Radha Mohan 17 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Radha Mohan gives an update on Zee World on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. When Hriday says that Radha will have to go down first if she wants to go up, Gungun becomes tense and Hriday pushes her. Gungun then cries.

Tulsi in the house attempts energetically to safeguard he however she can’t actually venture out, she asks for what reason did she feel as though Gungun called her and there is something off-base since she is getting strained, she shouts even Gungun is with Hriday while Radha takes care of her eyes. She insults Mohan.

When Ketki kneels in front of Mohan, she asks him to forgive Radha because Gungun is the only one who will suffer. Ajit explains that even though he went to that mandir a month ago, there are a thousand stairs. Mohan responds that he did not ask Ketki to go, and he will not bring her back. Ketki asks him to bring her back, but he says it is enough, so they must both leave now.

Tulsi, who is standing next to Mohan, says that Ketki is correct and that he must leave to bring them both because she is ill and there is something wrong about to happen, which is why she doesn’t feel right. Tulsi is a mother, so she is standing next to Mohan.

Hriday on the double awakens from his fantasy so gets truly strained thinking for what reason was he not ready to satisfy the undertaking, Hriday thinks this is the ideal opportunity so he should push her however he stops as a many individuals are coming up steps. Hriday ponders from where did they generally come. He is warned by Gungun not to ever touch her again.

Damini calls Hriday and tells him that she doesn’t want Gungun to return in one piece, so he must complete the task before returning. Hriday makes sense of she should have confidence as the work would be finished very soon since he is going to through her from here as nobody is available. Kaveri exclaims, “If he has started caring for Radha, then what can they do about it,” as Damini concludes the call wondering what Mohan has observed in Radha.

Radha is making her way toward the Mandir, and Gungun is charging at her with all her might. Hriday tries to catch her so he can finish the job, but Mohan tells them to stop as he is about to pull Gungun. Hriday is taken aback as he approaches them and wonders how he will push Gungun.

When Mohan, who was walking by, noticed that there was blood on the steps, he asked Radha to stop it and kneeled to open the bandage. She refused and was about to fall, but he caught her and pulled Radha close. Hriday is enraged to see them holding hands as they continue to stare at each other and are unable to move. Hriday asks Radha, “If one of them is going to fulfill this and the other is trying to convince her, so what will he do now?,” and she responds, “He can call it a waste of time but this is the penance for her mistake.

” Radha answers she needs to go to Bihari jee, Mohan shouts she can do it like an ordinary individual while strolling the means. Radha does not want to hear Gungun say that she has been trying to explain why this is unnecessary. Mohan answers she can do anything that she feels like however at that point should not say he did anything wrong, Radha doesnot see so Mohan gets her in his arms strolling towards the Mandir.
Kadambari is just thinking about what Damini said to her that there is something going on between them both while Dadi is walking with Kadambari. Dadi explains that she knows Hriday is nice and understands Radha, but what about Lata jee?

Lata jee would feel that there is something going on between Radha and Mohan. Dadi calls Kadambari yet she doesnot answer from the get go, Dadi holding her hand makes reference to that on the off chance that they break this connection then Radha wouldn’t have the option to get hitched once more. Kadambari responds that she is more concerned about Mohan because he is so attached to Radha.

She assures him that there is nothing to be concerned about, and neither Mohan nor Radha have any problems.
Radha asks Mohan to let her go because it is wrong when he responds that she prayed to reach the Mandir without walking, which is exactly what he is doing. Mohan is holding Radha in his arms. Mohan begins strolling without paying attention to Radha, Hriday gets angry seeing Mohan.

As Ketki and Ajit leave the room, Damini asks Ajit to leave because Kadambari is looking for her and he is the only one who can help her. She also tells Ketki to mind her own business because she was trying to act like she cared about Radha when she didn’t, and Damini threatens to kill her.

Ketki responds that she is not alarmed by her threat because she is neither Tulsi Bhabhi nor Radha. Rather, she is fully aware of the situation because Damini is the only one who benefits from it, regardless of whether Tulsi Bhabhi dies or Radha is proposed to suddenly.

Ketki stops Kaveri when she sees her. She asks Damini if her stomach is still upset from eating the wig, and Damini tells her that it’s a nice story with no evidence. Ketki wonders if Damini thinks no one would believe her because she can’t prove it, just like when Radha was about to die, when Damini played it safe. Ketki responds, “But the situation has changed because Mohan is angry with Radha because he cares for her.” They must consider who would actually die: Radha or Damini.

Mohan strolls to the Mandir with Radha in his arms, he at long last puts her down referencing she arrived at the Bihari jee and presently the discipline has finished, Radha answers she wouldn’t open it until he excuses her. Mohan responds that because he is just a normal person, she shouldn’t talk like this. Because he isn’t all that bad, Hriday asks her to look at him as well.

Radha responds that she is aware that he will never harm Gungun and that he is a very nice son and father; however, she did not realize the truth. Radha stoops to take his favors however he stops her colloquialism that she says they should simply bow before Bhagwan yet in the event that her promises can end assuming he pardons her so he has at last excused her, Radha begins grinning.

Mohan inquires if there is anything else, to which she responds that when she opens her eyes, Bihari jee is in front of him. He commands her to turn, but she is unsure which way to go. Mohan assists her in opening the cover after walking behind her.

He requests that she perform the Darshan by opening her eyes, but just as she is about to do so, a woman pushes her, turning Radha toward Mohan. When she opens her eyes, she sees Mohan standing in front of her. When Mohan inquires whether her Darshan has come to an end, Radha nods in agreement and thanks Bihari jee, noting that he also provided her with the fruit of her vow.

Mohan declares that Bihari jee deserves all the credit, claiming that he raised her like Tarzan and even forgave her. Hriday declares that they are both extremely content together, including Gungun, and that it would be extremely nice to steal their happiness.

Mohan rushes to Radha when she stumbles while walking, asking if she hurt herself. While he is checking, he exclaims that her feet have also swollen.

Radha smiles as she turns to Mohan and Bihari jee and says that even though he doesn’t believe in Bhagwan, he has accepted. Mohan can see that he is bowing in front of Bihari jee, so he can see that he has accepted. Mohan raises his head to see it because he believes Radha is telling the truth, but he just looks at it.

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