Radha Mohan 16 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Radha Mohan In the Zee World Tuesday, May 16, 2023 update, Hriday takes Radha’s photos and calls the person to inquire about how he liked the package. Hriday promises he will get the package once the money is ready because it is worth thousands of dollars. Radha is sleeping leaning against the bed.

Before going to the room of Gungun and Radha, Tulsi forces Mohan to wear the quilt. Sitting next to Gungun, she exclaims that such people have a lot of luck if they have even one person to care for them, but she has three people: Mohan, her mother, and now Gungun, who is there to care for her and is her second mother.

Damini warns Kaveri in the morning that she asked her not to burn the wig in the garden because Ketki could see her, and that if she makes one mistake, her entire plan could be ruined.

Damini believes that Radha’s fight with Mohan was the only good thing that happened yesterday; he might not be able to see her face now. Hriday, who is standing behind, says that it could be that he is just as eager to talk to her as Radha was. Damini asks him what he is doing here because she told him there are a lot of cameras and microphones installed there.

Before she closes the door, she tells him to leave. Damini specifies she is certain he is a truly sharp individual yet she is concerned on the off chance that Tulsi sees them both, Kaveri answers she is certain Tulsi has not seen them if not they would have experienced a beating till now. Damini believes she must leave in order to make the most of yesterday.

When Kadambari, who is sitting next to Mohan, asks him to eat something, he responds that he is not in the mood. She then asks him why he raised his hand to Gungun, but Mohan immediately denies that he did anything of the sort. Kadambari says with a grin that this means she knows her son and inquires as to the cause of the whole ordeal.

Mohan exclaims that it doesn’t matter because Radha believes he is the worst father in the world. Kadambari asks, “What’s the problem? She knows he really respects her but was never worried when someone said such things to him. Why are the words of Radha causing such pain?”

Kadambari tries to open the door when Radha knocks, but Mohan stops her. Radha says she knows he can hear her but doesn’t want to see her face. She just wants him to read what’s written on the paper. He always tells her that she doesn’t care about her studies, but today she hasn’t even used Gungun, so he should see it once.

Radha turns to leave but stops at the door before finally leaving when Mohan walks over to the door and picks up the paper on which she has written her apology. Mohan shifts focus over to Kadambari shouting she is only a simpleton as she composed some unacceptable spelling.

When Kadambari opens the door and invites Damini inside, she inquires about his health. Damini declares that she is extremely enraged because Radha would never change her ways. Although they did a lot for her and are even trying to get her married, she refused to accept their efforts and instead argued with him instead.

Mohan questions what is she referring to, as how Radha helped their family was impractical, she brought him and Gungun near one another which nobody in this family had the option to do, she shouldn’t cause it to appear to be so huge before all they did. He says that he wants to spend some time by himself. Mohan shuts the entryway.

Damini comes up behind Hriday just as he is about to light a cigarette. She tells him that she warned him that the walls also have ears, but he didn’t listen, and she doesn’t want him to do anything that will ruin her plan. Hriday inquires as to why she is so enraged because it seems as though Mohan has insulted her once more.

She responds that this is not the case, but he explains that he heard Mohan yelling at her and that she does not know what is actually going on between Mohan and Radha. He would get married and take Radha away, but what if Mohan gets sad in her memory and she just becomes a memory?

Damini in dissatisfaction breaks the cigarette and furthermore takes the lighter with her, Hriday thinks he is just paying attention to her dumb discussions since his genuine objective is another person, he taking a gander at the photograph of Radha makes reference to that they will go on their wedding trip however imagine a scenario where she enjoys it with another person.

When Gungun knocks on the door and asks Mohan to open it, he is sitting in his room. Radha and she are standing nearby. Gungun tells them to talk to each other or Radha would make everything fall apart and reveal their plan. Gungun enters and whispers to Mohan that she will have to bear it all if he does not end this because he is locked in his room.
Radha asks Mohan to forgive her because she made a mistake. Mohan says that’s not the case because she actually told the truth. He knew he was never a good father or a good person until she came and made him feel like he was also a good person. Now that he knows it was just a mistake, he thinks it would be best if they ended as soon as possible. Radha responds that she was mistaken in everything she said about Mohan and that he must forgive her. Mohan does not even look at her.

