her house.

” He then asks Radha if she has anything she wants to tell him. Radha answers she misses it yet this family has additionally become like her own, everybody is decent particularly Mohan jee who really likes them and is likewise showing her English. Hriday is under the impression that Damini is getting married to Mohan, but Radha seems to be more interested in him. Radha is shocked to see blood on his chain, so she asks him about it and he tells her how he tried to strangle the person with it. He picks up the knife and wonders if she wants to die.

Gungun, hearing his concerns, suddenly exclaims that she knows where Radha could have gone to. She demands his mobile and immediately starts searching in it. Tulsi wonders what Gungun is showing him. Mohan praises her for being so clever when she asks him to take care of it while she will try to find out the truth about Hriday. He is in the room and asks Gungun why it was necessary to send Radha alone with that Hriday. Even Dadi wants to keep it

Radha is shocked when Hriday asks her to sit down as he is fine, she exclaims he got angry with her when he exclaims why would he be angry with her, she even offers to take a look at his injury, and he immediately stands up exclaiming she is right as they must leave this cafe and give the money to the poor family who live near this place as then they would be able to earn some good deeds.

Once more radha offers to investigate his physical issue so she can apply the medication. He asks her to leave while he comes to pay the bill, saying that she shouldn’t be concerned because shaving causes such minor injuries. Hriday believes that if she inquires about the injury once more, he will kill her.

Mohan is running out of the house when Damini stops him doubting where is he going, he illuminates that both Hriday and Radha have headed outside so he should meet them. Mohan responds that they can leave at a later time, but for the time being, he must arrive on time, after Damini mentions that they have both been engaged.

Radha is walking with Hriday. She becomes tense because no one is on the street when she asks him where he saw the family. Hriday says he saw them here, so they might be on the next street. Radha starts walking while he is following her with the knife in his hand. He exclaims that if she asks him about his injury a second time, she will learn what he can do. Radha responds that her Dadi has chosen him as her life partner, so he would be suitable for her. He asks Radha if she feels unsafe with him, which she denies because he is a really nice person.

Radha begins to walk as he follows her; she becomes frightened and yells that they must return home because the street is so dark. She once more inquires about his injury, which irritates Hriday; as a result, he walks toward her in rage; she becomes frightened and yells that he is scaring her. Hriday receives a call from Damini, and since Radha would cause a lot of trouble if she heard him talking to Damini, he wonders what she wants.

Hriday responds, “People say those who ask a lot of questions then they say those who ask so many questions tend to get in trouble.” When Mohan suddenly calls Radha, Hriday is stunned and immediately puts the knife in his pocket. Radha is stunned to see Hriday. Radha gets energized seeing him so questions what is he doing here, Mohan makes sense of that he figured out the two of them were going to another inn yet is there any on this road which he doesnot know about, Radha answers they without a doubt went to that inn yet returned as the costs were excessively high.

Mohan with a grin shouts they are for sure truly straightforward as she arrived at this road to set aside cash, he attempts to bring up that she is in harm’s way however Radha answers she is fine with him and Hriday on her side, he jokes referencing even the easing up can hit her. Radha inquires as to whether he is furious with her however he guarantees all is great. Hriday specifies he wanted to invest some energy alone with Radha.

Mohan answers the two of them would get hitched actually soon so will have a great deal of time yet they should be with him up to that point, he shouts they are intending to set aside cash so imagine a scenario where they have the talk as of now, Radha gets energized referencing she wanted to eat it for such a long time, he shouts she would just get a solitary plate as they need to set aside cash, he inquires as to whether she might want to have it with the filling. Hriday declares that they truly love each other and that even a child can recognize their affection.

Hriday and Radha are both having the Pani puri when he says that Mohan cares a lot for her even though they don’t have any relationship. Mohan says that if someone saves someone’s life, they usually get care, and Hriday has only been around for two days. He says that he fell in love with Radha the first time he saw her and decided to marry her. When Hriday asks Mohan when he fell in love with Radha

Radha is eating Pani puri when Hriday explains that he thought he would marry her after seeing her for the first time. Mohan exclaims that he felt in love the first time, and Hriday responds that Radha is like that. He then explains that he meant when Mohan fell in love with Damini jee. Radha then starts coughing, which Mohan is unable to bear. He rushes to help her drink water so that she can feel better.

