Radha Mohan 15 April 2023 Update On Monday

Radha Mohan In the Zee World Monday 15 May 2023 update, Gungun is checking the bags when Hriday wonders if he should kill her right now. He takes out the knife from his pocket, turns off the lights, which scares Gungun. She then starts looking in his bag for any clues. She immediately notices something and screams Radha’s name.

When Radha rushes down to her, the entire family is stunned. Mohan consoles Gungun, asking if anything happened. When he sees Hriday, he immediately becomes furious and asks what he did to her. Dadi asks why he started it all over again. Mohan responds that if Gungun is screaming, it would be because of him.

Hriday accepts that it was him because he did not realize that she was also there. Kadambari Dadi is also concerned, so Gungun explains that she herself stated that smoking is a bad habit and that this means that the relationship is going to end. He asks her to see what she found in his bag after which she herself would end the proposal. When she takes out a lighter, they are stunned and sit down. Mohan claims to be a Bhagt, but this behavior demonstrates that his intentions are not pure and is a sign of something wrong.

He mentions that he knew they would end the relationship if they learned about his habit. Ketki adds that this shows that he is not the right choice because he is a little bit too perfect, just like the heroines who are perfect have been found to have had plastic surgery. Damini signals to Lata, who exclaims that her son has never used such a substance. Mohan responds that only cigarettes are used to light the stove.

Lata jee declares that guests are treated with the utmost respect in their society. She keeps pleading with Dadi to do something to stop Radha, but Dadi remains silent and continues to sit there.

Radha in the wake of looking through takes out a cigarette box from the sack, Hriday acknowledges it yet specifies that misleading statement is considerably more risky so requests that she even pursuit the pack, she takes out a banner from the pack which is of a mission and he even shows the video that is against smoking. Tulsi also exclaims that she does not believe he is a trustworthy individual.

Lata jee exclaims that it is one thing to care but he is trying to show his claim, Radha tries to stop her, but Lata jee exclaims she has said enough, Mohan jee should be the one to answer the questions as they have discovered Radha believes Mohan jee is her Bhagwan but what is Radha to him.

Hriday exclaims that Mohan was his friend just a few moments ago but then immediately started blaming him for She is the mother by marriage so has the right as for what reason is he so strained about her. Lata jee says on the off chance that they would keep a feline to safeguard the milk, they would endure these fallouts.

Kadambari asks what is she expressing to which Lata jee answers that Radha is the bowl of milk while Mohan is the feline, he doesnot believe this connection should occur as he initially rejected from it and when they didn’t work he began accusing her child, Hriday is flabbergasted with the presentation. When Lata jee responds that she will end their relationship, Kadambari tries to explain.

Dadi asks Rameshwar why he is not doing anything because he insisted that they get Radha married from this house. Damini thinks she singled her out to act, but why is she doing this over acting? Lata jee is also in agreement with the notion that they must return to their village if they want this marriage to take place.

Gungun says she is not lying and they must trust her, but Mohan in rage scolds her to stop it. She starts blaming him when he vows to teach her a lesson, so he takes Gungun into the room. Radha asks Kadambari to stop, and she says Radha must calm down because Mohan would never beat Gungun. Mohan stops them and assures them that they do not need to go anywhere because he is accepting his mistake. He listened

Gungun begins shouting from the room hearing which they all are staggered and Radha hurries to the room, Hriday figures she would now become familiar with the example and not express anything in the issues.

They keep requesting Mohan not to beat her; Damini whispers to Kadambari that if Mohan is beating Gungun, it is because of Radha. Radha asks Mohan not to touch such a small child. He exclaims that she has gotten way out of hand, so this is how she would learn her lesson.

Gungun rushes to the corner when he asks what she is doing, but they keep acting, which worries Mohan. When she returns with even more scares on her face, he is stunned and asks if she also learned them from the serials, so he vows to stop her from watching them.

The entire family is standing outside while Mohan asks Gungun not to make such marks on his hand or he would be scolded by his mother. Kadambari calls Mohan outside so he attempts to hurry yet Gungun stops him, he gets terrified figuring now he would be reproved yet Gungun guarantees in no way like that would happen to him and he should begin acting, Mohan answers she is the person who needs to holler so they by and by begin acting.

Hriday remaining next to Damini asks what might occur on the off chance that they learn about his different propensities, she cautions him to avoid her if not it would make a great deal of issues for her, she uncovers it would make a ton of issue assuming Tulsi figures out reality, Hriday asks who is Tulsi when Damini answers she implied the cameras and receivers.

Ketki gets dubious taking a gander at them both considering what sort of arranging is happening between them both, Damini sees her so she quickly requests that Hriday pardon Mohan as really at that time will he quit beating Gungun.

Mohan and Gungun both hear Hriday say that he forgives them and call him an owl for believing it when he asks if they should open the door. However, Gungun starts screaming once more, which worries Radha to the point where she starts hitting the door with a stool and breaking it. Radha immediately takes Gungun from Mohan, who tells her that he will throw her out of the window if she misbehaves with anyone. Radha tells Mohan not to

Gungun calls Radha when she asks her to not worry because she is going to check where she got hurt and assures that no one is going to do anything in the future. Radha sits with Gungun assuring that she is always going to stand with her. Mohan is furious and vows to throw her out if she misbehaves with anyone in the future. Radha warns him to stay away from Gungun and not do anything.