He requests that she leave yet she is inflexible to remain until he excuses her, Mohan then, at that point, closes at her so she begins crying. Radha gradually leaves the room when Mohan goes to see her and afterward shuts the entryway, he is additionally crying.

Radha races into the room crying, Gungun asks what happened when she makes sense of that she committed a huge error by harming the individual whom she needed to make cheerful. Tulsi exclaims that she has only carried out her responsibilities as a mother and has not committed any wrongdoing. Gungun promises that nothing will go wrong because he is only enraged right now and will be fine tomorrow. Radha believes that she has committed a crime and must now pay the price.

She covers her eyes while Gungun questions what is she doing, Radha makes sense of that she has harmed the one whom she thought as her Bhagwan so presently she will go to the Mandir and that too by her knees, as this is the compensation which should be paid. Gungun gets stressed as Radha is remaining before her.

Tulsi is taken aback when Radha declares that she will not walk but will crawl with her feet up the stairs of the Mandir. Kaveri is shocked to hear Radha from the window. Radha promises to go to the mandir with her eyes closed. Tulsi asks Gungun to persuade Radha, who responds that even if Mohan refuses to accept her apology, she will do whatever is necessary.

Kaveri surges down calling Kadambari and the Dadi of Radha, she makes reference to that Radha has committed to some promise since she is going to the Mandir with her eyes shut, Rameshwar makes sense of they need to walk a great deal of steps yet how is everything turning out to do it with her eyes shut.

Kadambari inquires as to for what reason is she going to get it done, Kaveri illuminates that Radha does anything for Mohan, everybody gets stunned hearing this when Radha strolls down the steps with Gungun, Dadi questions what is she doing when Kaveri asks her to address for what valid reason is she doing this ought to be her inquiry.

Kaveri shouts she will accomplish something significantly more beneficial on the off chance that he doesnot acknowledge her expression of remorse, Dadi pulls Radha away while Hriday murmurs to Damini that Radha is a person and in the event that she goes to the bazaar, individuals would pay to watch her. Damini approaches Kadambari and says she wants to talk to her about something, but Kadambari says it’s important and refuses.

Dadi asks Radha what she is doing and says that they should be thankful that Lata jee is not present because who would want to see her daughter-in-law doing this for someone else. Rameshwar also comes in when Radha says that she taught them that they should pay the price for any mistake they make and that she has hurt the feelings of her Bhagwan. Dadi gets frustrated and asks Rameshwar to get his daughter to think for herself.

Damini expresses her frustration when Kadambari responds that he never spoke properly with her for even a moment, but now he is more concerned about Radha and has even begun teaching her English. Damini asks Kadambari if she is unable to comprehend what is taking place here, and if Mohan hit Gungun, then what does Radha care about? Damini apologizes, explaining that she is tense and behaved in such a way.

Kadambari explains that she must not forget that the way to Mohan’s heart is through Gungun, and she was never able to get near her. Radha, on the other hand, managed to befriend Gungun in just two months, so she must take care of herself. She must also try to work on her relationship with Mohan because he is only marrying her because of Gungun and does not love her
Damini calls Hriday out of frustration and tells him he has to do a job for her. She starts explaining it to him, and he agrees. Damini thinks Mohan is already angry with Radha, so it’s time to hate him.

Radha responds that she would have to do it because she is a Bhagt, and Rameshwar tells her that it is not worth crawling up a thousand stairs because it might hurt her knees. Radha explains that her mother used to say that people pray with their eyes closed because they can’t see anything but the feelings of the Bhagt and Bhagwan.

Since she had hurt her Mohan Jee, Radha knows she would do it. Rameshwar is informed by Gungun that Radha’s promise is like this, and that she would undoubtedly fulfill it because she also stood on one leg when her Geeta was lost. She quickly explains that she knows what she needs to do.

Kadambari requests that Mohan let go of his outrage as Radha likewise apologized, Mohan shouts this is right of her as now she is coercing to cause him to feel close to home, he doesnot care for it. Gungun going into the room makes sense of she isn’t doing this to cause anybody to feel unfortunately she, at the end of the day, is strained about what occurred, Gungun asks what might he expense on the off chance that anything happens to Radha. She says that she is aware that Mohan is concerned about her, but he refuses because he is not communicating it clearly.

Hriday asks her to stop mentioning that it is about the belief and that since Radha is about to become his wife, it is his duty to ensure that it is fulfilled, and he will accompany Radha to the Mandir. Dadi yells in rage that Radha will not listen in this manner, so she starts removing the blinds, which Radha refuses. Dadi gives him a blessing and asks Radha to verify that she has found the right man for her.

