Radha Mohan 16 February 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan’s Written Update for February 16, 2023: Written update for Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan. The 16th of February, 2023, episode of Radha Mohan begins with Kaveri telling the cloaked stranger that she will be quiet and Mohan sleeping while hugging Radha to give her his body heat.

Damini, on the other hand, is concerned that Mohan’s intoxication might lead him to get intimate with Radha.

In the meantime, Kaveri pushes the cloaked individual and emerges from beneath the bed.

Kaveri pushes the stranger again as the stranger tries to keep him in the room, but Kaveri escapes.

Radha is awoken when the cloaked stranger runs after Kaveri and collides with the chair.

Radha believes that the window must have been opened by the air.

Later, Radha smiles when she sees Mohan holding her hand and thinks that he first hurt her and then cares for her.

She tells Mohan that she will never let go of his hand in her life as she holds it in hers.

While the stranger pursues Kaveri with a knife, Kaveri runs to Damini’s room.

Damini, on the other hand, begs Kaveri to assist her in getting up and informs her that Mohan is drunk and may have a wedding night with Radha instead of her.

However, Kaveri tells Damini that she will not let her go because a cloaked stranger is outside because she is afraid.

Damini, on the other hand, assures her that she will proceed even if Yamraj himself remains outside.

While Mohan hugs Radha tightly and assures her that he is keeping her warm, Radha is lying next to Mohan.

Damini knocks on Radha’s door repeatedly until she opens it when she opens the window just as Mohan is hugging her.

Mohan must be accompanied by Damini when she arrives.

However, claiming that he has married Radha and will sleep by her side, Mohan refuses to leave.

Mohan is speaking these things because, according to Damini, he is not paying attention to his senses.

Mohan, on the other hand, pushes her away and tells her that he won’t go anywhere and that if she insists, he will kick her out of the house.

Damini leaves the room in a state of shock after being shocked.

Mohan doesn’t drink alcohol, so Radha wonders how he can get drunk.

Radha exits the room, shocked to see the cloaked man and mistaking him for Kaveri because she believes Damini deserves to be disciplined.

When Kaveri strikes Radha with a wooden rod, the veiled stranger turns toward her and threatens her with a knife.

Kaveri tells Damini that he is the man she told her about, and Damini looks shocked when she sees the stranger. Damini asks Kaveri who he is.

Kaveri tells her that she cannot risk him attacking again, and Damini asks her why she saved Radha.

Radha eventually assists Kaveri in releasing her rod from the stranger’s grasp.

The stranger quickly untangles them all and tries to flee, but he can no longer see the lights open.

Radha seizes the opportunity to call Mohan and Kadambari from the stranger…Read more

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