When Kaveri enters the room, she closes the door in the belief that Ketki has started following her and constantly demanding that she tell the truth. She says that even Damini is sleeping, so she goes to open the quilt to find Ketki lying there. She runs away while yelling, but Ketki tells her she will tell the truth and lifts the hairs, asking if they are burning. Kaveri responds that she has no idea what these hairs are and needs to sleep. She exclaims that they were talking to her and that she was with them when she left for Mandir, where the elderly women attacked Radha.

Kaveri yells that she needs to go to bed because people tend to think about such things when they don’t get enough sleep. Kaveri asks Ketki to calm down because she is not the old woman because she does not have the white hair, teeth, or pimple, and Ketki is stunned and asks how she knows about it when they cannot see it in the photo. Kaveri becomes tense as Ketki shows the newspaper photo of the old woman wearing the same wig.

While she is walking, Gungun is startled to see Kadambari sitting with Dadi and Lata gee. Kadambari asks if she wants anything when Gungun tells them to go outside. When Kadambari asks why she is acting this way, Gungun responds that she is worried about them because they are not at all fit and won’t be able to dance at the wedding. She even tells Lata jee, who asks if she would dance at this age

She receives a call from Mohan asking if anything has been found. Gungun responds that they were all talking in the room and he exclaims even he has gotten fed up eating the chat. She replies that she is going to surely find any proof against him. Mohan asks her to hurry but is shocked to see Hriday standing behind him. He informs Radha that they must return home because they have eaten a lot of food. Radha agrees, but Mohan responds that they

Ketki explains that she did it so that the photo of Mohan and Radha is printed in the newspaper and her Dadi gets her married while fearing they would be humiliated. She demands Kaveri tell the whole truth as Dadi found the proposal because Damini arranged the meeting with Hriday. Kaveri declares that she did not say it but meant for them both to laugh. Ketki asks her to stop acting because she has understood everything.

Ketki exclaims that she is going to reveal the truth to Mohan and Kadambari, despite Kaveri’s continued attempts to reject it. When she finally manages to chew the wig, the evidence is destroyed, and Kaveri prevents her from leaving the room, they begin to argue.

Mohan goes into the house when Kadambari questions for what reason did it take him so late, Hriday and Radha additionally follow him, she asks in shock how they all are together when he illuminates Mohan jee likewise went along with them.

When Mohan follows Hriday as he moves toward the room, Hriday asks him if he will drop him there. Dadi asks Mohan to come sit with them for a while while Hriday exclaims, “He is going to come back after getting fresh.” Hriday believes Mohan saved Radha from him, but he would not always be so fortunate.

Hriday is also walking towards the room, and Tulsi, seeing him, becomes extremely tense. She throws the bag on the floor, which worries Gungun because she wonders how it got here suddenly. Gungun is searching when Tulsi thinks of looking for it in the hallway.

Kadambari also scolds Mohan, and Dadi, unable to bear it, stands up and asks what he thinks of himself as just because they are getting Radha married they think they have some right over her. Mohan exclaims that it was a very long day; Dadi exclaims that he first had a problem when she decided to get Radha married and that even now he is running after Hriday; she questions what is wrong with him.

Lata She responds that this is why his first wife died, and Mohan responds that even he has the ability to comprehend the character. Dadi asks if she thinks he has the right to interfere in her life because the way he is interfering is causing humiliation to both families.

Radha enters and questions what she is saying because Tulsi was his first wife and whatever happened should remain between them both. They cannot question him. Radha responds that she has chosen the boy and even set a date, that she has never questioned Mohan Jee, and that she cannot continue to humiliate Mohan Jee because she cannot bear it.

Hriday conceals subsequent to seeing Gungun looking through his sack, he considers taking her life at the present time so he would check whether Mohan can bear her demise, he takes out the blade from his pocket however at that point review how Damini referenced there are cameras and receivers in their home so he gradually removes his shoes, and switches out the lights, Gungun gets strained so begins looking rapidly, he figures there wouldn’t be any recording assuming the lights are switched off.

Radha shouts Mohan jee really focuses on them and on the off chance that she has an issue they would leave now as the wedding can occur from anyplace yet she wouldn’t bear how she embarrasses Mohan. While Mohan is gazing at Radha, everyone is taken aback.

Gungun is looking while Hriday slowly approaches her. She suddenly screams to Radha, which everyone is shocked by, and Mohan becomes concerned.

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