Radha thanks Hriday for believing in her because Mohan jee is her Bhagwan and should consider how he would react if his Radharani became enraged. Hriday declares that they must accept Bihari jee’s meticulous creation of her. Before closing the door, Hriday stares at her as she speaks.

He slowly walks behind her and looks at the dress from behind. He gets close to her and almost touches her hand when she quickly picks it up. Hriday is then going to contact her however Gungun hollers at him to remain away, he is paralyzed as she goes into the room requesting that Hriday avoid Radha, she questions what is he doing here.

Gungun explains that she was a perfect family with her mother, Radha, and Mohan, but he destroyed everything. Radha questions for what reason is she blowing up with Hriday as he will take her to the Mandir, Gungun answers there is no need as she would take her. Hriday believes that Gungun always stands in her way, but he is going to take care of everything today.

Kadambari requests that Mohan stop Radha, he illuminates there is only a scarce difference between frenzy so she should thoroughly consider it and return to her room. Gungun demands him to talk in a legitimate way. Damini additionally asks her what is this way of behaving, she answers that this is her atonement.

Mohan heads back to his room. That’s what dadi shouts in the event that Radha has chosen, she would go with Hriday, Gungun refsu8es to acknowledge it saying she would be the one to take Radha yet he can likewise come assuming he loves.

Damini blocks Hriday from behind as he leaves with Radha and Gungun as she prays that Tulsi is not nearby. She gives him the keys and tells him that no matter how much he loves Radha, Mohan is most concerned about Radha, so he must do something that will make him hate Radha.

She also tells him that Mohan will not leave anyone if Gungun is hurt, and Hriday exclaims that he must also exact revenge on that child. As Mohan looks at Radha and Gungun, he considers how he would like to stop her right now, but he can’t always accept her decisions.

Radha is kneeling at the foot of the Mandir stairs, where she begins her prayer. She says that she has always asked Bihari jee for his assistance, but today she is going to pray that he make her penance so painful that she cannot bear it because she wants to give herself the same pain that she gave Mohan jee. Radha assures Gungun that she should not worry about herself because the pain would be a sign of her penance. He also asks her to think it through because if she walks on her knees, it will hurt a lot.

Radha starts walking up the stairs of the Mandir on her knees, and Gungun follows her, standing beside her. Radha is thinking about how she blamed Mohan that he should become both the father and mother of Gungun, but how can he know it all since he never understood the pain of his father?

Hriday, looking around, thinks that Gungun should not worry about Radha but herself because Damini just asked him to cause an injury, but she is unaware of the pain she is going to Radha’s viewers exclaim that the Bhagti ought to be like her because, if they were all like her, Bhagwan himself would come to meet them. Radha figures out how to stroll up the steps of the mandir.

He sees the wet mud and thinks this is the right place to push her, but Gungun is walking on the opposite side of the stairs. Hriday thinks this is the right place to push her, but he would have to do it correctly if she were alive. As Radha is about to fall, Hriday tries to help her, but Gungun tells him not to touch her.

He screams that he was just trying to help her, so Gungun asks him if he thinks she came here to buy toys. Hriday agrees, asking Gungun if she should fix her stuck Lehenga because Radha mentions that she cannot accept her assistance.

Radha is about to fall over while she is walking when she notices the wet mud. Just as Gungun is about to step on it, Radha warns her about the wet mud and points to a dry area so she can walk there. Even with her eyes closed, Hriday believes she can still observe everything.
When Tulsi arrives, Mohan is seated on the bed and Tulsi inquires as to why he has not sopped Radha, despite the fact that they are both tense. Mohan ponders the portrait and inquires as to why she is laughing. Tulsi shouts she doesnot like his hardheadedness so wants to slap him.

Gungun, on the other hand, refuses to leave her site, explaining that she would only return with Radha by her side. Radha is crawling as she apologizes to Hriday and Gungun for causing them so much pain. Radha explains that the pain is a part of her penance and Gungun suggests that she at least walk to the Mandir. Hriday declares that he is an adult, but Radha is still a child, so he is accompanying her.

Hriday pushes Gungun down the stairs as she explains that in order for her to return to Radha, she must first descend because doing so would take her to Bihari jee.

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