Mohan digging out from a deficit shouts he will beat her on the off chance that she does anything like this once more. Kaveri wonders what she ate in the breakfast that she is standing against Mohan. Radha stands in rage and asks how he dared to hurt his daughter. He also asks if his hands did not tremble before he did so. She says he was unable to show his love, but then who gave him the right to beat her?

Damini attempts to stop Radha however she promises to say everything and Mohan should tune in, Radha makes sense of that the dad needs to play out the obligations of both a mother and father, Gungun gets stressed thinking Radha is chastening Mohan.

Radha shouts he was not even ready to become a dad, how might he do it when he doesnot realize what are the obligations of a dad. She explains that a father is the strength of his daughter because his love is against the whole world. She can fight the whole world with his support, just like his father gave her the option to reject this marriage if she doesn’t feel like it.

Such fathers care about and protect their daughters, but he himself hit her. If a daughter doesn’t have a mother even though her father is hitting her, who would she consider to be her own? Gungun believes that if she can convince Radha that it’s all just an act, she can convince him that he doesn’t even understand the pain of his own father because no one talks to Mohanjee. She says that Mohanjee can do whatever he wants, but not with Gungun.

Kaveri asks her if she plans to make him dance. He has proven her wrong today and now revealed he is exactly the same as Gungun blames him to be, she warns him to listen that after today if he even mistakenly hits, then she would be really furious with him, but even if she leaves this house even then she would always be with Gungun. Radha exclaims that from today she is standing in front of him and Gungun as her protector. Mohan leaves without saying anything, which even worries Radha, who is stunned, and she turns

Radha rushes to bring water and assures Gungun that she will not permit Mohan jee to come near her. She tells Gungun that there is no need to be concerned. Tulsi exclaims, “Radha stood in front of Mohan like Parvati maa stood in front of Shiv jee.

She would have surely done something good that Radha came into the life of Gungun as a mother but she is glad.” Gungun refuses to drink it, explaining that Radha needs it more than she does. Tulsi also mentions that a mother never gives the custody of her children to anyone, but she is now giving Radha her daughter and will continue to be

Gungun inquires as to whether she can see a reality, she shouts Mohan has not hit her, Radha answers that she doesnot need to conceal his activities however Gungun makes sense of this was only a demonstration in light of the fact that Dadi planned to return her to the town, so the two of them were acting when they were in the room. Radha is shocked when she thinks back on the horrible things she said to Mohan.

She yells that she committed a sin because Mohan was helping her but she said those things to him. Tulsi declares that there is nothing wrong because it demonstrates their mutual care, but they misunderstood the circumstance. Radha apologizes to Mohan jee because she believes she made a mistake. Gungun wonders whether Radha would undermine the strategy.

She exclaims, “This is the first time he turned it so what is going on in his mind?” as Mohan corrects the portrait of Tulsi. Tulsi claims that he never paid attention to what the outside world said about him. However, Radha calls Mohan as he approaches her at the door. She asks him to forgive her because she did not know the truth, but he closes the door.

Gungun stops Radha from saying that she will ruin her plan. Kadambari also comes and asks what’s going on. When Gungun tells her that Radha is like this and misunderstood everything, Lata jee says that Radha didn’t lie. Radha states that she regards Mohan as her Bhagwan and that she is aware that he cannot make a mistake; She was the one who failed to grasp the reality. Dadi asks her what she’s saying, and Kadambari also asks her to go into her room. She refuses, but Kadambari forces her to leave. Dadi assures Lata Jee that Radha is innocent, so she need not be concerned.

Kadambari demands Hriday to not ponder what happened today. Hriday responds that Radha need not be concerned because she has already told him how she feels about Mohan, so he is glad that she has a lot of place in her heart for him. Radha is just feeling bad about what she said to him.
When Hriday receives a call, he asks the person why he is calling him because the work will take a long time. The person responds that he cannot wait any longer, so Hriday needs to hurry. He even asks for a picture because he can’t wait any longer. Hriday agrees, but only after receiving an advance.

Gungun sits with Radha and explains that if she had told the truth, everything would have been destroyed. She suggests that Radha give him chocolate as an alternative method of apologizing, to which Radha responds that he is not a child but an elder. She begins writing an apology once she realizes what needs to be done.

Mohan sitting in his room can’t rest, he is continually contemplating the faults that Radha put on him, about him not being a decent dad. He lies down, but he can’t sleep. Radha also tries her hardest to write an apology, but she always tears off the pages because she thinks it’s wrong.

When Hriday takes pictures of Radha while she is sleeping, he calls the person and asks if he liked the package. The person says yes when he says they would definitely like it, but he needs money for her.

After accepting her offer, Hriday believes Damini believes he is just working for her. However, Damini is unaware that he has his eye on her because she is worth millions of dollars.

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