Radha Mohan 17 March 2023 Written Update

The Radha Mohan episode of March 17, 2023 begins with Radha verifying the Trivedi family’s bills.

As she checks all of the electricity and other bills as she walks through the corridor, one of them falls out of her hands.

She notices that it is the account bill for Mohan’s office when she picks it up.

However, when she authenticates, she discovers that on November 13, 2016, 15 lakh was taken from Mohan’s office.

At first, she doesn’t know why such a large sum was taken out, but when she sees the date, she gets scared.

She tells Tulsi that this is the date of her death and that she has always been right about something linking Tulsi’s death.

Radha is aware that she must investigate the incident at Mohan’s office in order to demonstrate both her innocence and Tulsi’s murder.

The man in the cloak shows up again, and as he stands outside the window, he sees Radha getting closer to the truth about Tulsi’s death.

Will Radha be able to find out what really happened to Tulsi?

Will the man in the cloak provide Radha with additional proof?

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